In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


The Magnitude of the Lie

Let’s think for a second about the immensity of what was done to the American people. The lie that was told. And continues to be told. And the resulting, awful, and unavoidable conclusion that your government cannot be trusted.

Obama’s claim, stated ad nauseum, that you could keep your health insurance, your doctor, your hospital, your proctologist, and so forth, was not just untrue. It was about as far from the truth as Harry Reid is from being a Martian.

Obama and Sebelius
Photo by Keith Koffler

On second thought, that’s not so far. But you get what I’m talking about.

The claim wasn’t even in the ballpark. Because not just a few people’s plans are going to change. Most of them will. Tens of millions. And Obama knew it.

Because the notion that your insurance must change is not just a fun fact about Obamacare; it’s central to its premise.

Obamacare guarantees certain benefits. Therefore, ergo, and so . . . PLANS THAT DON’T OFFER THESE BENEFITS HAVE TO CHANGE OR END.

Obama likes to note that while he gets called a lot of things, stupid isn’t one of them. I think he’s a little overrated as an intellect, but he’s no doubt extremely smart. And therefore, he must have understood the basic facts of Obamacare.

Earlier this month, the White House was confronted with the evidence that millions on the individual market would lose their insurance because their plans didn’t meet Obamacare’s requirements. “A tiny segment of the market,” sneered a barely chastened White House. The overwhelming majority with employer-sponsored plans need not worry.

Not true. The lying continues.

Many moons ago, in June 2010, the administration published in the federal register an estimate that suggested around half of the 156 million Americans with employer-provided health insurance held plans would not be “grandfathered” into qualifying as compliant with Obamacare and would have to change or come to an end:

The  Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013.

For those like our intellectual leader who perhaps didn’t want to comb through the fine print, it was spelled out in a handy little graph.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.24.33 AM

Some of these people would just lose their insurance outright, since the new Obama-blessed plans would cost employers more.

As you may have seen in the CBS news item below, in April 2010, just after the law was signed, the Obama administration itself estimated that Obamacare would “collectively reduce the number of people with employer-sponsored health insurance by about 14 million.”

Others with noncompliant plans would continue to have insurance provided by their employers, but their plans would have to change.

What’s more, if you have great, expensive insurance from your generous employer – or a stingy employer forced to provide a good deal by a prickly union – your employer may also trim your benefits to avoid a tax Obamacare slaps on these  so-called “Cadillac Plans.”

And what about the supposed $2,500 average annual savings on premiums that families were promised? Or the “bending” cost curve that doesn’t seem to be bending so much, at least not in response to Obamacare? Or the promise that Obamacare wouldn’t harm the deficit, when the cuts used to pay for it can no longer be used for deficit reduction?

We weren’t just lied to. We were sucker punched, kicked on the ground, and thrown in a trench.

I’d say we were sold snake oil, but at least snake oil has the benefit of a placebo effect.

This was all inevitable, because it’s in the law. So where was the 5,000-word exposé in the New York Times? Why wasn’t Romney hammering away, You’re going to lose your insurance, you’re going to lose your insurance, until voters were hypnotized into voting for him?

How do we trust Obama when he makes promises about Iran and nuclear weapons, promises that relate to world peace and the very existence of our republic? Forget where you stand politically. Obama is our president for another three years. America needs to trust its president and the government he commands – at least a little more than it trusts a used car salesman.

It can’t. And that’s a tragedy.

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126 thoughts on “The Magnitude of the Lie”

  1. The incredible part is that while the President knew the facts, knew the outcome, he actually thinks the populace will accept this situation based upon his word, his promise.

    The man is either dillusional or sly as a fox, knowing the end result will be a national healthcare plan that we are forced to accept.

    Howard (scream) Dean was on WOR radio the other night, and he wondered why we did not just open up Medicare for low income applicants at a younger age. He said we already had the mechanism in place to facilitate the change. When Howard Dean starts to sound rational, the President is doomed.

    1. Medicare is NOT FREE health care. Part A was paid for by 40 years of contributions into the fund by recipients. Part A is not free healthcare; there are many deductibles that must be paid.
      Medicare does not provide FREE prescription meds.
      Medicare Part B is paid for every month by those of us who don’t want to be left outside the ER door.

      Medicaid is FREE. The bearer of a Medicaid card is entitled to free care with only a small ($ 1 or $5) co-pay. They paid nothing to be entitled to the healthcare.

