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Millions Gouged on Good Plans Because of Obamacare

Millions of holders of so-called “Cadillac” health insurance plans are finding their costs skyrocket – even if their premiums stay the same – as insurers race to avoid or minimize the impact of the new Obamacare tax on the most generous health care plans, according to NBC News.

Why didn’t we hear this from Obama?

If you like your plan you can keep it. Unless it’s a really good plan.

The White House has been trumpeting that those whose insurance will change are those with”subpar” plans who are getting an upgrade and should be delighted. But turns out those with good plans from good companies are getting a downgrade – with reduced benefits and higher costs.

From the report by Lisa Myers:

For 75 million Americans who get their insurance through large companies, the Affordable Care Act is a mixed bag. Experts tell NBC News the new healthcare law is only slightly increasing premiums next year, but causing some companies with the most generous plans to reduce their employees’ benefits.

Sixty percent of the these major companies, which employ about 20 million American workers, say the looming excise tax is already having a “moderate” or “significant” influence on benefits decisions for 2014 and 2015. Though the tax doesn’t take effect for years, some companies are starting to make gradual changes now so as not to make dramatic changes at the last minute.

The tax will require a company to pay a 40 percent levy, starting in 2018, on the amount by which the total costs of health plans exceeds an annual limit of $10,200 for an individual and $27,500 for a family.

Take a look at the video below. And notice the nauseating statement by Council of Economic Advisors Director Jason Furman, in which a supposedly brilliant economics scholar parrots the spin of others in the White House:

There is nothing in the law that tells you you need to raise copayments or deductibles.

How disingenuous. No, the law doesn’t say to do these things. It merely forces insurers to take such measures by taxing them. Even the senior economic advisor to this White House knows full well that a major new tax forces businesses to adjust.

Disgraceful, really. They put a flack in charge of the CEA.

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20 Responses to Millions Gouged on Good Plans Because of Obamacare

  1. Let’s see, that’s 5 million who lost their policies flat out, and 15 million more who were forced to take new, more expensive policies because Obama didn’t like their original choices, and now 20 million who will pay more and get less because Obama thinks that their plans are too good. By my count that’s 40 million people (policy holders, and Lord knows how many more family members) who have been adversely affected so far. Oh, but there are the 400,000 added to Medicaid!

    Firing and prison are too good for those responsible. Floggings would be better. I regret those are considered “cruel and unusual punishment,” but perhaps Obama would give us a constitutional waiver?

  2. President Odious and his little loyal farts, Pelosi and Reid, long after they are gone with the ‘wind’ will have left their stench on every aspect of healthcare on patients, doctors and hospitals.

    More unintended consequences: some bright soul at a hospital figured out it would save the hospital money to buy qualified Obamacare coverage for their sickest, poorest patients and have the hospital pay the premiums itself. After all, these are very needy people, the very ones the new law is supposed to help. They’re in dire straits and probably can’t afford the premiums. And it would be very wrong to deny coverage to these desperate patients merely because they’re sick, right?
    No, the Obama administration and insurers are up in arms about the proposal, because it will upset the balance of the risk pools, dumping all those expensive sick people in.

  3. That America has been delivered to this precarious condition tells me more about the need for qualification to possess the franchise than anything. The tragedy of the JFK assassination is that LBJ moved into TWH and led the campaign to the Great Society, which destroyed the black family and its integrity. It continued policies begun under the great segregationist Wilson, coupled with his socialist thinking of FDR, leading to LBJ and ultimately to BHO.
    Lord Woodhouslee, aka Alexander Ty(t)ler, late 18th century, was absolutely correct. So Long, America. I’m glad I’m on the short list, but I am sorry for our children and grandchildren. They are white, Catholic and, therefore, cursed.

  4. It’s disgusting how NBC tries to spin everything in favor of the “president’s” bill, and you can be sure the example of the nice couple they chose is a rare example of people in the Cadillac category who got off relatively lightly. Then the idiot spokesman, spinning like a top, gets the final word implying how evil the insurance companies are and that Obamacare never mandated any of it while omitting that Obamacare is actually the cause.