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The Obama Morning News || November 26, 2013

Up to 80 million may lose employer insurance . . . Fox News
Serious issues remain with website
. . . Washington post
Administration: Site won’t be perfect . . . The Hill
Plan for people to circumvent site . . . Fox News
Supreme Court may rule on contraception mandate . . . AP
Iran deal upsets Obama’s Jewish donors . . . The Hill
Obama: “Bluster” wrong on Iran . . . Politico
Congress unlikely to blow up agreement . . . Yahoo! News
But wants tough conditions for final deal . . . The Hill
Growing rift with Saudi Arabia . . . New York Times
For Obama, diplomacy trumps military . . . New York Times
Poll: GOP takes the 2014 advantage . . . CNN
Afghan accord near collapse . . . Washington Post
Obama, fundraiser-in-chief . . . Politico
The thrill of covering Chris Christie . . . Politico
Dem candidates want Michelle over Barack . . . The Hill

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  1. Obama, Fundraiser in Chief

    Deadline Hollywood has an indepth report on the fundraiser-in-chief’s smash ‘n grab expedition to Kalifornia. The Hollywood stars were out en masse – the ‘take’ is stunning. He still has the Midas touch – go figure!

  2. O/T but must make this comment..
    I am at a place where 50 different countries are represented at a sporting event. EVERY SINGLE ONE of these people speak English.
    Why are we forcing our country to learn Spanish?

  3. Obamacare website; shorter wait times and fewer crashes is how the WashPost describes improvements made recently. No matter how much the WhiteHouse or the Dems deny it, they knew darn well that the website was not ready and unworkable when they delayed the Employer’s Mandate earlier this year.
    The latest propaganda from the OFA that gives instructions on how to ruin a family Thanksgiving dinner by promoting Obamacare is just , well, anti-American tradition.
    One can only imagine how they’ll try to turn the holiday season into some weird o-care promotion.

    Can we stop reading about, or hearing the latest opinion or news about the Governor of NewJersey for a while? Unless he has a plan to end the rampant violence, unemployment, high taxes, and general miserable conditions in his state, nothing he says is worth listening to.

    At this point, SaudiArabia has more to fear from Iran than does Israel.
    Both states are in peril from the Iranian nuclear program, but now with the US allowing Iran to do anything it wants, Saudi riches and wealth would be more a prize than anything in Israel.

    The Dem candidates that “want” Michelle O instead of her husband are hoping to distance themselves from a most toxic President. They’re saying that Dem voters don’t particularily care for MrO or that his presence would be a negative for them.
    So much for the LightBringer and loveable MrO. hmm.

    In another newsy item not listed here: Haim Saban*, one of the hosts of the fundraisers in California complained that there is no valet service for guests at the WhiteHouse. ha ha.
    While MrSaban introduces the President, he makes sure that everyone there knows he and MrsSaban were guests of the Obamas in the WhiteHouse at a small “intimate” dinner.
    *Haim Saban:
    Haim Saban ( born 15 October 1944) is an Egyptian-born Israeli-American television and media proprietor. With an estimated net worth of $3.4 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 144th richest person in America.
    ’nuff said.

    • Well done, srdem. About the Obot’s Thanksgiving Day propaganda blitz. A person would have to be living under a rock not to know about Obamacare and the harm it’s doing to America. Lines in the sand have been drawn and there aren’t too many still sitting on the fence about Preezy’s liberty-stealing health insurance scam. My guess is this effort will only cause more division within families, but then that is probably the goal of this regime.

      We’re hosting the extended family for Thanksgiving dinner and we will have a few liberals in the bunch. They know where we stand on the tin pot dictator, and have more respect for family and tradition than to pull out an Obamacare script and preach about the greatness of dear leader on the day we set aside to give thanks to Almighty God for this magnificent country.

  4. And…this morning in early TV…Brian Kilmeade talked about people entering the Obamacare bloodstream through the site…kind of a great but also disgusting way to put it.