      1. Actually not quite. There is no “fund” paid into by anyone. Medicare and it’s cousin SS is nothing but a transfer program taking taxes from the working and passing it onto the retirees.
        Spot on regarding all the other though. The biggest “almost” lie being told now by Dean and the rest is representing Medicare as some sort of solution.
        People have no idea 1. the true cost of Medicare and 2. that it is going BROKE.

      2. Rush had a caller saying that in his state if you’re on medicaid the state has the right to take your property after you die to help pay back what you took from the government?

        1. Yes, I heard that ,too–and Rush then went into his archives and found a previous caller who had also stated this. Now I don’t remember whether it was the individual state or the STATE (the federal government) that reimburses itself for the Medicaid outlay, but the fact that whatever the entity is, they will be reimbursed for their Medicaid payments to the deceased.

          1. I can only speak for PA & Medicaid as I understand it can only go after money from an estate. If the person had nothing than nothing can be recovered. The best example I can use is there were people who owned the home on the corner of our street & the family knew this was going to occur so they stopped paying the taxes and no longer put anything into the home. This started when the wife had gone to the nursing home & qualified for Medicaid. He had said flat out to people that he knew after his death (both names I believe were on the home) that when the place was sold the state would recoup what was owed. He ended up dying at the nursing home a couple years later so now we see sheriff notices for delinquent taxes.

          2. Rush’s caller stated that he had unwittingly gotten around this by putting his property in his childrens’ names a few years before his wife went on Medicaid. When the government came looking to take the property, it was unable to get it since it no longer was in the husband and wife’s names. His action was, he stated, not taken for this purpose. His wife had Alzheimer’s disease and he was in his seventies and felt that he wasn’t going to live much longer. Since there wasn’t anything to attach, the government left him in peace.

          3. This is also true in Massachusetts, as we discovered with my Aunt and Uncle. The surviving spouse, or caregiver can continue to live in the home until death, but all of the costs associated with any Medicaid benefits are taken from the estate assets after death. This mostly takes place for Nursing Home care, all of your assets have to be used up (but limited burial expense) or are charged against after death. Both SS and any pension have to be signed over to the Nursing Home, and the “patient” is given a minimal amount of “spending” money to pay for personal expenses ( hair cuts, clothing, a candy bar, etc). If you want to preserve your assets, they must be put into a Trust 5 years prior to any application. For my relatives, life long savings and an unexpected and sizable inheritance saved them, and allowed them to remain in their home.

          4. Another one of Clinton’s legacies, the 1993 Estate Recovery Mandate. It was a provision of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993. The “rule” forces states to implement estate recovery programs to seize the assets of deceased Medicaid recipients. States had been ignoring this part of the 1965 Medicaid Act, hence the mandate. Uncle Sam will sure be cashin’ in on those states that extended the Obamacare eligibility for Medicaid. The feds are going to get first dibs on the private property of millions of middle class useful idiots who think they’re getting something for nothing by signing up for Medicaid.

      3. My husband and I are still paying almost $100 per month per person for Medicare. It is not free. And then our part B will go from $56 to $88 per month per person in January.

    2. Why are we ‘forced’ to accept Obamacare? Obama lied to get himself re-elected. (Election tampering) It never would have been passed, even by the DEMS, and Romney would be presiden todayt had the lie been exposed prior to the election. Worse yet, Obama lied about the lie! And he’s still covering it up by saying the ins. companies should have sent ‘renewal’ notices.

      Obamacare is a ponzi scheme filled with Obama campaign bribes designed to woo the women voters. Obama ‘Fluked’ us!

      Impeachment is too good for this lying SOB, but it’s our only recourse. Impeach and Repeal! The alternative is Medicaid and death panels for all! We need healthcare reform, not healthcare insurance.

      1. The lie was exposed innumerable times from 2010 through 2012. Nothing was secret here. The Obama-loving public refused to listen to Republicans. Whose fault is that?

    3. The end justifies the means. The President knows that in the end, expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to everyone is the final outcome of the healthcare wars. The pathway to get there is not determined, nor is the collateral damage, but the ultimate result is certain.

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  2. The real damage of this law is the excise tax (“cadillac tax”) that is scheduled to begin in 2018. Aside from businesses having to pay it (which is bad enough) municipalities also will need to pay it. The tax is 40% of the amount over $10,200 single and $27,500 family.

