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Biden Heads to Nantucket for Thanksgiving

Vice President Biden and wife Jill jetted out to Nantucket Wednesday evening for a pleasant four-day vacation where he will celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.

The White House said the Bidens’ trip was part of an effort “to continue their tradition of spending the Thanksgiving holiday with their family in Nantucket.” Taxpayers, of course, will be helping continue the “tradition” by funding Biden’s travel and that of his security retinue.

But don’t worry, it will be back to work for Biden Sunday, when he departs for a trip to China, Japan, and South Korea. No doubt he will act as the administration’s point man in the dangerous dispute over Chinese claims to international airspace and islands that belong to Japan, using all his “traditional” Biden subtlety and finesse to reduce the chance of war.

So you can relax.

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    • Certainly not him. Preezy Revenge couldn’t find time to honor Abraham Lincoln on the 150th anniversary of his Gettysburg Address, but his frat boy speech writers were sure to include a quote from the first Republican president.

  1. China, Japan, and South Korea, huh? One or two of them will be insulted that they weren’t first on the visit list. The first nation visited will make public announcements about the visit, just to irritate the others.
    NorthKorea will make growling noises or just shoot something that explodes into the sky.
    Should be fun.

    Sympathies to the security guys and gals who won’t be spending a tradional Thanksgiving with their families.

    • I once heard Dana Perino say that Pres Bush always waited until after Christmas to do his holiday traveling, so the local staff/security/etc could spend time with their families. Imagine that. That would never happen with the current bunch.

  2. I’ll go with the Japan-China crisis part of your post. I wonder how Caroline Kennedy will perform over there. Does she know anything about the culture and politics of Asia, Japan in particular? Does she know anything about any country’s culture and politics? I think it was big donor payback time once again. Not to worry, Joey will go there and oversee things. (Snarc)

          • There were at least three ambassadors to Japan I can think of–Foley, Mansfield, Mondale, Democrats all btw–who were very knowledgeable about the country and may have spoken the language though I’m not certain about the latter. And that goes for other countries as well: France, Germany, Russia (Soviet Union).

          • Will take your word about Foley’s brilliance–never heard Mondale had any special interest in things oriental. But maybe he did. My point is appointments are pretty much to flatter the host country and also to make us look good, someone who dresses well, is known, prestigious…Caroline Kennedy is not the worst–why the animosity? Now if it were that fake Indian person, Warren, or the Little Red-Haired Girl in the UN, I could see it. The latter was in an interview I saw and talked about how it’s hard to be a diplo when you kid threw up on another kid in school–and the hair, Alice in Wonderland!

  3. No doubt the South Koreans will be feeling a little vulnerable given the way Joe’s boss has handled Syria and Iran, but those feelings should fade away when they see Joe as an even bigger dope. The weather forcast for that region was awful for wednesday and into the weekend and he should have cancelled to spare the security detail all the hassles.

  4. Joe should just send a telegram, ” Dear Japan and South Korea, your on your own “.
    ” China, do what you want, the Pacific is yours “

  5. ooh, I’m sorry Keith, but you forgot to say “DOCTOR Jill Biden.” expect a strongly worded email from the veep complaining about that.