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The Obamas: Nine Types of Pie for Thanksgiving

Michelle says her healthy eating initiative allows for indulgences on special occasions, and she ain’t kidding.

From the White House-released Obama Thanksgiving menu.

Turkey, honey-baked ham., cornbread stuffing, oyster stuffing, greens, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, dinner Rolls.

Huckleberry pie, pecan Pie, chocolate cream pie, sweet potato pie, peach pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, banana cream pie, coconut cream pie.

70 Responses to The Obamas: Nine Types of Pie for Thanksgiving

  1. Millions of people will probably lose their health insurance or suffer higher premiums on their family budgets……well….let them eat cake, Michelle’s got pie!

    Can’t wait for the photo ops of their 10 minute visits to the local soup kitchens today. Especially from the people on line taking selfies with their free iPhones.

    My bad, but the Obamas just don’t have a clue especially after instigating family fights over healthcare for the rest of us. /sarc.

  2. No cowpie? When Obama was in Iowa last year he said Romney offered voters ‘a cowpie of distortion’. Fitting description of Obamacare, I would say.

  3. Reminds me of the scene in “Jurasic Park” when they visitors were given a tour of the facilities that “no expense was spared”

    At least the Obama’s are consistent in how they spend our money!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  4. Do we know who shared this sumptous feast with the O’s today.
    The menu is what one would prepare for 35 people, especially with all those pies. A turkey and a ham, wow.

  5. I am really tired of that sanctimonious fat butt telling me how to eat and (worse) how to feed my kids. I see she has no problem feeding her kids large portions of fat and sugar. Hypocrisy is ugly.

  6. Sorry if this sounds racist, but what is it with black people and mac and cheese on Thanksgiving? Any white people out there serving it today? I’m curious….

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    • So Meesh-Antoinette is having nine kinds of pie. At least we haven’t heard much of her healthy food touting lately.

      I think she feels she got Hubby his re-election and she’s going to spend the second term relaxing and getting plastic surgery.

      I never hear any more about the “mentoring” that Meesh and ValJar are supposedly doing to local kids, personal inspiration and all. Would to hear the racial percentages of the group of kids who get this inside look at the WH and the Goddesses Michelle and Val.

        • We like KD, too–my ex was a gourmet cook and used to make a roux with the orange powder–and my daughter and I would say, “You ruined it!” We liked the pockets of unmixed powder…

      • I love good macaroni and cheese and even bad macaroni and cheese, just never heard it linked with Christmas. However, this is a kind of diversity I can applaud, especially if it means some leftover macaroni and cheese for me to eat for breakfast!

    • Yuup! Mac & Cheese (and not that sissified glop made with a cheese sauce like they eat in the North) is a staple in the South and appears frequently on the holiday tables of both Black’s and Whites.

  7. We had one dessert – one pecan pie. I made it myself, crust and all.
    Have never, ever had mac and cheese for Thanksgiving dinner.
    Do not care what they eat or don’t eat or want to eat or tell us to eat.
    I want to eat what I can afford to buy because I earned the money to buy it because I had a job in my country.
    I want my country back. That is basically all I want.
    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.
    May God bless the USA.

  8. I wonder of those “greens” would be collard greens…or am I being too RACCCCISTTTTTT?
    Seriously though, collard greens are for the little people and I’m pretty sure Michelle would have none of that

  9. When someone is pushing “healthy” eating it seems a tad hypocritical to be serving 9 kinds of pie at their dinner table. Surely 8 would have been sufficient. s/

      • Good Progressives (socialists, marxists), like the Obama’s, would recognize that the common folk are every bit as deserving as they for a day of rest and family, and would tailor down their need for “help” to insure that as many of them could similarly enjoy the simple pleasures.

        But, “good” progressives don’t exist, and that’s all just a line of BS. Obama, and his family, don’t really care about equality- not if it comes at any expense to THEM. Every thing they’ve EVER done has been motivated by their personal ambitions – for money and power. Everything. And now that they’ve gotten “there”, they’re certainly not going to give up an inch of any perk.

  10. I don’t begrudge the Obamas a mouth-watering Thanksgiving feast. my family had one too. but my family doesn’t spend its time on TV lecturing other people about how they should eat.

    just another hypocritical day at the White House.

  11. C’mon health Guru? For everyone else but by the size of appenditure in the back of her — looks like ribs and everything decadent, including her mind!

  12. Did anyone watch the Christmas tree delivery to the White House today? The entitled wee ones were so rude, and set a poor example, just like mums and granny. I don’t believe those stories about “Mom-in-Chief,” either.

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