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Sunday Open Thread || December 1, 2013

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      • I don’t understand people who do not watch the news at all.
        Even in my younger years, while my friends and I use to discuss the news and polotics. That was before the internet and cable.
        One time stands out: we were swimming all day at the lake and a memory of all of us sitting later on the levee as the sun was going down, discussing the current events. We were 15, 16, 17 years in age.

      • Those would be “voters “. Low information voters perhaps but voters nonetheless and both parties depend heavily on the ill informed, disengaged.

          • The illegals, the dead, the two in one person and the merely illusionary. And oh yeah all those whose votes live in the trunks of cars and are recently discovered.

            And now there are state Medicaid sites where you enter unverified information about yourself and you can register to vote. This is get out the vote through Medicaid — not through a 501c4 which will soon be decapitated by the Obama IRS thugs.

          • There is also the issue no one speaks of.
            I would like a piece of paper showing my VOTE given to me after I place my vote. If you can get a receipt for all purchases made daily, or payments made, etc:
            WHY DON’T WE GET A CONFIRMATION PAPER AFTER VOTING? That way if someone claims he won and there was any doubt, everyone could walk outside holding up their vote! Yes I understand we could show our confirmation paper in a less dramatic way, just making the point.

          • Excellent point Lee.
            How do we even know how the absentee ballots are being counted ?
            I think that it was Stalin that said that it doesn’t matter how many people voted, only who counts the votes.

        • We visited my step-daughter for Thanksgiving. She is 43, a college graduate, gainfully employed, lives in a gated community beautiful apartment in a lovely section of Atlanta, drives a BMW, shops at Whole Foods, etc.
          She says she is a Republican.
          I asked her opinion of two of my favorite persons, Dr. Ben Carson and Col. Allen West. She never heard of either.
          We were shocked.

    • I’m related to most of those low-info people. They know who the Kardashians are, and who won at the Grammys. If it’s not on Facebook or TMZ, theyre not interested.

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  1. Happy days are here! Obamacare works 80% of the time for 80% of the people who try to sign up on the website, and that’s a victory for, um, someone. Time to spike that football, MrO.

    On another happy note; VPBiden left for Asia this morning to straighten out those people fighting over who owns the ocean and who doesn’t. Assuming he doesn’t offend any of them with some lame jokes, it will be another victory for, um, someone.

    • Well, the term “works.” Some people can see the various bad deals and choose between evils. The info transfer to the ins co’s–iffy. You won’t know your subsidy–kind of a guess maybe–wait, you can find out when you get the bill or the bank suckout.

      Saw that van Hollen character on Meet the Easily Impressed. What a weak tool he is–today’s talking pt–it’s the Republicans’ fault for “sabotaging” the law at every turn. Then came Zeke E–that man needs a burger and some blush, hope he has good health care–blah, blah, working well as can be expected–wait, we may not know if it’s working until the end of the decade! Now that’s a new benchmark. Eyeroll to all this. Even Dave wasn’t buying the R’s sabotaging gambit.

      • Also–they showed the clip of Himself saying thousands of people are getting health care for the first time. At best (or worst)–health insurance–not health care. Oh, well, why be a stickler–just say any old thing, it’s all word salad at this point…and not the good kind of salad.

        • Watching MTP now……Mike Rogers talking about high risk pools closing down and cancer patients who are going to be without treatment beginning Jan. 1. He also mentioned pregnant women who will be uninsured unless they deliver before Jan. 1. David Gregory is going ballistic – talking about all those who have never had ins. before – apples and oranges.

          This is the crux of the matter. Put the uninsured in a separate basket and deal with then with according: medicaid expansion /high risk pools- whatever. They’re throwing the baby out with the bath water – by design.

          Congress is wasting precious time. Obama lied; healthcare died. Stop talking – repeal the monstrosity ASAP! Sheeh!

        • Speaking of specious nonsense–just went by the dial and heard Rangel say 40% of Americans have no health care. Utter and complete untruth unless you mean now–since it’s been cancelled. On The Five, they challenge Beckel’s impromptu “statistics” saying they came from the Beckel Institute. Well, Rangel must have a Rangel Institute.