    Many bargained municipality plans for teachers, fire, and police (the thresholds are only slightly higher for hazardous occupations) are already over these thresholds today and will only trend higher until 2018 and don’t forget…beyond.

    My town has determined in 2018 that the excise tax will be $17M (2,500 employees), or 5% of the entire town budget. Then it goes to $19M in 2019. In other words, our taxes will need to go up by 5% just to cover this tax, let alone all other expenses. THAT’S A NEW SCHOOL!

    Every homeowner in the country is going to be hit with this exorbitant tax and it will not discriminate.

    This is the real sleeping giant and Obama will be long gone by then.

  3. The real horrible part is that they have screwed things up beyond fixing–not that they lied. Millions have no insurance card now that will work if they get burt or need a surgery or some ongoing monitoring and medication. You know–health care. You don’t know which hosp to go to –maybe not the one down the block. You can’t get the medicine you are used to–maybe just the version that gives you hives.It goes on and on. Health care was a delicate balance of the available, the possible, the affordable, etc. Each person or family had a unique version. Now–blasted to smithereens…Sorry about that. But hey–“free” birth control.

    1. “The real horrible part is that they have screwed things up beyond fixing–not that they lied.”

      Maybe they would not have been able to screw things up if they hadn’t lied.

          1. You two pointing out different “features” of Obamacare — the dishonesty and screwed-up performance. Now we get to enjoy the completion of the trifecta with lying about the previous dishonesty and subsequent screw-ups in performance.

    2. The Progressives have wanted The Socialization of Medicine as an ultimate goal for over 125 years. They have given many lifetimes to this dream. When achieving their dream was suddenly possible in 2009-2010, they weren’t about to let the need to tell a few useful lies, or anything else, stand in their way. And they aren’t giving up now, since their only option is to double down. Watch the Democrats demand expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to all as the only fix they will accept for ObamaCare. Even if the Democrats get creamed in the Midterms, they will vote as a united party to sustain any veto and demand full single payer.

  4. It was obvious to me and I’m know many others, that it was a lie all along.
    And here you show it published in the Federal Register.
    So yes, the question is, where was the Republican party, leadership, Romney, and, well, we know where the media was.
    Conservatives talked about it, but then, we are a ‘fringe’ group of nuts.

  5. Although I’m loathe to repeat someone so evil. Sound familiar?
    Obama “L’état, c’est moi”
    Joseph Goebbels quotes

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  6. there’s no doubt that Obama is extremely smart? I think I’d have to disagree with you there, Keith. what’s our proof of that? we know Obama reads the words of others very well, but that doesn’t mean anything. and we know he managed to get into several elite universities, but since his records are on lockdown we don’t know why, and we don’t know how well he did at those schools.

    I also don’t think it’s fair to blame Romney for not “hammering” home the “you’re gonna lose your insurance” idea. look what happened when Romney dared to mention Benghazi! he was shot down and utterly humiliated. I doubt if he would have done any better trying to debunk this lie.

    1. Blaming any of this monster on MrRomney by claiming he should have sounded the alarm is a cheap shot.
      Hindsight 20/20 and all that isn’t going to put the blame on anyone else except the Dems and their President.

      He said he would sign the repeal vote, he would sign anything to stop this, but no one cared….MrObama promised more free phones, free contraceptives and MrRomney was just mean. He had “binders” of women…ha ha. He’s “enormously wealthy”, he has an elevator for his cars, his wife rides horses. why he’s just a typical mean entitled Repub who cares nothing about the middle class…
      Just check the files on NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, WashPost, NY Times, any city in the northeast paper of record and find the reason why MrObama was re-elected.

        1. For “him” I meant.

          And Keith, your statement…
          We weren’t just lied to. We were sucker punched, kicked on the ground, and thrown in a trench….
          That pretty much sums up how I have felt lately. Except I didn’t feel lied to because I felt insulated from this person and this administration. I never believed him in the first place. But I figured if I just minded my own business, show up for work every day, etc., I could get through the second four years somehow. But not true. Now it’s personal. For millions of us who have been or are going to be screwed out of insurance.

          1. The morning after the 2008 elections, I cried for ages because I knew that this Muslim-appeasing, Commie puke would be a disaster for us and our allies around the world.

  7. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

  8. If Americans care that their President and every Democrat lied to them and as a result their health insurance will be taken from them and they will be forced to buy another product they will begin the protest at the 2014 elections. Personally I think the Obama cultists and LIV have great capacity for self delusion.

