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Top Ten Things Obama Should be Thankful For

President Obama is in the dumps right now, but he still has lots to be thankful for. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten blessings Obama can count on his two hands this Thanksgiving.


1. Vice President Biden. With Biden next in line, Republicans have much less incentive to impeach him.

2. The media. They’ve gotten tougher lately, but for most of the year they behaved themselves.

3. Millions of people who don’t pay attention to the news but decide to speak with pollsters anyway.

4. A fine candidate like Mitt Romney.

5. Nicorette.

6. Mulligans.

7. John Roberts.

8. Valerie Jarrett, for running the country on his behalf.

9. Eric Holder, for providing the muscle.

10. Bo, because Bo doesn’t care that the website isn’t working.

33 Responses to Top Ten Things Obama Should be Thankful For

  1. ROTFLMAO. Those are all ring true for me except number one: I’m willing to chance President Biden. No way would he be worse. But, Keith, are you sure Obama can count on two hands?

  2. How about the millions of people who speak to pollsters NOW about how they don’t trust him or even like him anymore. I am thankful for them. Will it last? That is the question. But for today…

    I am also thankful for this site for a place to vent and learn.

    And for having made it through another year, even with a $40 specialist copay.

    • Have you ever been polled, Star? I have, and I can vouch that the pollster is framing the questions to get the answer he wants to elicit from you. I just saw a poll out of the LA Times yesterday that said that a ‘majority of’ or ‘most’ Americans want a path to citizenship. If they had used the word ‘amnesty’ instead, I doubt that the result would have been the same. Just at this moment, though, the MSM and pollsters are going along with our side. It makes good copy.

      • I have been called many times, but do not donate my time to polls. I say, sorry I don’t do polls. Yes, most are “Push” polls–but I doubt they are being pushed to help the Republicans–these are Wash Post, CNN, others.

      • @Star & @ Julie
        IMO, that people are over the racist charge they heard for years, so much that it means nothing now. They feel more comfortable expressing their true feelings, especially now that MrO has been proven to be a liar.

        If we take that polling to MrsObama, bets are that she’s not as beloved as the Dems proclaim her to be.
        The true believers will never change their opinions as long as they can claim that everything bad is the fault of the Repubs, or racists, or Gorns from the planet Zork.
        Whatever works for them.

    • Like. Like your spelling of the new dog’s name. Is Obama sending out a sublimated message?

      Yes, if dogs were the main course, the Obamas would be having 13 different kinds.

  3. Permission for a little leeway, please;
    1. that olJoe Biden isn’t a Black man, too
    2. the media is too embarrassed to admit they made a mistake
    3. that millions of people only believe the news they hear on Colbert
    4. MrRomney was a perfect target for the OFA and the MSM
    5. he can pretend to be chewing anti-tobacco gum and no one tells.
    6. his people can claim mulligans because they only play with big balls
    7. John Roberts can’t change his mind
    8. ValJar knows how to keep a secret
    9. that Eric Holder isn’t a White man
    10. he doesn’t have to take care of Bo, the dog..

  4. I haven’t seen any photos or video of The Royal Turkey pardoning the justfolks turkey, even by Pete Souza. Is there a blackout? Any links? I imagine Obama doesn’t want being photographed with a real turkey as it opens him up to all kinds of comparisons and jokes.

  5. Obama should give thanks to President Eisenhower for granting Statehood to Hawaii on August 21, 1959. Barry’s DOB: August , 1961. I’m sure that Ike would have agreed that this was his greatest mistake if he was alive today.

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