          • PS–I will say this. If people get these plans, maybe more than 40% of Americans will SEEK no health care–if they have to pay the deductibles upfront or pay 30% of the “retail” after the deductible. That can be crushing–that will cause even more bankruptcies.

          • Rengal is a crazy-maker. A Sept 2012 census report for the year 2011 puts the number of uninsured down for the first time in decades: 48.6M uninsured, or !5.7% of the population. Govt. ins. (Medicare and Medicaid) rose slightlly to 32.2% from 31.2%.

            Which begs the question: Why in the sam hill are we throwing out the baby with the bath water for the modest 15% of the country that is uninsured??? After Obamacare, we’re eventually going to end up with twice as many uninsured and gov’t healthcare that will rival Venezuela. It never made sense from the get-go!

            We need H/C reform – not insurance! (head exploding). .


      • Dr. Zeke is one creepy guy.
        If he approached me while I was lying in a hospital bed and said “we’re going to try something new”, I’d jump out of bed and run all the way home.

    • I don’t care how many people can log onto it, the security and the potential for identity theft is still an issue.
      It is going to be a hacker’s paradise.

      • Logging on through the portal should have been the easiest, user friendly part of the whole process–the door one walked through to get inside the ObamaCare contraption. They couldn’t (and haven’t) get that part right. Can you imagine the torment that awaits those who finally worm their way into the system to get their “health insurance”? That’s when Obama’s approval rate gets to the low 20’s. The bodies of democrats will be piled like cordwood on the side of the road.

  2. Still reeling from shock and disbelief over the sappy BaBa WaWa interview Friday night and the fact that this pothead ever got himself elected.

    “Obviously my most recent concern has been that my website’s not working,” Obama said. “We’re evaluating why it is exactly that I didn’t know soon enough that it wasn’t going to work the way it needed to. But my priority now has been to just make sure that it works.”

    • I am not concerned where his daughter goes to school.
      However wouldn’t it be wonderful if she learns more than her father, and grows up putting him in his place disagreeing with all the things he did wrong. I am not wishing her to show disrespect, put in an adult manner put hime in his place.

      • Both of the girls are at the ‘eye-rolling’ stage right now. But I bet it won’t be long before both of them start giving him a piece of their mind.: They come by it naturally.)

          • Why exclude it in totalitarian historical comparisons? I am a big supporter of Israel and am horrified at the inhumanity of the holocaust.

            But when it comes to killing millions of people in the name of ideology Stalin and Mao were no pikers.

            The reference to Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Mao revolution are also about leader cult, suppression of dissent and the government use of force to subjugate people.

          • I think these comparisons are tiresome and don’t really fit at the moment. No camps, no Kool-Aid (except figurative), no pogroms, no cleansing. Just my opinion. I see anything aout Nazi and don’t read the post. I am sure there are people who don’t read my prattle, too–I am just pointing this out. The vulgarisms, the Nazi refs–I move on. Nothing there for me.

          • There weren’t any death camps or pogroms or ethic cleansing when Hitler first started out either. I prefer to have my eyes wide open to the past, so we never make the mistake of repeating it.

          • One of the things that is particularly disturbing to me is the replacement of many of the family roles with the state — most recently this discuss Obamacare with your family during Thanksgiving thing. To say nothing of course of the various Obama worship tactics in the schools.

            Americans tend to see this as big government being good versus small government. But the big government is not some benevolent government — it is in fact The State. We don’t have a history of that and we are not as finely tuned to the abuses of the state as we ought to be . The Utopia buy in is particularly easy for Americans. As in this whole “like Europe” thing — . When you say like Europe to the average American I suspect there is something vaguely “romantic” and wistful about it


          • I don’t think this remote ref has to be everyday on here–but do what you want. It sort of underplays Nazism–which to me still stands as a benchmark of total evil.

    • Didn’t watch but my husband said that Obama claims most Americans think he’s trustworthy. The exact opposite of what it is!

  3. Another Common Core horror story relating to the Civil War. So, the commie indoctrination program still teaches about Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, which is a good thing; however, it does so without mentioning the Civil War. Taking the Civil War out of the Gettysburg Address is taking the emotion and the reasoning of Lincoln’s words totally out of context. To make matters worse, Mr. Stergios advised that the architect of Common Core (David Coleman) is now heading the college board that is rewriting the SAT tests to conform to Common Core standards. These devious, devout leftists are a disease on America’s educational system.

