As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

A very happy Thanksgiving to you.

I’m thankful this year for many things. One of the things I’m truly grateful for is all of you. Thank you for reading White House Dossier and for being a part of this cause: the cause of a free press holding its government accountable; of standing for conservative principles; and maybe having some fun doing it.

I’ll only be posting sporadically from Thursday through Sunday, including a couple of open threads, which will probably start Friday. I’ll be taking some time with family and also doing a little other work related to the website. I’ll leave this post up top and add any others below.

Enjoy the holiday and drive safely if you’re traveling.


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    • You know, thanks but no thanks to his most Arrogance the past year has not reaped a hearty harvest for prosperity. We are suffering in debt and isolation from our once many Allies.
      God help the USA…

  1. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,
    And into His courts with praise.
    Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.
    For the Lord is good;
    His mercy is everlasting,
    And His truth endures to all generations.

    Psalm 100:4-5

  2. Keith,
    Gratitude this Thanksgiving 2013, for your vision, common sense and your daily briefings on White House Dossier. Comments from 99% of your followers are intelligent and thoughtful….5 stars for everyone.

    All great change in America begins at the dinner table.
    Ronald Reagan.

    • And I agree with everything Grandma said. Happy Thanksgiving everyone !
      And Grandma, that was a wonderful Reagan quote. Thank you. That man could indeed bring about a sense of joy and wamth. Miss him.

      • I remember his smile and the comfort I had back then.
        I can’t even look at what’s his name, because his smile is like a knife slicing us up.
        That is not being uglly that is just the feeling I have.

        • Hello there Julie, have a nice holiday with your family !
          We don´t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we certainly is gearing up for Christmas right now. There are many “minievemts involved there, like the first Sunday in Advent ( big church and music event ) and all these Glögg parties. ( Glögg is a delicious spicy ,warm alcoholic drink, smells of cinnamon and cloves ). But- for non-religious holidays I would say Mid-summer is the biggest one.

    • Every single time I go back and listen to the wonderful reassuring
      words of Ronald Reagan I blubber like a baby. So many heartfelt
      words brought us comfort when we needed it he was such a great
      comforter hope we have one again we will I’m sure.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Sameach!

    What course of the meal do we have Health Insurance discussion ? Martha Stewart did not mention what the proper etiquette is with this new tradition! Fox News showed a progressive website that suggests bringing your W-2 to the Thanksgiving meal………..WOW. Obama must have won every limbo contest. No one goes as low as him!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to MrK, and to everyone who visits here.

    I have so much to be thankful for, from a huge extended family that still talks to me, to the virtual friends who make every day a pleasant learning experience.

  5. This reader is THANKFUL for all your hard work, keen insight and dedication to bring White House Dossier to concerned Americans.
    God’s Blessings to you and your family.

  6. Thank you Keith and the many thought provoking folks who post here. I am truly blessed this day. Later, I’ll be dining with the hard right contingent of the family. Which is really just normal people or what normal used to be.

  7. Wishing you and your family a very blessed Thanksgiving!
    Enjoy your time away from all the madness you decipher everyday to bring us the truth!!!

    God Bless America

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Keith. And to the amazing WHD brigade of stalwart patriots!

    We have a tradition at the Girly1 house – the ‘Gratitude Jar’. I keep a large Mason jar on the kitchen counter all year round for our large extended family to jot down something they are particularly thankful for. The jar is then placed on the Thanksgiving table every year and everyone takes a turn reading the ‘thank you’ notes that have accrued all year. After forty years of the ‘Gratitude Jar’, my cup runneth over.

    • What a wonderful tradition. Do you keep some of the papers?
      I would love to have in writing thoughts of loved ones that have passed. Happy Thanksgiving.

      • Lee, I have saved every little note beginning when our four daughters were barely able to print their name. The notes from their grandparents, aunts, uncles who have passed are treasures.
        I keep the Mason jars in the basement, and someday I would love to have everything put into book-form for my kids and their children.

        • That is priceless.
          I just have the wonderful memories. 25 to 30 family members together. Some by the stove, a bunch sitting at the table, a bunch in front of TV watching parade and waiting for the game. All of us kids running in and out of kitchen, than to jump on bed, and run in and out the house. I was close to all of the older family members. I would stop playing and join discussions in kitchen as well as living room. Than their is the memory of my Grandfather sleeping in recliner after dinner, with all the noice and laughter still going on.

          • What wonderful memories, Lee. Reminds me of a Norman Rockwell portrait.
            You triggered something I had forgotten. My Grandpa – we called him ‘Pop’ – used to do the same thing – fell asleep in his big chair almost immediately after dinner. No amount of noise would awaken him, lol. It was early, too. Grandma always started the dinner at 2:00 in the afternoon!
            Wonderful memories!

