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Obama Backs Down to China

This is the difference between strong leaders and weak leaders. And it will have consequences for the United States

I was about to write a post – and would have before if I wasn’t trying to get in a little break for Thanksgiving – about how President Obama had finally made a bold move in the international arena and immediately reaped a reward. He stood up to Chinese aggression by saying Thanks but no thanks to China’s unilateral expansion of its “air defense” zone, sending a couple of B-52s right through the area without notifying the Chinese, as had been demanded.

The Chinese then sputtered that they didn’t mean to hurt anyone and generally seemed to be backing off, though they started sending up some jets to “escort” those in the area.

And then I read this in the New York Times:

Even as China scrambled fighter jets to enforce its newly declared air defense zone, the Obama administration said on Friday that it was advising American commercial airlines to comply with China’s demands to be notified in advance of flights through the area.

While the United States continued to defy China by sending military planes into the zone unannounced, administration officials said they had made the decision to urge civilian planes to adhere to Beijing’s new rules in part because they worried about an unintended confrontation.

The decision contrasted with that of Japan’s government this week, when it asked several Japanese airlines, which were voluntarily following China’s rules, to stop, apparently out of fear that complying with the rules would add legitimacy to Chinese claims to islands that sit below the now contested airspace.

Although the officials made clear that the administration rejects China’s unilateral declaration of control of the airspace over a large area of the East China Sea, the guidance to the airlines could be interpreted in the region as a concession in the battle of wills with China.

Well, your damn right this will be interpreted as a concession. Because it is a concession, and a dangerous one that will encourage more Chinese aggression in the region. And not only those we’re supposed to be protecting in the region will notice our weakness. It will be duly noted in Tehran and Jerusalem as well.

The concern with the safety of civilian flights is understandable but must not be determinative. We live in a dangerous world. We must accept some dangers in the interest of our national security, lest the world become even more dangerous.

It’s just the latest attempt by the the Obama administration to put the world on notice that the United States IS to be messed with and must not be counted on.

This is a striking contrast to Ronald Reagan’s handling of the illegal air traffic controllers’ strike in 1981. He fired them all, and there was plenty of consternation in the nation and even within the White House about the chance of an accident. But some of the strikers caved, new ones were hired and trained, and nothing happened.

What’s more, the Soviet politburo realized it was no longer dealing with a feckless America, and the knowledge that they were up against a serious and determined adversary helped lead to the end of the Cold War.

A serious and determined adversary is not what our enemies face today.

93 thoughts on “Obama Backs Down to China”

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  1. What do you expect from a person who has time to visit immigration protestors or supporters or whatever they are…and prevents our Veterans from visiting their own memorial? A person who cannot find the time to greet them and listen to the veterans?
    What kind of mess will be left behind after the immigration squatters leave the National Mall?
    Is there ANY other nation on earth that allows completely unhindered immigration into their country? I can’t think of one.

        1. Being a wannabe China scholar I must call Obama a,
          “Nuo4 Fu1”.

          Now I need to brush up on my Chinese curse words to describe Obama…

    1. That is a great point! Obama wouldn’t visit the veterans, but does make the time in his extremely busy schedule to visit illegal aliens. Wow!

  2. This administration seems to think the rest of the world somehow understands and respects the shuck and jive of its unprincipled policies. One never knows what Obama or his minions will say, because their announcements are always driven by what they perceive the political implications to be.

    And the saddest part is that even though they are totally politically motivated, they get it wrong most of the time. That has led to their tanking poll numbers domestically, and to almost universal distrust and dislike overseas. No one believes Obama! It’s that simple.

      1. I saw somewhere that Vlad Putin said that dealing with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon.
        First it knocks all of the pieces over and then craps on the board.

    1. DMcG You are now considered a racist by all of Obama’s minions. Shuck and jive is considered a racist phrase. Don’t you get tired of all of this racist BS? Just because you disagree with Obama, you are called a racist. Obama has been the single most thin skinned president we have ever had. I don’t recall any of the other presidents in my lifetime behaving like a child because he can’t get his way. If congress doesn’t pass my bill I will just use executive privilege. Yes other presidents have used this privilege, but not for the reasons or to the extent he has. He is like a spoiled child crying that if you don’t play the way I say I will take my ball home. I will rejoice when his time is up. I do hope that Americans will have learned a valuable lesson by then and vote someone in with some honor and dignity.

    1. Americans had better vote a very strong person into office in 2016, someone who will be able to undo Barry’s disastrous foreign policies and make China, Iran, North Korea et al take the USA seriously again.

  3. Ten Bears: It’s sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongues. There is iron in your words of death for all Comanche to see, and so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron. It must come from men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life… or death. It shall be life.