    • My son is senior in high school. Taking college courses and honor roll courses.
      I just found out: At the end of last year his history teacher was discussing how Hitler came into power. She was explaing how he rolled in with all his tanks etc. Noting that was the beginning of Hitler), my son and two other boys raised their hands to explain in detail: How he came into power. The teacher called the prinicple and they were punished later in the day having to do laps. I was in shock. My grandfather served in WWII, and he passed just several years ago. Just 2 generations later and certain facts (important facts) are not being taught in our school system.

      • Man, that’s terrible. There’s nothing one can say about how they’re rewriting history. It’s just like the Stalinist era. Punishing kids like your son and his friend for asking questions.

        Maybe someone can answer me, but I’ve read that Jeb Bush has been involved in setting up CommonCore (probably benefiting financially!). We have to starting voicing our concerns in ways other than busting our buttons on

        • Michele Malkin has done many posts regarding Common Core, as well as on the involvement of Jeb Bush (and others). Also, her Twitchy site has had many posts of parents tweeting photos of the inane questions from the new Common Core aligned workbooks.

          Scroll down the list and you will see many posts about Jeb Bush and Common Core:

          Also, The Heritage Foundation has posted a lot of information about CC:

          Unfortunately, it seems not enough people are aware of how this leftist tool in the White House is “fundamentally transforming” evaluational standards across the country.

          • Thanks, I did see some of those Malkin links before and maybe you posted them. I just forgot. I’m pretty sure that education is a states right under the Constitution. Time to take it out of federal hands.

    • Why eliminate the war? So that one day the average product of the public school system won’t know that we fought a bloody war to end slavery?

      • Yes, and maybe to make people forget that it was the white population who fought that war to end slavery. But I’d question that ‘one day’, Mandy: that day is here already for many of them.

  4. Well, considering the first wookie’s recommendation to discuss Obamacare at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, we did.
    It was interesting.
    At one point I described how the single payer system would work by using an analogy of what if there was only one car company and you had to buy a car from it.
    From compact to luxury but still only one company.
    Service to the cars would be provided by the same company.
    One guest intuitively stated that that would eliminate any competition and that it would only prohibit a fair market.
    Ding Ding Ding.!

    I was successful in not slamming Obama himself as that would have enraged my MIL, still a rabid Obama supporter and prone to losing it when anyone attacks him.
    I also got a chance to mention that two Secret Service agents have resigned due to the corruption within the current administration.

    So, as a summary, I got my digs in without pissing my MIL off.
    I enjoyed it.

    • I have used that example as well: Point out to people their choices in purchases being controlled. What type of car, house,
      food, candy bar, etc.
      With some people their eyes light up when you mention other things of enjoyment be controlled, chosen by the government.

    • …still a rabid Obama supporter and prone to losing it when anyone attacks him……
      When did this adoration of a President start? I had my favs and if someone didn’t like him or his agenda, all they got from me was a shrug.
      Maybe it’s not ‘adoration’, but rather protection. If so, that raises another question; why does this man need protecting?

    • Is your MIL a widow or divorcee? I’m finding that single middle-aged or older women make a up a huge constituency of his. In the town next to mine these women come up from California and are eating into the conservative voting record of our county. One such group made the Sunday paper magazine as ‘Old Broads for the Wilderness’. They must view him as a kind of surrogate husband who will take care of all their problems so that they don’t have to. On my own front I have been corresponding with a woman in that category–‘no husband, no childen’–who contacted me a few months ago. We graduated from the same high school and university. Anyway, she’s dropped hints about her views on gay marriage and immigration before, but right before Thanksgiving she exploded on me with her Obot views–“voted for him twice and proud of it”–and I have decided not to write anymore. I thought i was doing a kindness but I can’t take ‘talking’ with people who have diametrically opposite views from me anymore. The only thing I can think of that brought it on was that I had written about JFK and mentioned how I thought he was more conservative than people gave him credit for. Sorry to ramble.

      • She is married.
        My wife is a registered Dem as I have stated but she is a conservative.
        She grew up in a democratic household.
        I am a registered republican but a conservative first and foremost, and I grew up in a household that drummed into us that FDR was a god.
        After studying history, I disagreed and registered as a rep in order to vote.
        My Dad had a fit.
        Republican was a profane word to him.

