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No, It’s Not Fixed

The White House Obamacare deception campaign continues, with a false claim by administration officials that they have succeeded in their goal of fixing the website by December 1.

Remember the claim: things would run smoothly for a “vast majority of uses.” I don’t care what number you put on it, “the vast majority” sounds like only isolated problems here or there. And that’s not what’s going on.

First of all, despite all the gibberish from the administration, we really have no idea how many people can enroll. We do know that many people cannot because the portion of the system that sends consumer information to the insurance companies doesn’t work well at all.

It’s like if Amazon bragged you could order off its website, only you have no idea if your new blender is going to get put in the delivery truck.

From the New York Times:

“Until the enrollment process is working from end to end, many consumers will not be able to enroll in coverage,” said Karen M. Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, a trade group.

Some insurers say they have been deluged with phone calls from people who believe they have signed up for a particular health plan, only to find that the company has no record of the enrollment. Others say information they received about new enrollees was inaccurate or incomplete, so they had to track down additional data — a laborious task that would not be feasible if data is missing for tens of thousands of consumers.

What’s more, the administration is bragging – BRAGGING – that the website is up and running 95 percent of the time. THAT MEANS THAT ONE IN TWENTY PEOPLE CAN’T EVEN GET ON THE WEBSITE. There is no private company that would survive with such a failure rate.

And if you can get on, only 80 percent of users can get through the process. Actually, it might be less than that, because an HHS official said Sunday the proportion was “in the zone of 80 percent.”

Do you go to stores where you have a one in five chance of browsing, making your selection, taking it to the register, and having the cashier vomit on your purchase? Do you?

It’s “night and day” from what is was, says fix-it administrator Jeffrey Zients. But the administration refuses to tell us how dark the night or bright they day.

They’ve fixed 400 bugs the say! Great! But they’re not telling us how many bugs are left to fix. It’s like telling Redskins fans their team scored 400 points. Okay, do you mean Sunday night? In a season? In the history of the franchise?

The system has two times the “application environment” capacity, four times the “registration throughput,” and three times the “database throughput.” Wow! Nice! Except, none of this means anything without context.

Do they think we’re idiots to try to put this over on us? Yes, they do – that’s why they felt they had to run our health insurance in the first place. But eventually even idiots like us can’t stand being constantly, constantly deceived.

Here are a couple of videos from Sunday offering evidence of fail.

H/T to Phil Klein at the Examiner, who also has an excellent piece on the website’s continued problems.

42 thoughts on “No, It’s Not Fixed”

      1. The trouble is that it all happens ‘piecemeal’. Even 5 million people losing their health insurance doesn’t make a dent on the public.

        1. This is going to touch or hit everyone–even Medicare people–give it time. And it is tipped beyond the repeal moment, in my opinion. The damage is done–and more damage will come for yrs.

          1. Sure it will, but will the people come together? Sorry, I’m in a real downer mood this morning. Maybe I should just take the day off.

          2. Come together how–torches and pitchforks–elections? People look out for number 1–and I don’t mean him, I mean each individual. All we can do is vote out Dems…even then, I don’t know if this can be repealed. The tentacles are burrowing in… I said maybe some of us could start implanting short talking pts–I think the “he lied” one is gaining traction. Any other suggestions–just defining the problem over and over is not a solution. I don’t see how we can even get back to the juryrigged “system” we had.

          3. The GOP is tacitly giving their seal of approval to this catastrophe by doing nothing to stop it. Obama lied, healthcare died. Impeach and repeal. Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but I still think we have a small window of opportunity to stop it in its tracks. I don’t buy the majority opinion that the DEMS in the Senate will not go along with the House if there is a vote to impeach Obama. The handwriting is on the wall. The DEMS will be out of power for at least a generation if this monster is not repealed. There will be no love lost for Obama – he is despised by most on both sides of the aisle.

          4. OK–there is another idea–impeach. A call this a very long shot, but I could be wrong. So then who becomes president–say he’s convicted of perpetrating a fraud of whatever…then what?