    There is ample evidence to initiate impeachment proceedings.

    1. Lying to the American people should be the number one reason for impeachment, better yet, take full responsibility for misleading the public and resign. But he won’t. The question is why? And who is he protecting ? Certainly not the U.S. citizens. :(

  9. You have driven right to the heart of the matter. I never trusted Obama . He is truly the Manchurian candidate. I know people that went to high school with this clown and they were only impressed by how much Chronic he could smoke. When he is finely out of office and can not sic the IRS on investigators America will then know how badly some of our population was duped. History will record this as an embarrassing time for our nation and possibly the tipping point that lead to our descent as a Republic (not a democracy nancy and harry)

      1. The Obama File chronicaled his failures. Aanyone who cited references contained thereinn was called ‘racist’ or worse. It all turned out to be true.

  10. Interesting article. About Romney, what are you trying to stay? That he should have done more, to “win”? If so, have you stopped to consider that he didn’t have to win? Leaders lead. They don’t have to win anything. Folks are who they have become, and they choose leaders accordingly. The majority of this nations share the values (be those like liers, deceives, and the such) of those who they elect. Mr. Romney has an entirely different set of values than our president today. I wish folks would leave our president alone, because he only reflects the values of the millions of people in this country that elected him. Am I mistaken? Perhaps. I am trying to apply some common sense here. We have a “we the people” government. And who we have become, is that not reflected in the leadership we elect to “represent” us? Mr. Romney didn’t need to win anything. The people out there got exactly what the wanted; choose what or whom you want, but mother nature says we can’t choose the consequences. Mr. Romney was a good man for the job, indeed, in my opinion. Correct values, good old-fashioned values will prevail I believe. We will have to all suffer together, because we are a republic. That’s okay too. Let’s just be a little more kind and forgiving out there. No sense in making it worse. We can get through anything, and every problem has a solution. Life is too short to not enjoy each and every day. We may have to actually love and serve one another to get through these time. Let’s start being more aware today of what we say and do, and look for opportunities to help others who feel distresses and want to rely on the government; people are loosing hope out there, and we need to start helping now. Are you helping or in the way? Happy Thanksgiving!

      1. To the contrary. Let’s have all the discussion possible. It’s just interesting to observe two things. First, most think Mr. Romney should have done this or that to “win”. I don’t see it like that. He was more like a statesman. He could have leveled his opponent but he took the leadership route…”the right course for America is…”. And, if the people wanted to follow him, then great, he would serve. If not, it is no big deal. Again, real good leaders lead, and they don’t do things or say things that are improper.

        Secondly, and perhaps to your point, we know people are hurting out there for a million reasons; and poor policy and lies and deceptions do have a price…and we will all pay. But sometimes I wonder how we are going to get through this mess that is not getting any better. Answer? I believe there is an answer and if we don’t treat each other with great respect it will be all the more hard to solve. The solution will be as follows:

        #1-we each have to live within our means, be self-reliant and such. Look it up on-line somewhere.

        #2- we have to serve each other. You have a car repair and need some help, I need to grab my tools and offer to help for free.

        #3- and finally, precisely because of #1 above, we need to take some of our abundance (i.e., extra water in our bucket) and search out the poor and needy, regardless of who they are, and care for them.

        These measures will be the only solutions in a while for our well being. We know it is coming, don’t we? I plan on being part of the solution and being able to sleep at night, and a heart full of love and respect for my neighbor, anyone, and everyone. That’s why I mentioned something about respect. I hope we go about out debate and discourse with great vigor and candor, but also with great respect for one another. We are going to have to take care of each other one day, and I don’t want to have any regrets towards anyone, including in the public discourse. Do you, and the others out there engaged in this feel the same? If not, it will be interesting to see what happens when push comes to shove. If are not kind to each other we will be at war with each other, and that is a place I refuse to go.

        I trust this adds some texture to your comment. And, I very much appreciate your question. It shows you are a sincere person.

        Jerry Staker

        1. Respect has to be earned. Obama kicked away any he had when he was first elected. No one is going to leave him alone. And I don’t think he is doing his best. Do you? Really?

          1. I think the if Romney won thing about as over used as
            blaming Bush. It’s going on five years this all belongs to
            Obama the buck stopped I think.