        I asked my wife if her mother had expressed any ‘buyers remorse’ and my wife stated that if she has, she would never tell me or admit it to anyone.
        Her mom is a very stubborn woman.

      • The fraud who currently occupies the office of president is the most divisive in my lifetime. A very similar thing happened to us, Julie. One of our old high school friends – now a retired high school science teacher – cut off all ties with us when we joined the Tea Party back in 2009. He never married and has no children. He lives conservatively, but is a true believer when it comes to the left’s preaching about overpopulation and global warming. The parting of ways was very acrimonious, and we didn’t communicate again until the Arizona wildfires of 2011. We were concerned after hearing that many homes were destroyed by forest fire near where he lives. My husband reached out to him to make sure he was okay and let him know he had a place to go if he needed it. Turns out he didn’t need our help as his house was one of the few that survived the fire, although the forest surrounding his home was decimated. I’m proud of my husband for extending a hand of kindness to our once dear friend, but the relationship was never the same after his ‘Obot explosion’ of 2009.

        • That’s a sad story–these rifts are real–they hurt. I have two bros–one for Obama, the other not. When my mother died, my brothers came here and the pro-Obama one immediately made some crack about killing all the Republicans and I snapped back at him. My sister doesn’t “do” politics but is for him (based on no knowledge), her husband is a Republican. I have lost four friends completely over not being a Dem anymore. Some of many decades standing. My best friend is a Dem but doesn’t “follow all this,” so we don’t discuss–she knows how I feel. Talk about a divider! This guy is the champ of carving up the country into factions. He has damaged families, friendships, health, everything, with his garbage.

  5. On Fox — that Buzz show with Howard Kurtz — Dana Milbank from WAPO says Martin Bashir “a serious journalist ” — and not a peep of protest. The segment being about truth and integtrity in journalism.

    • Also interesting on same show – Kirsten Powers on becoming a Christian and reaction to that. She has a piece running somewhere – maybe CNN — she was asked to write about it and figured why not since it is true.

      Interesting she mentions she is an orthodox Christian. I recall during the Egyptian uprisings she was unsympathetic to MB. I think she is married to an Egyptian — perhaps a Coptic Christian. Dunno.

      • Apologies. Not only am I a motor mouth today but I am scattered and not writing complete posts. So further on Kirsten Powers — she mentioned how her life was extremely secular — no Christian friends or church goers etc. A total liberal democrat bubble. That said a lot to me. I am conservative and Catholic and my “circle ” such as it is ranges from orthodox Christian, Jewish, non Christian and non believers — even within my own family. It struck me how limited in scope and how insular Kirsten ‘s world has been.

        • Ii am a Christian. I have friends who are Christian, but also who are Jewish, agnostic, “whatever” and (gasp) Islam. I have friends who are liberals and friends who are conservatives and friends who are somewhere in between. I have straight friends and gay friends and relatives,
          I love all of them. I hope they love me.
          God is the judge – I am not. I know and embrace and love what I believe and so do they. I hold fast to my beliefs and stand for those beliefs.
          One thing I am certain of – we all worship the same God.
          And every single day I pray, “God-please – have mercy on the United States of America. Bring us a leader among men.”

          • What is an orthodox Christian? You mean fundamentalist? Evangelical? You say you have friends of all persuasions–so I gather people have not dropped you for not being for Obama. I cannot say the same. This has been a sad and scary chapter–at least I hope it’s a chapter and not the book.

          • Kirsten identified as orthodox Christian – mostly refers to split between Rome and Constantinople oh so long ago. Greek orthodox, Russian orthodox, Coptic Christians. I am assuming.

          • Well, we don’t know. If she meant Orthodox with an upper case O, yes. I think orthodox Christians, with a lower case o, could mean a traditional church with belief in the Nicene Creed of which there are several.