          5. Star, this wasn’t any ordinary ‘fraud’. It was a lie that changed the course of history – the 2012 election and the unintended consequences of a third-world H/C system.
            Would we be worse off with Biden?

          6. Biden wouldn’t change this…What’s the good outcome on impeachment, assuming he would be convicted… We have to think some moves ahead–and I am finding it difficult. Even if both houses are Republican and they repeal–he will veto. If the pres and both houses go R in 2016, by then this thing is burrowed, people have their horrible little makeworks going, are struggling along…what is the fix?

      2. exactly! even if the website is accessible…is it stable and secure. Is your information going to stay on the site or will everyone else know it.

        They can’t confirm that.

        Plus the whole thing is immoral and unethical.

  1. While your assessment is spot on, the real problem we face as a nation, isn’t the website or even Obamacare itself. It’s in the millions of idiots who gave Dear Leader a vote in the first place.
    That so many believed they would truly be getting the “free and fair” lunch they so “justly” deserved with no cost to them or theirs is more a threat to the future of this nation than a foreign fleet off the shores of Manhattan.

    1. True. Imagine two presidential portraits on a wall–one of George Washington and one of Barack Obama. The bronze plaque under Washington’s portrait reads: “He could never tell a lie”. The plaque under Obama’s portrait reads: “He could never tell the truth”. That’s how bad it’s become.

  2. “HHS official said Sunday the proportion was “in the zone of 80 percent.”

    Obamacare is in the Ozone and environmentally dangerous!

    At room temperature, ozone is a pale blue gas with a sharp odor, characteristic of the air after a thunderstorm or near an old electric motor.

    1. The man with cancer who bitched on Fox about losing his insurance suddenly is being audited, as is the insurance broker who helped him find new insurance.

      1. Even on ultra-liberal Morning Joe, they admit this is a total disaster. I think it’s getting out there. The problem is–not that people are not mad or scared or outraged–but that there is nothing we can do. Or seems to be nothing.

      2. This lack of response – lack of outrage – lack of coverage – is what concerns me the most. Meek silent lambs to slaughter — with the threat of penalties and IRS action. Gobsmacked

        I agree with Star that maybe people don ‘t think there is anything they can do — but at a minimum WDC and local congresscritters phone lines should be burning up. And that is not happening either.

        1. So — of course — I called my critters — got one aide and the usual voicemail in Rubio ‘s office. It is not in my nature to let this go without some effort. They may do nothing about it but they should be reminded of their failures to fight for their constituents or their country.

          1. I see mems of Congress on Fox and even MJ saying their constituents are furious–I don’t mean to be an opposite-sayer, but I think some people are seeing the light(bringer) in a new light. Or at least they fear for their family’s health. When it comes to an election, though–the press, I fear, will relapse–Rs are against women, Rs want people to have no health care and die, etc. I could be wrong–but we need some path here.

  3. You left out the part that for the mystical golden unicorns who actually Are able to sign up, the mechanism to actually make payments for said enrollees to the insurance companies is still not in place.

    The scary part is that no matter what happens, if they scrap it, try to fix it, etc, insurance companies cannot turn on a dime and revert to what people had before.

  4. Nope, it’s as bad as ever.

    Can’t even log in, and when I try the “forgot my password” link (just in case), I get an email with a link to reset my password. When I click the link, I get a message that says, “Can’t process request”.

    I guess I’m not in the “vast majority”.

    1. The regime lies like a rug, Michael. Not an honest bone in any of them. My guess is they are just playing more words games when they say the liberty-stealing behemoth works for the “vast majority”.

  5. Wonder how much it cost us to fix those 400 bugs? The masterminds already blew $600 million on their disastrous identity-stealing website before its October 1, 2013 debut. Can only imagine how much more it is costing us to bring in the A-team to do the window-dressing.

    1. If my math is correct, that’s $150.00 each month. Didn’t FCMABBHO say that young adults’ plans would be less than their cellphone bills?

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