As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obama – The College Years

From Key & Peele. Enjoy.

It’s too bad Jordan Peele doesn’t look like Obama, because he’s got the impersonation so down. Even the whole affect.

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20 Responses to Video || Obama – The College Years

  1. He’s looking more ike The One all the time. He should have rolled us up in that constitution-joint and smoked us — while looking at himself in a mirror — smoke, mirror, narcissism, good-bye Constitution and the people.

    Funny stuff. Thanks for posting it, Keith.

  2. …I still want to see “Barack Hussein Obama”‘s “college records”.
    What grades did he get at Columbia Univ & Harvard Law…?
    since “Barack Hussein Obama”… is the smartest President evah!

    Why do I have to submit all my “records” (birth cert., school records, college records, work records, etc.) to apply for a job cleaning toilets for the US Government.
    Yet a guy like “Barack Hussein Obama” with no background is allowed to be a US Senator and US President…???

  3. Is that what he’s really like, really acts like around others when he’s not on display? I can’t say I’ve ever seen this side of BO, even in unscripted moments.
    Admittedly, I haven’t seen every snip of MrO, so it’s hard to judge.

    Sooooo, MrK……is this the MrObama that you’ve seen and heard in candid moments while in the WhiteHouse that you’ve been hiding from us?

    • …I dont think “Sec.State” Kerry signed a ‘treaty’ with a nation (Iran) so that cess-pool that is the “US Congress” does not have any say or input.

      But hey, if those morons in “Congress” did not like this ‘deal’ Obama would just ignore Congress.

      • Why is everyone getting away with this. If I do not do my job, I get fired. If Congress is being ignored, or if Congress is allowing someone to igore their responsibilitys doesn’t someone have the right to confront them. Is it just us? Everyone in position is laughing at us, how easy it is to blow away the constitution.
        As far as the citizens: Everyone may not have enjoy the subject in school, but everyone has SOME ideas of what rights everyone as, and the THREE BRANCHES OF GOVT.

        • Teaching the idea of “three branches of govt.” is RACIST & wrong.
          (re: “Common Core”, the current education/neo-socialism standards…)