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Open Thread || Friday, November 29, 2013

Please, no commenting while shopping, I don’t want any injuries.

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  1. We can’t even report on shopping as a contact sport? You’re no fun. I once went to a Lucy & Ethel sale to get some new china I saw advertised. We surged into the doors (remember Woodward & Lothrop–Woodies?) and I ran to the boxed china…a setting for four was heavy as star matter–I piled one box on top of the second one–and a woman took my top box and scurried to the checkout! Outrage! But I was left standing there–well, never again.

    • Just a few weeks ago, this fraud sicced his Park Service brown shirts on the American people and our war veterans during the crypt keeper’s government shutdown. He said nothing in support of the American people. He talked to not one of those elderly WWII veterans whose open air memorial he had barrycaded closed. Yet he and the manly Mooch have no qualms about visiting the illegal tent of the illegal aliens illegally camping out on the same National Mall he closed to Americans not so long ago? How anyone can continue to defend these grifters is beyond my comprehension.

      • A friend made a comment in that manner; had MrObama gone to the memorial, ordered it open for the elderly vets and shook their hands in gratitude for their service, his poll numbers would have soared.
        IMO, it’s just another incident where the Obama administration does not understand Americans or how we think.

        If, and that’s a big IF, MrO announced that he was disgusted with the mess of the Obamacare website and all of the people losing their insurance so that he would ask Congress to repeal the whole thing and start over…who knows how high his polling numbers would go.
        They don’t know us.

        • A spot on indictment of the Obama administration, srdem. They do not understand Americans or how we think . . . they don’t know us.

        • I would Looooove to see that, ICE showing up….
          I guess that makes me a meanie too.
          Of course, the protestors might actually be more paid protestors, paid by the unions.

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    • Of course, the dirty rats. Didn’t DrCarson get audited after the frank speech he gave at the Prayer Breakfast?

      y’know..we whine, complain, but no one in power in DC does anything about these abuses. Holding a committee inquiry isn’t doing anything positive to make things right.
      The people have lost control of the government, we might be doomed until the next revolution.

  2. Watching FOX now. Ed Henry is sitting as anchor! And he’s good, much better than the regulars, IMO.
    Nice personality comes across easily, sense of humor, too. hmmmm

    • Nah, there’s no third term for MrO. It would require changing the Constitution, and be ratified by the states. Never happen.
      He’ll be lucky to finish this term unscathed.

      IMO, they don’t know where to go, what to do. They’re not going back to the mansion in Chicago..ugh…after the luxurious WhiteHouse. Hawaii is too far away from everything they might want to do or friends (?) they like.
      Staying in DC, or nearby means they will be in the area of things they have planned, such as MrO bringing in millions from speaking fees as MrsClinton is doing.

      They’re just using the daughter’s schooling as an excuse for what they might have planned for the future.

        • PS–Did you see the Babs interview? No, me, either–but I did see a small soundbite where she “hates” to ask, but seriously, he seems to be losing the trust of the American people. He laughs his fake flashbulb smile (on, off, on, off) and says oh, no, every president has low moments or something like that–EXCEPT maybe Geo Washington. Where he comes up with this stuff, I have no idea. I wonder about those who now think he is a fakey poseur with a ephermeral hold on the truth–do they hear this and think, “Wow, I guess he is trustworthy, my bad?

      • Agree, they are using the youngest daughter’s education as an excuse. Kinda late for Preezy to start acting like a concerned parent anyway. My guess is the grifters are trying to engender some sympathy from the true believers who believe their messiah is trying so hard to fix the mess Bush left him. He just needs more time, so to heck with the Constitution.

        It’s not going to matter much anyway if we conservatives don’t get busy and make the 2014 mid-terms as epic as 2010 was for the liberty movement. If the left wins the 2014 mid-terms, the communist coup that is Obamacare will be imbedded in our society and the transformation of America will be complete.

        • 2nd paragraph I agree with Susan.
          The one thing that troubles me in 2014 is the possibility of rampant election fraud again.
          Keep in mind that this is Obama’s last ditch effort to accomplish his agenda.
          We only need 6 seats in the senate to take the majority back and put Harry Reid on the back bench.

    • I’m not a regular reader of the Daily Mail, so tell me if I’m right or wrong. I thought the tone was sarcastically Little Miss Sunshine. It seemed to repeat itself a lot, for example, about the dogs wearing Santa Claus hats around their necks. It was interesting to read the comments, very unfavorable to the Obamas, and it was revealing but not surprising that Lady Obama referred to it as a ‘holiday tree’ and said the tree was the best part of the season.

      • The girls dress better than Mom. That panda sweater one of them had on the other day–cute. I would wear it, though as a lady of certain years, I try to avoid animal duds. My sister had one some weird giant T the other day with a big animal face–I said is that a goat? She was indignant–CAMEL. Well…I shut up. Better that way.

      • The Daily Mail always has the best photos on a single page, unlike U.S. papers that make you suffer through slide shows. When I read the content, they tend to make a lot of goofs, like misidentifying Sasha as Malia in the tree article.

        I felt kinda sad to see such a majestic tree chopped down for Michelle’s pleasure when we all know they’ll be gone most of the Christmas/New Year season. I know, I know, they all do it……… ;)

      • The Daily Mail, in my opinion, has little use for the Obamas, especially Mooch. It seems they always print the most unflattering pictures of her, and the tone of the articles can be somewhat condescending, in that polite British way. As for the comments, more Brits than Americans write positive remarks.

        Maybe the Daily Mail remembers the insulting attitude and behaviour shown by Barry and Mooch towards Great Britain and the Queen.

  3. Just finished reading the December 2013 edition of The Limbaugh Letter. It has a great interview with David Horowitz who has compiled all his writings into 10 volumes, “The Black Book of the American Left”. The first volume, “My Life and Times”, was recently released. Found the interview on Frontpage Mag, and thought it was worth sharing. It is critical for conservatives to understand the ideology of the left if we are ever going to defeat them on the battleground of ideas.

  4. It’s catching! I tried to order stamps by phone as I have a hundred times–and it went to a busy signal. The health care site infected it!Aieee.

    Diff subj–remember Plan B, the morning after thing some people think is sort of abortiony–in Britain, they did a study and apparently it may not “work” for women over 175 lbs. (Yes, people over 175 lbs have “relations.”) Sooo…it’s free and you may still get in a family way.

  5. Come on. The narcissistic brat has a history of bowing, groveling, and kissing the posterior of any Marxist or Islamic leader who stands up to him. So what else is new?

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