    Yeah…well so much for that. Not hard to come up with the next big move from Chief Runs His Mouth.

  4. China wants to change the status quo in the East China Sea — our socialist appeased in chief complies. Allies screwed this month by Obama — Israel and Japan. New BFFs Iran, Syria, Russia and China.

    When someone hikes or invades then can we consider impeaching him?

    1. Not until Harry Reid has been eliminated from control.
      The House impeaches, the Senate convicts.
      I think that Obama is seriously concerned about the 2014 election.
      They will pull out all of the stops to keep the majority in the senate, and gain the majority in the house.
      This next year is for all the marbles.
      If the conservatives allow this next election to fall to the liberals/progressives, it is no-ones fault but our own.

      This next election is for our Country.

      1. Yes you are right and I agree, The elections are critical to the country but there are a lot of election shenanigans already in the works. Like the IRS and 501c4(s). The IRS is openly a political tool of the Democrat Party and the Administration.

        I also think the election of 2012 was fraught with fraud.

        It’s pretty clear that the Democrat and possibly the Republican allegiance is to their party and personal power and not to the country. With a few exceptions. But not enough to save the country.

  5. What else is China doing these days?

    Everything is as it has always been: decayed rows of houses, weathered doorframes with intricate carvings, potholed dirt roads, fishing boats rotting on the beach and, in the middle of it all, the Boma, a stone fortress built by the former German conquerors in Bagamayo, a sleepy coastal town in Tanzania.

    Bagamayo was the capital of the colony of German East Africa from 1888 to 1891, when the administrative seat was moved to Dar es Salaam because the shore in Bagamayo was too shallow for a real seaport. Since then, time seems to have stood still.

    “But soon nothing will be as it once was in Bagamayo,” says Marie Shaba, “because now the new rulers of the world, the Chinese, are coming.”

  6. Our enemies sit like wolves as they wait and watch for weakness in the grizzly bear.
    All this tension and new agressive behaviour from other countries shouldn’t come as a surprise or unexpected. They can read the polls on MrObama and see he is weak in his support. They watched as MrO overplayed his red-line and then let Russia take over.
    The deal with Iran that’s not a deal at all, only makes us look weaker. They watched as MrO fired dozens of experienced military brass, and put sexual deviates (their words) in uniform.

    The Chinese fly-overs and new claims of control in the sea are just the beginning.

    1. Don’t worry, Biden is going over there next week and he will lay down the rules.
      Cough, cough.
      When the going get’s tough you send sheriff Joe.
      No-one messes with Joe.
      Cough, hack.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure lunch bucket Joe will be lamenting to the communist leaders about their mutual enemy, the intransigent conservatives. These masterminds believe they can achieve their utopia of a totalitarian America, only if the ruling class is successful in destroying the bourgeoisie (middle class) who are standing in their way of seizing complete and total control of every lever of government.

  7. It seems so easy for Keith Koffler to criticize Obama for his “weakness” for advising American commercial airlines to notify the Chinese in advance of flights through the area, because Keith Koffler is NOT the U.S. president, and certainly is very far from qualifying for becoming one.

    I’m not a fan of Obama either, but as the Chief Executive he has a great responsibility of considering various options in the best interest of all Americans and must look far ahead to any future consequences for his actions. We have not forgotten about the 2001 collision between a Chinese fighter jet and U.S. spy plan. There are enough potential dangers with other military encounters or accidents, and there is no need to involve civilian passengers in the mix as well.

    In this case, only short-minded people think it is a good idea to talk and act “tough” by unnecessarily escalating the situation. We have sent a strong message of our disapproval to the Chinese. However, we also have had enough world issues on hand that need the Chinese cooperation. We must play our carrot and stick approach carefully.

    1. Keith is exercising his first amendment rights, as the rest of the people do that comment consistently on this blog.
      “and certainly is very far from qualifying for becoming one.”
      Oh really ?
      After the amateur that is posing in office now ?
      Who made you the arbiter as to who can say this or can say that ?
      “We must play our carrot and stick approach carefully.”
      Who is the carrot and who has the stick ?

      We would all appreciate it if you cease to malign our host.

      1. No slaps at Keith! You can say anything you want, but why sideswipe Keith or anyone here personally? No one has said anything personal about you…yet. It is just my opinion, of course, but several people who drop by here daily would make better presidents.

    2. “Keith Koffler is NOT the U.S. president, and certainly is very far from qualifying for becoming one.”

      As opposed to the community activist and former senator, who voted ‘present’ rather than taking a position on a myriad of bills, but in 2008, stood his ground and promised hope and change. How’s that working out for you. Care to toss out the names of the short-minded, other than Harry Reid, who appears to have no mind at all.

