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Video || Obama Heckled; Crowd Seems to Back Heckler

There are a few interesting things about this heckling incident in which President Obama was interrupted by what appears to be a young Latino man demanding that Obama put a stop to deportations by executive fiat.

Not an unreasonable request, since the man probably reads the news and is aware Obama likes to rule by executive fiat.

First, notice that the heckler is positioned in back of Obama; he’s not some renegade shouting from the rear of the auditorium. He was placed their intentionally by the Obama advance people as part of the scenery. And the scenery, by definition, is supposed to shut up and look good.

Second, you’ll note that unlike just about every other time I’ve seen this happen to a president, almost nobody comes to Obama’s rescue. Rather, the crowd begins to join the heckler in chanting, “Stop deportations, yes we can.” Messy.

There must be tremendous anger among at least certain segments of the Hispanic community at Obama for not making progress on immigration.

His unilateral imposition of the Dream Act was enough to pacify everyone for the election. But Obama made a conscious choice during his first term to use his political capital to do health reform instead of immigration – even though he promised immigration reform before the four years were up. And things ain’t looking much better in the second term.

What’s more, even if Latinos are angry, this kind of incident – Obama left to fend for himself against a heckler – never would have happened to a president who still commanded the respect of the nation, which Obama no longer does.

Finally, Obama did a very good job of getting out of a sticky situation. His decision not to throw the guy out was inspired, because it’s not clear whether the crowd would have gone for it. Actually, it’s not clear whom they would rather security ejected, the heckler or Obama.

The president nearly faced one of these type of situations:

Anyway, here’s the transcript of the exchange.

Heckler: I need your help . . . Our families are separated for Thanksgiving. I cannot see my family . . . Mr. President please use your executive order to halt deportations for all 11.5 (million) undocumented immigrants in this country right now. We agree that we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform. At the same time, you have a power to stop deportations for all.

Obama: Actually, I don’t, and that’s why we’re here.

Crowd: Stop deportations, yes we can!

(Security moves in).

Obama: These guys don’t need to go. Let me finish. No, no, no – you can stay there. Hold on a second.

I respect the passion of these young people because they feel deeply about the concerns of their families.

Now, what you need to know, when I’m speaking as president of the United States, and I come to this community, is that, if in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so. But we’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition. And so the easy way out is to try to yell and pretend like I can do something by violating our laws.

What I’m proposing is the harder path, which is to use our democratic processes to achieve the same goal that you want to achieve. But it won’t be as easy as just shouting. It requires us lobbying and getting it done.

Let’s go the videotape.

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      1. I was wondering about the date. I wonder if the outcome would’ve been the same if the protestors had got to him on the balcony. There could’ve been a lot of bloodshed.

  1. What a yawn. Preezy has his potted commie plants all over the fruited plains. So are we supposed to buy the act that his handlers would allow real protestors around his majesty? Like he has really been tough on deporting illegals, when he has left our Southern border wide open. This little act was nothing more than bread and circuses for the masses.

    1. Yes – A plant. When his majesty decrees his will that all illegals become legal registered Dems, he and his media can point to this and say it was by popular demand.

  2. “Our families are separated for Thanksgiving. I cannot see my family”

    I’d be very curious to know why he feels he can’t go visit his family.

    1. Great question. Is the heckler an illegal immigrant? Why can’t he go abroad in the same way that I do to see my family members that are spread out across the U.S.? Why can’t his family go through the proper channels to come here? My grandfather came to the U.S., from Germany, as a boy and was a legal immigrant. I despise those that willingly violate our laws.

  3. That was just another shinny thing so Obama could seem to rise above it
    all and be the Dear Leader he is, now had it been someone on the right
    well different story.

  4. Barry thinks that he is fooling us.
    Look at me, oh wait, we have someone that disagrees with me.
    Note to security,….pay him/her on their way out.
    The only thing that is missing is him saying,….
    Thank You, Thank you my friends for providing me another magnificent opportunity to show America what a complete puss and liar I am.
    Oh wait,….. I didn’t write that !!!!!
    Val ????