          • I have never before heard the phrase “Orthodox Christian” so have no idea what that means.
            My liberal friends – well, frankly, we avoid discussions about Obamacare…primarily because I kept my mouth shut around them before the website rolled out…well except when someone used the word “teabagger.” Then I politely explained that phrase was derogatory because of the sexual connotations. One person actually said, “I didn’t know what that word meant!”
            Now, after the rollout of the web site – and, I suspect, they discovered that their health care would not be free – they are very quiet.
            My friends who are of other religious beliefs know I am Christian, but…I make every effort to treat their beliefs with dignity and respect, and so, they do the same to me.
            Maybe my friends who are libs and of other faiths just tolerate me. I don’t know. I try to treat people the way I want to be treated. And I stand for my beliefs but in a non-threatening way. I do the believing and praying and God does the judging. He also controls the entire world, loves everyone and is the One I trust to hold the Truth. He will not be mocked – and says vengence is His. SO, i would not want to be a mocker or a “wrong doer.”
            Sorry, Star…sitting here by myself and went on a tanget in this reply!

    • That Ezra Klein kept using the term “we” about the h/c thing–isn’t he supposed to be a reporter? (MTP, I think, they blur together into one big skein of half-vast stuff.)

    • Wonder how Milbank explained Bashir’s lapse. The bottom line is they can do and say whatever they want, but Sarah Palin is fair game.

  6. I have employer-sponsored healthcare insurance and got a cancellation notice in October because my employer had not yet renewed our policy under the “grandfathered policy” provision. the current policy was not to expire until 2/1/14 – the “renewed” policy will run from 12/13 to 12/14 (unsure whether 12/1 or 12/31). lost at least 1, maybe 2 months of coverage under the grandfathered policy. based on timing, hopefully the really big lie will be revealed before the mid-term elections and people will understand what this debacle means to them personally.

  7. Bob Dylan was a prominent supporter of the U.S. civil rights movement, but that isn’t stopping a Croatian group from suing him for “racism.”

    According to Business Insider, a Croatian community association based in France is suing the rock icon over comments he made in a cover story in Rolling Stone.


    Blacks know that some whites didn’t want to give up slavery — that if they had their way, they would still be under the yoke, and they can’t pretend they don’t know that. If you got a slave master or Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that.

    “That stuff lingers to this day,” he adds. “Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood.”

    The Council of Croats in France have taken offense to that last line, deciding to sue Dylan and the French edition of the magazine.

    “It is an incitement to hatred,” Vlatko Marić, secretary general of the organization, said, according to International Business Times.


    Dylan’s response:

    • Oh, for pete’s sake. Can’t we all just get along?

      Why would any group give a fat rat’s patootie what any entertainer or sports figure has to say about anything? We see these ridiculous pronouncements all the time; Cher said “this”, sports guy said “that”.

    • I started a reply and lost it so I’ll make it briefer. Well, well, well, Bob Dylan has become a race baiter. Who would have thought? You can smell your enemy’s blood. Hitler would have mightily approved of Dylan, except that his name really isn’t Dylan and he’s Jewish. Do you think Hitler would have been able to smell him out?

      BTW, I am half Serbian and grew up in a melting pot part of the country. The Serbs and the Croats were friends because they were both Americans now. I don’t know what it’s been like since the Clinton Balkan adventures.

      I’d like to ask Dylan to sniff out how many of us are descendants of slave owners or KKK members. I think the percentage would be pretty small.

  8. The U.S. is in greater danger of a terrorist attack than it was prior to September 11 and has less ability to prevent such aggression by Islamist radicals, key congressional intelligence leaders said Sunday.

    “I think terror is up worldwide, the statistics indicate that,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat and chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

    “The fatalities are way up. The numbers are way up. There are new bombs, very big bombs. Trucks being reinforced for those bombs. There are bombs that go through magnetometers. The bomb maker is still alive. There are more groups than ever. And there is huge malevolence out there,” Feinstein said.


    I guess she’ll get a lump of coal and a bundle of switches from FCMABBHO for Christmas.

    • That scares me because it appears she knows something is bound to happen soon and she’s just trying to CYA for the Obummer administration, making it sound inevitable and that it’s just a matter of time.

    • Tin foil hat time.

      This derailment is one of a suspicious line of train wrecks. For instance; the July ’13 train wreck in Spain that killed 80 passengers, the train that got “lost” and ended up in the wrong place, the trains that hit each other on the same track. There’s more, too.
      Terrorists? Unhappy train employees? Shabby maintenance?
      Veddy suspicious…

      • All my time in AZ, I have read a bi-weekly newsletter about DC–just letters like this–and a theme has been that Metro is really slipping–it has come up again and again. The escalators will be down–there are hundreds of tall escalator steps to climb, etc. Parts of the track will be closed…

        • I live near DC, and I can tell you firsthand that Metro is great when it works, but when it’s bad, it’s AWFUL.