    • What a wonderful tradition, Girly1. There is much for us Americans to be thankful for, regardless what is going on in Washington, D.C. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to all my friends here at WHD. You all give me faith that there is a better future for our children and grandchildren in these troubled times.

      • We’re not about to allow this puny, inconsequential community organizing thug to destroy this great nation, Susan. We will prevail! Good always triumphs over evil!

      • Agree, Susan! It was just the two of us this year and last. Maybe next year we will have a great family Thanksgiving like those mentioned here. May God bless and keep all who post here – even the trolls. And may God bless and keep the United States of America, our “home, sweet home.”

      • I do think the jar thing is nice. For some reason, though, it reminded me of a time when my mother, who took us to Sunday school but was not religious, invited the minister to dinner. We kids were buzzing about how he would probably give a long grace, what would he say, etc? When the time came, we bowed our heads dutifully and he said, “Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, Let’s see who can eat the most.” We all laughed!

    • Girly: The tradition of the ‘Gratitude Jar’ is amazing. Hopefully, the next generation will follow in your footsteps. It’s more than worthy of a epic novel or film idea. You really need to list all the participants, whose names may disappear from memories.

      I hope the tradition last as long as the notes left in the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which never become revealed.

  9. I woke up this morning, for that I am grateful.
    I will break bread, provided by G_d, with my family, in a home filled with love, for that, I am thankful.
    As an un-hyphenated American, I am both proud and blessed.
    Continued blessings upon Keith and all those here at WHD
    Special thanks OwenK,Psalm 100:4-5 will be grace at our table today.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to the “boss” and to all of us working in the vineyard of restoring America to its greatness. We must be grateful for our country even though we must not lose sight of what can happen. The story of Chanukah which Shofar posted last night makes it so fitting that the two holidays have happened together this year. We need a miracle, but a miracle will happen. The Lord, as on that first Thanksgiving, will provide. God bless America.

  11. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Keith, and a happy Hanukkah! Your readers are all giving thank today for all you do. Stay the course, my friend, and tend the light of liberty.

    • I am 52 and have never heard that song before. I mentioned the other day I wished writers would come out of retirement and sing songs of all the mess of today. I will ask my brother, friends of that time if they remember it.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah to everyone.

    Please don’t wreck your gatherings by discussing politics or Obamacare. Save that for another day.

    • Today is a whole different picture as far as discussing polotics at a family gathering. I learned such… a great deal when I was young. I loved to sit by the table with all the adults. Back than father, grandfather, uncles aunts, grandmother etc. could all discuss polotics, no matter who the were behind. No arguments. or ugliness. Everyone learned for the better, and sometimes could totaly understand the other persons thought. Meantime as a child, young teenager I could grasp alot better what was going on in the world back in the 60’s & early 70’s having people I love and trusted explain and discuss issues.
      PS: The whole family gathering we would talk certainly about other things, but polotics could sneak in.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, Keith and WHD community. I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. I always learn something here and this evening I’m struck with how lovely Girly1’s tradition is of the Gratitude Jar. I enjoy everyone’s posts and thank you for all you do, Keith.

    • Good morning all. How many went shopping?
      If Black Friday was as funny of a shopping spree as one of Lucy and Ethel shopping sprees, I just might have sat in line for a couple of days for the funny activity. However I passed. I rather see a funny show than a violent show. Anyone still needing to go out shopping be careful.

  14. I saw on F&F this AM (Fri) that they ran some dumb ad with a young person who got hurt playing basketball–and the message to the effect of wouldn’t it be better to pay through the nose in advance EVERY MONTH for some help with that–assuming you are not on your parents’ plan? Paraphrasing all mine.

    • All of the ads seem to have been written by middle-aged donks who think they know all about how to reach and convince young people to buy something.
      They’re kind of creepy in a predatory manner.

        • Read a comment from someone this AM who actually brought this travesty up at dinner–and his sons had $175K or so in school debt and said the most they could command as MBAs was $46K a year, soooo health insurance was not on the agenda. See how this comes back to jobs? Another area this admin glances over once in a while but does not have clue one about. They think how can we get more govt jobs–infrastructure etc. They say oh, well, to people being busted to part-time. Then they trail off… How about lowering taxes, stabilizing the job market and entrepreneur market, talking an optimistic game about something not “green” or iffy and oh…I don’t about doing your own job?

          • Hate to be a thread hog, but one more. I was watching LIFE BELOW ZERO (Alaska is fine on TV), and a guy in about six parkas was saying how great the life was, no bills, no health insurance…and I thought, hmmm, wonder if these little clones will somehow get after him—maybe he can give them a wolf skin as his fine, I mean tax.