  5. I thought Obama looked genuinely surprised and more than a little annoyed for the first few seconds. It looked more like a LaRaza attack – the hard-core reconquistas. One of the young girls started to get up to leave – Obama told her to stay. I think they were expecting to be thrown out by Security.

    If anyone should be deported and denied amnesty, it’s every card-carrying member of LaRaza! The are Mexico’s equivalent of Hezbollah and Hamas. Look no further than Kalifornia to see the havoc they have wrought!

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  7. “Now, what you need to know, when I’m speaking as president of the United States, and I come to this community, is that, if in fact, I could solve all these problems without passing laws in Congress, then I would do so. ”

    He continually makes these chilling aspirational statements. That was the purpose of this event. He is consistently indicates his willingness to govern without a congress or constitution.

    1. And yet he did an end run around Congress and gave a back-door amnesty to millions of Dreamers up to the age of 30 just before the 2012 election! Now he has the nuclear option in place so it will just take 51 votes in the Senate to pass amnesty. He should have been impeached after the Dreamer amnesty – election tampering.

  8. As I read the transcript, my head nearly exploded with his line, “But we’re also a nation of laws. That’s part of our tradition.”

    For someone that is SUPPOSED to be a Constitutional scholar, and the smartest man in the room, he is a total ass. Our laws are not traditions, traditions change, traditions according to Webster Online are “a : an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior (as a religious practice or a social custom)
    b : a belief or story or a body of beliefs or stories relating to the past that are commonly accepted as historical though not verifiable”

    We are a nation of laws because that is our VERIFIED HISTORY. It is something that generations have fought and died to keep true to. He dismisses all that has come before him because to him it is not important. Only the legacy that he, Obama, leaves behind is all that matters. To hell with a history of 237 years of laws, and to hell with the sacrifices generations have made. After all, they are just traditions, and traditions change from generation to generation.

  9. I’m of the same mind as most comments here; I call BS PR.
    It was a setup so that he could seem to be so empathic if only those pesky Repub Congresscritters weren’t so racist or anti-Mexican or whatever he chooses to smear them with.

    The heckler was a plant; yes he was
    The heckle was planned in advance; yes it was
    Do we believe anything MrObama says of does; no we don’t.

    1. Agree. Commie plant across the fruited plains. Too funny.

      Nothing – absolutely nothing happens at an Obama event that is not planted or planned.

      The problem with actually ruling outside the law – even once via fiat like the dreamer amnesty and the non enforcement of the immigration laws -the illegals and the rabble will demand it all the time. So now we have non citizens challenging the president to act outside the law on their behalf – a sure winner with Americans.

  10. I agree with others here. They are plants, and Hillary Clinton uses them too. Real protesters cannot get near these two. Clinton has her own brownshirts. BTW, Republicans beware, the immigration issue is a litmus test for me, or, as Obama would say, I draw a red line in the sand on amnesty.

  11. Every single WH talking points flies onto OReilly set on the wings of Juan Williams who now just sounds like a paid political operative and it is oh so tiresome.

    1. Does ANYONE ever notice how hecklers are always from the far left.
      No matter who they are heckling, the hecklers are always liberals.

      You know why?
      Because they don’t respect any position that is not theirs.
      They can’t allow any speech that is not 100% theirs.

      1. Every time they shout their demands, every time they whine about their families in Mexico being “left behind’ it turns off more Americans who might have been sympathetic to their plight.

        Sorry, their “plight” is self-made, no one dragged them over the border to live as an illegal alien in a country not theirs.
        How dare they demand anything at all from America?

        The only people who are their champions are those who will benefit from their new status; big business, rich liberals, and unions.
        We can send them all back to their homelands. If it took 10 years for millions to sneak over our border, we can spend 5 years bussing them home. Where they belong.