        2. I’m with you Jerry. I have friends on all sides of the issue – and while we disagree on the ACA, we still love and respect each other. While we fight for the changes that are needed and stand up for what we believe, we still need to take care of our family, friends, and neighbors. I choose to be a positive force in the midst of all this.

          And yes, I’m getting prepared for whatever may come next by becoming as self-reliant as possible.

    1. Sorry, Jerry. Sad to say, but no room in my heart for kindness/forgiveness toward any of the ignorant filth who’ve chosen to steal from every decent, true American. Tired of being told my values are outmoded, racist, and neanderthal. Tired of the taste of blood in my mouth from biting my tongue. I do agree with you that the majority have what they wanted; I’m eager to let them have it, then have some more of it. I’m prepared for whats coming… can’t wait for the animals to start tearing each other to shreds. I’m afraid a dose of Darwinism is long overdue.

      1. Hi, who ever you are!

        I see your point; it matches the way most people feel, I’m sure. But I wonder if there is not a better way? Call me naive, but when push comes to shove, and I think most agree that it will (after all, we are clearly on a non-sustainable course throughout the world in fact), the ugly side of who we have become will manifest itself,but the better side of who we are will also come out too. And, the uglies will be real ugly and full of despair and hopelessness, right? Or am I wrong? But, the rest of us, those that have already become something that isn’t ugly shall we say, it will be a wonderful time! Or am I wrong? I see the human side of people really coming out strong, call it the good side of people, and the sharing will be off the charts, but not for the uglies who want to be miserable, and refuse to share. Being selfish is a choice. And like choices in elections, there are consequences too, right? Or am I wrong?

        Jerry Staker

        1. This is the ‘better side of who I am’ – the pragmatic realist. The ‘ugly side’ is the blindness of dreamy idealism. Been ‘sharing’ my whole life, both voluntary & coerced. I’m being ‘shared’ right into the poor house! If the consequences of feeding my kids means the animals starve, I can live with that.

          1. I agree 100% with you. No need to be irked at all. We live in a troubled time indeed and it is only going to be even more so as resources become scarce and the dollar’s value diminishes. I imagine the days will come, for example, when health care is all but toast; it may very well be a situation if we simply have good health because of our life style choices all through the years. Again, choices and consequences. What I am simply saying is that we are all getting pretty upset these days, and I for one don’t want to complain about it, but rather do something about it instead. Like get well prepared, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Life is good, and I live every minute of it. I just think it is sad if our energies are spent tearing each other down, or excessively complaining, etc. I just think we can all, including and especially myself, do much better. I am not passing judgment on any one…I don’t even know who it is behind the names out there, but folks can get pretty testy sometimes I guess. Again, thanks for the discussion. This is my first time, today, posting to such a blog. I know, it show. But I am concerned for all if us. Thank you for your patience with me.

            Jerry Staker

    2. We’re at the point where we need to stand ‘in the way’, and the last thing we need to do help our country go down the tubes.

      1. I agree with you. We need to stand up, make our voices heard, and defend what is right and good, etc. otherwise, it will be stolen from us.

        What I am talking about is “after” it goes down the tubes…and it will because we are on a non-sustainable course…we cannot repay our debts, etc. And when that day of rec. happens, who will we be at that time? That’s what I am talking about. That day is coming despite all our efforts to fight for what we should fight for. At “that” day, who will you and I have become? Will we then be selfish and watch our neighbors or enemies starve to death, or will we be forgiving, or become like brothers and sisters, or siblings, to each other and take care of each other? Some and perhaps most, would say “of course”! But I have news for us. If we ain’t that way today, or at least striving to be that way now, we won’t be that way when push comes to shove. And it may be because of folks that are that way today, that your kids and mine will eat that next meal. We are not savages. We are human beings. And I see an incredibly amazingly wonderful day when hard(er) times come. So, let’s get prepared today, love each other like we love ourselves, and solve these issues one by one, with the utmost respect for each other. That’s all I’m saying. We really are on the same page, I want to just be on a different tone.

        Jerry Staker

        1. When the day of finacial reckoning comes and the government printing presses stop working, what we are going to need is lots of guns and ammo to fend off maurauding gangs looking to loot and steal our supplies. It will make Mad Max look like a picnic.

          Its not a matter of if, only when. One only needs to look at what happened at Walmart when the EBT cards stoped working for a few hours.