    3. I don’t think Obama is qualified to be the President. His academic record is shrouded in mystery, he’s never served in the military, he has no managerial experience in his background (one might say no experience of any kind), he is an extreme leftist, and most important of all, he, the Constitutional scholar, has no knowledge of the Constitution because he’s violated it left and right. Compared to Obama’s missing qualifications, I would say that Keith would make a good President.

    4. Exactly what do you believe qualifies one to be the President of the United States…apart from those qualifications listed in the Consitution? Is experience in governing necessary? Is experience in leadership of private business necessary? Is education necessary – not only in “reading, writing and arithmetic” but also in history (national and international) and economics and law? Does our current president possess documented proof of these qualifications? Does Keith? Even I “know” Keith well enough to say he quite possibly is as qualified as the current office holder. Having said that, I, too, am glad civilian airlines are being told to heed restricted Chinese airspace. And, I also believe that if you can’t run with the big dogs, you need to stay on the porch. I just don’t know that I, as an American citizen, am ready to porch sit. You did not convince me.

    5. “I’m not a fan of Obama either, but as the Chief Executive he has a great responsibility of considering various options in the best interest of all Americans…..” The day Obama uses this standard as a basis for any of his actions and decisions is the day ducks morph into elephants and we all win Megabucks.

      1. No seriously isn’t that what you some Republicans want? a War Agaisnt China.

        “This is the difference between strong leaders and weak leaders. And it will have consequences for the United States”

        You do realize thats called War Mongering right?

        “What’s more, the Soviet politburo realized it was no longer dealing with a feckless America, and the knowledge that they were up against a serious and determined adversary helped lead to the end of the Cold War.

        A serious and determined adversary is not what our enemies face today”

        That worked so well in Afghanistan when we armed the mujahideen all thanks to the Ronald Reagan administration and now look at whats occurring in Afghanistan its a huge blowback.

        So according to Keith we should go to war with China wouldn’t that be grand?

        1. Terrorists flying aircraft into our buildings is warmongering.
          Killing cockroaches is hard to do when they hide behind women and children because they are cowards.

          Your comments appear to be coming from someone that has not followed history and or politics.
          It also appears to me that you have never served the Country.
          Am I wrong ?

          1. I imagine Bruno was a child on 9-11. I also imagine he is here to “stir things up” and make Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Party Members incensed enough to appear to be war mongerers. Actually, he may be in a tent on the National Mall now.
            Never forget that there is an “army” of the present administration’s supporters and their sole purpose is to be war mongerers by sowing dissension within the citizenry of our country. We must remain focused, looking neither to the right nor the left, as we forge ahead to the 2014 elections. Re-elect no one!

        2. Hey, Bruno. Your messiah is the one who got us into the mess in Afghanistan. He said it was the good war, remember? As opposed to that bad ol’ war in Iraq started by the demon George Bush. Remember Iraq? They’re being overrun by al Qaeda again, but that’s because your foreign policy genius left the door open for them, kinda like he’s doing with our Southern border too. Keep on living in your utopian world where all it takes is a smile and a handshake to prevent the communists and the mullahs from obliterating their sworn enemies – Israel and the United States. We, the readers of the best political blog from the belly of the beast, will keep facing the truth head on with our patriot news writer, Keith Koffler.

        3. Do you know how to read? Where does Keith Koffler say that we should go to war? And may I remind you, sir, that GWB pretty much withdrew from Afghanistan and it was your President in his first term who escalated the war with his surge? You lefties conveniently forget that.

          1. Lefties also conveniently forget that Afghanistan was NOT invaded, by the USA or anyone else. NATO troops were invited into Afghanistan by Karzai, ostensibly to help rid that sh*thole of the Taliban.

        4. This is the difference between strong leaders and weak leaders. And it will have consequences for the United States”

          You do realize thats called War Mongering right?

          No, it’s not. Being resolute, consistent, clear, and strong prevents adventuring by other countries. They know a red line is a red line. There was dithering before the Korean police action–the US indicated the countries under its protection and S Korea was not on the list–oops. That is oversimplifying, but it was an element.

    1. No, we are not stupid.
      We did not vote for a Marxist either.
      We do not want a war against China and Russia, nor do we want the middle east to overrun Israel.
      As far as China goes, we are indebted to them because they bought our bonds, and when they said no more, we started buying our bonds ourselves by printing money to do so.

      China can defeat us economically by pulling in our debt to them.
      At this point, what would you do ?
      We are indebted to a country that would love to have our assets.
      Russia sees us as a patsy as long as Obama is in office.
      The middle east has an ally sitting in the White House.
      Israel is essentially on her own except now for Saudi Arabia.