  12. Update: 5:37 p.m. Obama just deplaned at LAX. (One hour late) Walked directly to Marine1. Not one person to greet him on tarmac. He looks exhausted. Barely able to prance down the steps of AF1.

    He should be arriving at the Westwood Fed. Bldg. in about 15 minutes – the heart of rush hour traffic and the most congested area in the U.S.

    Party night at Magic Johnson’s home.

    Any idea why The One always appears solo when getting on and off AF!? It’s soooo bizarre. Same with Marine1 – solo.
    He simply refuses to share the spotlight with anyone. It only serves to diminish him.

    1. Hmmm, you think he might have heard some discouraging words out West? or was the sky cloudy all day? That’ll take the spring out of anyone’s step.

      All of those dot/com geeks might not be real happy about the way he’s running the NSA or dragging his feet on the cheap engineers they want from foreign lands.

  13. Of course they’re there to support the heckler. And they’re there to toss $$ to BO, who, according to his speech in Seattle, “is not running for office”. It’s a selective crowd at a special paid event. Heck yea the person was a plant.

    And I can not believe people are attending and giving them $$$.

    More distraction from things going on in DC.

  14. Too bad Obama will never propose the Constitutional path: You come here illegally, you do NOT have Constitutional rights to our legal and social welfare system and we WILL use OUR legal rights to deport you back to the country from which you came.
    But in case there are those that think I’m a bit too harsh. I actually am in favor of immigration reform. I propose the United States immediately adopt the immigration laws of Mexico and treat illegals here the same as Mexico treats illegals there.

    1. Right on! I looked up Mexico’s immigration laws, too, I agree. But then of course we would have to ENFORCE them. What we have NOW isn’t that bad but there’s no enforcement because our Gub’mnt.

    2. “I propose the United States immediately adopt the immigration laws of Mexico and treat illegals here the same as Mexico treats illegals there.” Agree 1000%—-if possible. How about we send this to our elected representatives to give them something to think about over their Thanksgiving break. This should be our rallying call!

  15. Granting amnesty to illegal aliens is like accepting bedbugs infesting one’s home.

    (Please note, I do not speak from personal experience.)

  16. oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee by violating our laws. that’s a joke!!! that’s all this jack @$$ has done since he was elected the first time.

    i still can believe how easily he lies with a straight face.

    the dude deserves to burn!!!

  17. So … was this whole interaction staged so Obama could both push immigration reform and look Presidential at the same time? Was this another phoney fainting woman type of event?

  18. Oh come on! A REAL heckler would have heckled about Obamacare!

    All the illegals already know that Obama supports amnesty, so why would one heckle him about it except so Obama can make it look like his hands are tied cuz of the mean ole Republicans. Oh well, he’s speaking to the choir anyway.

    I read that Obama had to cut the price for admittance for his event in the bay area up to 50% because sales were so slow. Gee, What’s wrong Mr. President?

  19. Hey heckler how does that CHANGE feel?! Sit down, shut up, assume the position, or you are a racist bigot little heckler! Grovel before the Messiah for MERCY! WHo’s da bigot now little heckler?! Grovel before the Messiah and those big bad SS oops I mean tolerant Secret Service agents won’t make a big stain of you I’m sure! wink wink nudge ndge!

  20. The heckler is a Korean illegal and college graduate. He is separated “by choice” and is not willing to follow the rules of his family applying for entry into the USA. This was a pre-planned mini-speech by Obama – – just as the fainting people are often included in many of the speeches done by democrats (including Hillary). If it were an actual heckler with actual uprising, the security personnel would have ousted them all immediately for his royalness’ safety.

  21. The real concern of the nation now is Obamacare. He needs a big distractor and immigration reform is his choice. The “heckler” actually agrees with Obama’s motive and wants him to do more, allowing Obama to blame congress. Obama is seen as “smoothing out the opposition” and allowing opposing opinions – even though this one is not opposing. Most important he switches the topic from Obamacare.

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