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Stephens: Munich has the Edge Over Geneva

Bret Stephens has penned a zinger today in the Wall Street Journal, credibly arguing that Obama’s Geneva deal with Iran is not Munich, it’s worse.

From the piece:

Consider: Britain and France came to Munich as military weaklings. The U.S. and its allies face Iran from a position of overwhelming strength. Britain and France won time to rearm. The U.S. and its allies have given Iran more time to stockpile uranium and develop its nuclear infrastructure.

After Geneva there will come a new, chaotic Mideast reality in which the United States will lose leverage over enemies and friends alike.

What will that look like? Iran will gradually shake free of sanctions and glide into a zone of nuclear ambiguity that will keep its adversaries guessing until it opts to make its capabilities known. Saudi Arabia will move swiftly to acquire a nuclear deterrent from its clients in Islamabad; Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal made that clear to the Journal last week when he indiscreetly discussed “the arrangement with Pakistan.” Egypt is beginning to ponder a nuclear option of its own while drawing closer to a security alliance with Russia.

After World War II the U.S. created a global system of security alliances to prevent the kind of foreign policy freelancing that is again becoming rampant in the Middle East. It worked until President Obama decided in his wisdom to throw it away. If you hear echoes of the 1930s in the capitulation at Geneva, it’s because the West is being led by the same sort of men . . .

I would add that at Munich, Britain and France were disgraced, and they got war anyway. With America feckless, Israel will eventually be forced to strike. One way another, we’ll be drawn in, and Obama like Chamberlain, will get war and disgrace.

Only this time, with Israel less likely to do the job the United States military – or a truly effective negotiating strategy – could have done, Obama may get war, disgrace, and a victorious enemy. That is, a nuclear Iran.

14 thoughts on “Stephens: Munich has the Edge Over Geneva”

  1. I don’t know enough about either treaty or plan to make an intelligent point other than Iran is really happy, and the rest of the Middle East isn’t.

    The Israelis and the Saudis are making scary noises about pre-emptive strikes and that’s not good. If either does anything like that, we’ll be right in the middle of it, again.
    Truthfully, if it didn’t concern Israel most of us would say…go at it and let the best man win.

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  2. Israel has the capability to make a parking lot out of Iran should they choose to do so. I can’t see them doing a half a job if they decide Iran needs to be bombed…

  3. “War in the Mid-East” (2014-?) under Obama (2008-2016), with his “Noble Peace Prize” -LOL.
    I say ‘bring it’…(RE: Israel, with Sauid support will kick some Iran ass…)
    All this just to show what a FAKE Obama is.

  4. This is so reminiscent of the second WW. Chamberlain, Joe Kennedy
    appeasement and broken promises. Then when it came France caved
    almost immediately. Are we to be the new France full of bluster from
    Obama like DeGaulle then the minute trouble came DeGaulle ran to
    England. Where will Obama run? What will he do having laid waste to
    carefully cultivated allies we had but it’s everyone for yourself. At least
    we’ve always known where Israel stands but sadly they stand alone but
    not out of cowardice but strength of conviction.

  5. It may well worse than Munich. I am reading the recently published diary of George Orwell (Eric Blair). Written in the 30’s and 40’s (mostly), Blair writes very carefully about his observations of the Europe and North Africa of the ’30’s The gamesmanship among countries, the swanning of political leaders of the time, the animosity of governments toward each other, etc. The comparisons between then and now will keep you awake and feverish. Because of the enormously destructive weaponry in the world now, the instant communication among groups and countries, I can see no good end. And yes, it may very well be worse, much worse.

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  7. I disagree it will be Israel which kicks over the pot. My bet is Sunni/Shite hatred is far deeper then Arab/Jew. The House of Saud now faces it’s most dangerous enemy and it now knows the US will not help….but Israel would.
    We would sit on our hands, but would Russia?

  8. Last week I watch the film online: Third Reich: Rise & Fall.
    The beginning of the film was a reminder from history class of the differnet nations reaction in the very beginning. I do plan to watch again and take notes,

  9. This President is sooo… unprepared for the job he was chosen. Pity our country for all the mess he’s created since taking office. I’m simply afraid of the conflagration that will occur in the Middle East and the countries that will take sides in it.

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