          1. It is interesting to read these entries. Thank you for your thoughts. Those times may well come, and shockingly sooner than we may think. I too am well prepared, but I have chosen to take a different approach. Rather than taking the guns and amo approach, I am going to put out a sign that says something like: leave your guns at home…free hot food here; please come and be my guest. This is how I am going to approach it. In other words, if I eat, so will my neighbor! The other approach will work too, but won’t be good in the long run. I am ready to defend myself and my family too. No one is going to have to take my resources, because they will be freely offered. And when the hard times pass, life will be “no regrets”! And should I die before my journey’s through, happy day, all is well.

            Jerry Staker

          2. I find it interesting people’s view of the world. I’m just glad that there are better choices that result in inner peace and happiness. When you choose to be mean-spirited and offensive, I will not be part of this discussion. You are on your own. Happy trails.

            Jerry Staker

          3. By the way, read the 11/25/2013 article by Peter Schiler (?), called Dangerous Collective Dilusion. Talk about times to come.

            Jerry Staker

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  12. I’m reading today that maybe 80 million will lose their employer provided insurance and also that the unions may still be exempted from paying the fee.

  13. If you believe the lie your stating then perhaps you are just seriously mistaken. Most every problem about the ACA was foreseen by the people not blinded by the brilliance of it. That’s why we have debates and a process. They should have used it and gotten bipartisan support.

  14. Count me in the group that lost my existing coverage back in 2011. At the time, no major news organization was willing to touch the story since they were all busy working on Obama’s re-election campaign.

  15. Thinking back on the Facebook blowups with extended family when this law was being discussed, the argument from the progressive side of the family was completely emotional. It was based on the belief that if this law was passed, their loved one wouldn’t have died of cancer (they would be insured which would have miraculously healed them). Looks like the democrats knew exactly what they were doing with these lies.

  16. Smart is the wrong word to use when trying to explain the character make up of Dictator Obama. The correct word to use is diabolical. Dictator Obama is an evil human being cut from the same sociopathic cloth as a Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. He lies without effort about everything and has no real human feelings. What is absolutely mind boggling is such a creature was actually elected as president of the United States. The first time he was elected by useful idiots, the second time he was elected, it is pretty obvious to those who wish to look that his reelection was stolen.

    1. I think there’s a moral dimension in intelligence which people like Obama and the Clintons don’t have. They can only be called clever at best.

    2. The election stealing in 2012 happened but was not in itself decisive. A record breaking and well oiled Get Out The Vote machine that herded reliable tribal voters and useful idiots to the polls (in swing States only) deserves most of the credit.

      And the hordes of useful idiots would vote for him again if they could. Watch Elizabeth Warren expand and improve the same techniques in 2016.

  17. Remember, we were told the laws of economics did not apply to this law. We could insure 30 million more people, improve the quality of care, and spend less money. The fact that anyone bought into it in the first place is amazing in itself.

    1. The ignorance of that statement (made by Debbie Wasserman) was astounding to me. However, I have worked for a company that bought into that ridiculous notion….and rapidly went broke and out of business.
      What a bunch of goofballs in control of the Democratic Party…

  18. I see your super piece is on Real Clear Politics. Congratulations, but unfortunately, you are above Robert Reich’s Obamacare is a Moral Imperative. It’s a moral imperative to oppose it in any way we can.

  19. Interesting table you show. The dates go from 2011 through 2013, yet your source is from a 2008-2009 survey. I understand that Obamacare stinks, but use credible data sources.

    1. Estimates, genius.

      transitive verb \ˈes-tə-ˌmāt\
      : to give or form a general idea about the value, size, or cost of (something) : to make an estimate of (something).”

  20. It’s now obvious that Obamacare will gut the middle class. Only hard-core Democrats are still supporting given Obama’s complete and utter lie to the American people.

  21. The Logic of ObamaCare:

    1) Who will pay for higher costs of providing care for the old, the sick, and those with pre-existing conditions? … Answer: the young and healthy.

    2) But the young and healthy are generally poor, how will they pay for their premiums? …. Answer: they will be subsidized by the government.

    3) But where does the money to subsidize the young come from? … Answer: We will take money ($700 BILLION) from Medicare (i.e. the old and the sick) to pay for the ObamaCare subsidies.

    4) You’re going to take money from the old and the sick (under Medicare) to pay for the subsidies for the young and healthy, so that they in turn will pay for the old and the sick (under ObamaCare)? … Answer: Exactly … Oh, and we’re going to increase taxes and the health care premiums on the middle class too!