      • My 23 year old daughter commented today on how repulsive she and her friends found those creepy Colorado ads that were used to encourage young people to sing up for Obamacare.

  15. Was debating on whether or not to post this yesterday, and decided it was too good not to pass along.
    It is not love, if love is cold to touch
    It is not belief, when there’s nothing there to trust
    Could not submit, would never bring myself to heel
    Determination grows, as each truth’s revealed
    Torn and repaired, just to endure it all again
    Without a reason for my place in all this pain
    Though well concealed, the scars they just compound
    Until there’s nothing left of what was my former self

    My God–look at what we are now–without regrets for all the things that we have done…

    Thank you for all the doubts, and for all the questioning
    For all the loneliness, and for all the suffering
    For all the emptiness, and the scars it left inside
    It inspired in me an impetus to fight
    For the conviction, for the purpose found alone
    For the strength and courage that in me I’d never known
    And if it seems to you that my words are undeserved
    I write this in gratitude, for whatever good it serves

    Sometimes I wish that you could see me now
    In the rightful place where I knew that I belonged
    Sometimes I wish that you might someday understand
    And close a chapter, lay to rest the past
    But nothing would change, we make the best of what we have
    For we are measured by the actions of our lives
    We bide our time, let the future unfold
    Like immortals in great legends to be told

    My God–look at what we are now–without regrets for all the things that we have done…

    Thank you for all the doubts, and for all the questioning
    For all the loneliness, and for all the suffering
    For all the emptiness, and the scars it left inside
    It inspired in me an impetus to fight
    To all who stood with me, when we stood as one
    Thank you for guiding me, for bringing me home
    And if it seems that I’m obliged to say these words
    I write this in gratitude, the least that you deserve.


    One day, I hope we’re all able to look back on these years, and say that they were what drove our Nation to a greater appreciation for, and a rebirth of, the liberty handed down to us.

    • A lot of people I discuss the unfolding matters with, think it is to late. We are headed down a dark road. Your words have inspired me to continue to discuss with these doubtful people, that it is not to late. It would only be wished that we would just give up our appreciation. The words only inspire me more to continue to pay attention and to discuss all matters with my loved ones and friends. God Bless all of you…

      • Actually, I’d better give credit where it’s due. I started typing all that thinking, “I’ll mention the artist at the end,” and by the time I got to the end of it–just try typing all that from memory–I thought I’d given credit up top and didn’t scroll back up to check. Brain cramp, too much turkey yesterday, not enough coffee today.

        That’s a song called “Gratitude,” which you can listen to it here. Sounds better when it’s sung, and you’ll see why I bolded the refrain when you hear it.

    • Fantastic, thank you. We have broken hearts now, but nothing is being done about it. Why is this terrible stupid one man able to do these things? Why isn’t the rest of our government able to stop him? What do we pay our taxes for? To put up with absolute power?

  16. This will curb your appetite, mates, an NYU professor proposing that Obama run for a third term. And probably you are a racist if you oppose this.

    • Probably a rite of passage for NYU liberal “history ” profs.

      Krauthammer has good piece on the lawlessness of this President and the Democrat Admin and Congress. Reid to be remembered for a lawless Senate without rules.

      I like the fact that lawlessness is part of the title.

      There are many opportunities on deck for Barryanna to overplayed his hand.

      • I saw that article, grace. It’s very, very good. I think he’s already overplayed his hand, and (don’t know how old you are) I remember the 1972 election as a response to Democratic liberal excesses.

        • Hope you are right and there will be a backlash due to excess. But liberalism has made great inroads in our education system, the welfare class is Multi generational and growing. And on a day when we should be thankful for our country, friends and family the First Grifter couple visited the immigration “hunger ” strikers and pimped for votes among the amnesty and illegal crowd. If we enforced our laws Tess people either would not be here or would be accounted for and dealt with accordingly.

    • I’ve mention the third term issue a couple of times. Friends, relatives of mine keep saying he can’t do that! I feel something will happen to present the notion and the third term will be voted in, or some executive order will be established, etc.

  17. The people supposedly fasting for amnesty don’t look as if they’ve gone without food or drink for eighteen days. Leave it to the Obamas, though, to use emotional exploitation the day after they ate a huge Thanksgiving feast at the WH including nine pies.

    • Also they used to forcefeed Gitmo guys Ensure with a tube down the throat so they don’t die on their watch (I think the stopped this), so aren’t they worried about these protestors falling over?

  18. Thank you for allowing us to express our deepest thoughts and feelings about the way our government is today. Have a wonderful holiday and time off.