          Right now, they’re having to do a lot of catch-up fixing-up that should have been done years ago, but for which the money wasn’t there. Where was it? Pensions, of course. And since overtime was part of the pension calculations, some employees would pull 80-hour weeks as they got close to the end of their service.

          Some sunlight has helped things–the local coverage from the Washington Examiner may have been the best kick in the pants Metro had gotten in a while.

          And then there was the Red Line crash a few years ago, which REALLY got people’s attention. The fix-it schedule has been accelerated, which means getting around on weekends is a chore. And the non-skid tiles they’re installing on the above-ground stations take several weeks per station to put in.

          Add in crime, passenger-caused delays, union shenanigans, dated equipment, employees that don’t give two hoots in Hyattsville, and a whole lot more, and you get a subway system that really SHOULD have been called Federal Area Rapid Transit.

    • Good reminder. Thanks. Prayers offered.

      At the moment I am railing against the huge flood of government advertising on my radio stations — HUD housing, seat belt safety etc. 24/7 the government hovering.

      That said, I wonder why there are not seat belts (optional) on public transport — trains, buses and especially school buses. I suppose there is the vandalism issue and perhaps the government might think we can’t strap ourselves in so then there would have to be a whole department of seat belt and restraints who would hire a bunch of “service” people to assist. This could be worse. Still some optional safety thing might be helpful.

    • Prayers to the victims of the crash. Unfortunately the left will make it about politics. They always seem to use these tragedies to steal more of our freedom.

      • I think people in this country are overwhelmingly against amnesty, at least 2 to 1, but the media and polls will often frame the question as “Do you believe that there should be a pathway to citizenship?” And people will respond “yes”. They are playing with language the same way they did on the issue of abortion: if you only frame it the right way, you will get the response you want.

        BTW, we already do have a pathway to citizenship which Obama, the Democrats and the media conveniently ignore.

        • BO & company have an agenda, so the questions will always be framed to benefit their ends. Nothing but word games you have to read btwn the lines to see the real question.

          And I agree, we have programs in place that will do the job IF the agencies involved were allowed to do their job without Executive “pandering”.

    • Hmmm… One of the “fasters” is Eliseo Medina, former number two person in SEIU, who resigned suddenly after another SEIU bigwig was convicted on corruption charges.

      Thought I heard that name before. Remember the words of the fraudster in chief in a pre-2008 campaign speech to his pals in the SEIU?

      “Your agenda [SEIU] has been my agenda in the United States Senate. Before debating health care, I talk to Andy Stern and SEIU members. Before immigration debates took place in Washington, I talked to Eliseo Medina and SEIU members. Before the EFCA, I talked to SEIU. So we’ve worked together over these last few years and I’m proud of what we’ve done. I’m just not satisfied, because I know how much more we could accomplish as partners in an Obama administration.”

    • Thanks, Denise. It was a very good link. It upsets me to no end that La Raza has the ear of the White House. They want to reclaim California and all the other Soutwestern states for Mexico. I believe that all people visiting or residing in the United States should be protected by the law as far as their personal safety goes, but no one who is not a citizen should have any input on how to run our government.

    • Gak! The video inside the tent – priceless! MO and BHO both look more natural in this setting than inside the WH. MO looks like she could be a guerilla paramilitary leader.

  9. Britt Hume (on FOX News Sunday). Said he went on the gov’t website yesterday to see what was available in VA for his wife… comparable to their ‘wonderful’ plan at FOX. Accessing the website was okay in a ‘clunky’ sort of way, but it worked. There were plans available from exactly ONE company…and NONE of her five doctors was on the plan. There was no Platinum plan available! He was able to find one later on No mention of cost.

    The individual mandate is just the ‘calm before the storm’. Can’t wait for the mid-term debacle following the employer mandate catastrophe next year. Hope Obama watches FOX news. Otherwise he may not be aware of the coming cancellations. He seems to think the ins. companies should call them ‘renewals’…and everything will be fine.