      See what happens when you have incompetents in control ?
      BTW, how’s that ACA working out for you ?

    2. Don’t be ridiculous. No one is suggesting a war.

      China would love nothing better than to have a war with someone. They have 25 million frustrated, lonely men who are buying Japanese love-dolls for company, so if some willing country would step in to remove most of them, China would be happy to lose that war.
      Heck, India would be thrilled to round up all the sidewalk dwellers, give them a spear to fight with, and send them off to fight anyone.

    3. I am not a Republican (as several others here) but a conservative non-affiliated voter who generally favors the US getting out of the business of being world’s policeman. Others here don’t agree with that or agree some of the time, but we express our disagreements civilly. Go back to the Huffington Post where you can rant and scream to your little black heart’s content.

    4. I’m a Republican. I joined the GOP once I got over being a Commie. I didn’t even consider becoming a Democrat because I realized that that party was the next thing to the CPUSA.

      1. I am a conservative.
        My wife is a conservative.
        I am a registered republican and she is a registered democrat.
        IMO, parties no longer make any difference.
        We both despise what Obama is doing to our Country, our Military, and our future.

        1. If your state has closed party primaries, it is best for conservatives to be registered Republicans. The only way we’re going to clear out the post turtle RINOs is in the primary process. We have open primaries in Texas so we don’t register by political party. I’d much rather the primary races were closed to keep the left from helping to nominate RINOs for national office.

  8. This man in office continues to do things to surprise and anger me to no end. I can’t decide if he is simply does not know what he is doing, and just wants to be the hero and best friends of everyone in the world,
    or is he coniving and turning every bit of our future into a fiasco.
    This is his children’s future he is playing with as well. I don’t care our well off they are now. Their way of life and freedom and his grandchildrens’s life and freedom has got to be somewhere in his thoughts.

    1. He knows exact;y what he is doing Lee.
      It has been his plan all along.
      However,…he is now getting opposition that he may not be able to confront or overcome.
      When his policies begin to hit enough people in the wallet they will begin paying attention.

    2. Lee – If you project the current lawlessness and appeasement of this administration over the next 3 years, it is not a pretty sight. As Samuel L Jackson said in Jurassick Park, “Hold on to your butts!”

  9. I am conservative . Registered Republican so I can vote in primaries. R. Party here sucks so I hang with the Tea Party on most local and national issues.

  10. I hear o may stay in DC after 2017 : how convenient that he will not have to travel too far , on our dime , for his trial for TREASON .

      1. Apparently, he wants the kids to be able to finish at Sidwell Friends. (No Chicago public schools for his daughters, oh no no no. Public schools are for the little people.)

        The irony is almost so thick it’s disgusting. The man puts his daughters in play politically, spends weekends on the golf course, and from all appearances, doesn’t seem to care about his daughters that much. That is, until he can quote them in another campaign speech.

        But he wants to continue contaminating DC “for the children” once he’s out of office.

        At this point, calling him a narcissist doesn’t seem to suffice any more. Excuse my bluntness here, but the man is quite simply an attention burnout.

          1. It appears that the vouchers were reinstated by Boehner and Lieberman. (Of course, this is an incredibly biased report, but the facts seem to be correct. I also checked out the Wiki.)

            The administration tried to eliminate funding for the voucher program but Republicans in Congress led by House Speaker John Boehner linked its continuation and expansion to a broader budget deal that the White House accepted in June 2012.




        1. I can see wanting to keep your daughter in the same school until she is graduated. When he (thankfully) leaves office, Malia will be in college somewhere, and Sasha will be in the last half of her sophomore year.

          Nor do I see anything wrong with not wanting to put her into public school anywhere because the security angle probably would be a nightmare.

  11. No surprises from the mental midget in the White House. He is clueless and useless for anything except running his mouth about…himself. What did you expect? He has surrounded himself with even weaker people so the whole administration is fraught with pointlessness. The Chinese have to be laughing their bums off over this.
    Just an administration about nothing…

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  13. I think Obama has made it clear to the world that he will not defend the U.S. or liberty anywhere in the world and is on the side of dictators, despots and the Muslim totalitarians. In other words, if you are an enemy of freedom and the U.S., you will get his backing.

  14. No politician in history has been as damaging an Anti-American or as much of a menace to society as Obama. His anarchist background as a disciple of Saul Alinsky and his One World Government, his belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and promoter of all things Islamist, his lies and deceptions starting with his place of birth and lately with Obamacare, his murdering of the four Americans in Benghazi…the list of his anti-American activities is endless. He should have been impeached by now. And where are our infamous Presidential assassins now that we really and truly need one?

  15. Well, what do you expect of a weak President who bows to anyone and everyone who make a threat? God help America with Obama at the helm!

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