    5) Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

  22. the magnitude of the lie is incalculable, Keith. In one fell swoop Obama has ripped the Constitution to shreds, forced us into serfdom, and destroyed the American dream. One lousy, lowly community organizer – unbelieveable!
    We have a choice: pick up our torches and pitchforks and force him out of office, or subject our children and grandchildren to a life of oppression and serfdom. Si se puede!

    1. Apparently, all the lawyers in the world won’t do a darn bit of good. It’s perfectly legal for politicians to lie. There was a case in Washington state back in…I want to say 2007…?…that essentially held that politicians can lie all they want and it’s entirely legal.

      They apparently didn’t consider the idea that by sanctioning political dishonesty, they were essentially mocking the entire concept of consent of the governed, but that’s the left coast for you.

  23. Whaddya mean, “it can’t”?

    It *shouldn’t*, but that’s a different statement.

    Charlie Brown keeps trusting Lucy to hold that football, time after time after time after time after…..

  24. One Year Ago Today, quietly slipped into the federal Register on November 26, 2012, Volume 77, Issue 227, Page 70,601 entitled “Catastrophic Plans”, essentially Obamacare deemed ALL Individual and ALL Small-Market policies as (automatically renaming them) “Catastrophic Plans”, thus providing the political and media the requisite self-serving ‘cover’ to openly refer ad nauseum to the millions of cancelled Individual policies as either “Catastrophic”, “Substandard” or “Junk” or “Bare-Bones” (all of these words were used to disparage the individual policies that millions of independent self-responsible men and women chose, purchased and provided for themselves. Obamacare DEFINED all individual and small-market policies as automatically being of less quality than the basic basic “Bronze” exchange policy, truly a junk plan.

  25. The latest meme is “Hey, keeping your doctor isn’t that important anyway!”

    Then why did Obama obsess on this so much four years ago?

  26. I don’t think Obama can be “the president” for another three years. He has committed crimes against the American people and therefore cannot remain in office. Plus there is that pesky matter of his fraudulent birth certificates and Selective Service registration form….and Congress knows all about those.

  27. Tired of hearing how intelligent this president is…it is not difficult to seem intelligent if you start by being deceptive and cynical. If I am willing to simply lie so that I can get my way regardless of the harm to others, I’m not intelligent…I’m just a liar. When folks realize I am just a liar, they won’t think I’m smart, they’ll just stop listening. I’ve stopped listening.

  28. Of course the President knew the facts, and lied to gullible audiences to get himself and his party re-elected. But the facts were out there and available. Republican politicians have been telling them ad nauseam since ObamaCare was proposed. The low-info voters and the obamabots out there simply refused to listen. Whose fault is that? Certainly not Obama’s.

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  31. Americans may have been lied to, but some of those Americans are the ones that accepted the lie. Yes, the liar is responsible for their act. The one who was willing to just accept what was told them is just as responsible. A little bit of deductive reasoning and research and most individuals with a lick of sense would come to the conclusion that individual and employer provided insurance would either be dropped or changed (as in more expensive). Those that chose to sit by and listen to platitudes from the teleprompter and just nod in agreement are part of their own problem.

    Throughout the whole debacle our family knew you can’t just add millions more to insurance without consequences. You can’t erase pre-existing condition restrictions and expect it to cost nothing. You can’t increase items that must be covered without incurring cost. You can’t eliminate lifetime maximums and think it’s all free to do so. These things applied to all insurance coverage whether individual or employer provided. Hence the resounding fact that most all plans would need to change. How people could not deduce this is beyond me. Yes, they lied, it’s what they do. Shame on those that held out their ears and absorbed the nonsense. No different than those that held out their hands for another government handout. People will only do what they know they can get away with. These politicians who lied knew they could get away with it because the majority were nodding like bobble heads. Now they whine that they were lied to. Gee, you think you should have tried verifying the information?

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  33. ‘Nicest and smartest man in the world’:
    “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period”

    Politifact ‘Liar’ of 2009:
    “Death Panels”

    I’m sure Sarah Palin could wait an eternity for the abject, groveling apology, which is the very least she is owed, from the ‘Used Car Salesman in Chief’ and the vicious apparatus of personal annihilation who sought her, and her families, ruin for daring to reveal the truth about Obamacare.

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