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Obama Fundraising Blitz to Include Four Events Today

Desperate to achieve a fully Democratic Congress for his final two years in office, President Obama today will hold four fundraisers as part of a massive West Coast swing designed to add several million dollars to Democratic coffers.

Today’s money events – two in San Francisco and two in Beverly Hills – come on top of two fundraisers Obama held Sunday in the Seattle area and at least one he will stage Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Most of the events are fat-cat fundraisers held for small groups of wealthy donors at private residences. They include one fundraiser for House Democrats, two jointly to fund the efforts of House and Senate Democrats, and four for the DNC. Much of the money will be poured into 2014 races around the country.

What’s more, Obama will reward megafundraiser Jeffery Katzenberg with a visit to his DreamWorks Animation for what the White House is billing as an official “event on the economy.” The appearance, along with an event on immigration today in San Francisco, ensures taxpayers pick up part of the tab for the political trip.

Obama Sunday night raised up to about $1 million during a fundraiser at the residence of Tom Campion, founder of Zumiez, and then between $1 and $2 million at Sunday’s second fundraiser at the home of former Microsoft President Jon Shirley.

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  1. As I mentioned downstairs, they should change fundraiser to investment seminar. These fat cat donors will be rewarded many times over, with our tax money.

    I learned this from the local congressional races when Pat Robertson gave the 3 CD Reps $5,000 each. Voila! About a year later he copped about 300 million in federal funds to improve interstate access to his CBN/Regent University. See kids, that’s how it works :D

  2. Instead of being at these fundraisers, He should have been sitting with all the techs making sure they were fixing the website.
    Instead of being at these fundraisers, He should have been on the phone with Kerry going over every fact about the agrrement that was made with Iran.
    Instead of being at these fundraisers. He should have been sitting with the so called group of people trying to get details about Benghazi.
    Instead of being at these fundraisers. He should have been sitting with the other so called groups handling clearing his involvement in every other scandel.
    Insteasd of being at these fundraisers. He should have been spending quality time with his daughters.

  3. According to Mike Allen (POLITICO), the WH is changing their narrative from Obamacare to Foreign Policy, lol! Obama just spent Billions to get a deal – any deal – to repair his image as the worst FP president in history. He has shaken our allies in Israel and the Gulf States to the core with his sudden lurch toward making Iran
    user-friendly…and now he is strutting around like a peacock.

    Watching him deplane in Seattle, he had his swag back! Unbelievable! The guy keeps re-inventing himself and the big donors keep throwing $$$ at him! It’s a game of ‘catch me if you can’ – and he’s winning!

  4. I know this sounds stupid, but I almost get sick when I think of the good a million bucks could do at some little schools in Africa or Appalachia instead of for make-work for the Sunsteins and Emanuels of this world.

    • It does not “sound stupid.” There are many areas in this country that could use a financial infusion to better educational tools – or employment prospects.

  5. Memo to Dictator Obama – Why so desperate to win the midterm elections? You already know that you, your fellow democrat communists, the IRS, and the propaganda media are going to steal these elections using the same tried and true tricks used to steal your re-election as president.

    Equally intriguing is that if you look at the democrat party bank accounts, namely debt and cash on hand, the debt is high while the cash on hand ise pretty low so where is all of this money being raised by you and Moochelle going? Seems to vanish into thin air. Enquiring minds want to know.

    • grassroots is all about votes and getting people to drive others to vote.

      Setting up their own Ponzi Schemes and Retirement funds require 30 minutes in the homes of people they’ll never visit once they are out of office.

  6. Keith, found your text on Weasel Zipper with headline saying, last week he was too busy fixing the website to attend the Gettysburg Anniversary, this week he attends four fundraisers.
    Well, Barrys priorities never surprise.

  7. There is a saying “To the victor go the spoils”………….however, this continued abuse of taxpayers money to raise money for political parties is obnoxious.

    There is another saying……”Pigs get fat Hogs get slaughtered”……….both parties have become Hogs as far as I am concerned……….

    • “…both parties have become Hogs…”
      Amen PBB.

      At this rate I have no clue who/what to support;
      -I am a US Vet, Patriot, who leans Conservative/Libertarian…Ive always “voted” “Republican” but I have no respect for the current “Republicans” in that cess-pool of Washington DC

  8. “Obama fundraising” = NO “US President” at work. RE: ‘laser focus on jobs’, ‘get the website working’

    “Barack Hussein Obama” is out “fundraising” to set up his multi-million $ nest egg.

    And NO ONE in the “MSM” has the guts to mention this; “Obama fundraising = Obama future fortune$”

  9. Obama is collecting millions of dollars from his rich friends for campaigning to get his socialist ideas implemented. I wonder what kind of rich people like to see this country turn socialist – may be they are getting rich with getting no bid contracts, subsidies and free loans from his administration. I advice these rich donors to contribute their money to people whose health care premiums are going up due to half a**ed Obama Care Act. That will be money well spent.

    • Anyone who promotes socialism has never, ever lived in a socialistic country – at least never lived a “regular” life in a socialistic country. These people need to have their heads examined -or get the most basic of educations – or better yet, shut up. They do not know beans from white rice.

    • Obama is single-handedly responsible for the surge of capital flowing in and out of D.C. Real estate is at it’s highest point; more Mercedes Benz’s have been sold this year than any in history; and high end luxury items are selling off the shelves.

      One beneficiary of his largesse is the former CEO of a Silicon Valley law firm, John Roos, who was a top bundler and also represented Solyndra. Ross was appointed Ambassador to Japan in 2009 and resigned recently so that Carolyn Kennedy could have a shot at it. She, of course, rode thru the streets of Tokyo in her gilded carriage. Not sure if her father would have approved of all that ostentation/splendiferousness.

  10. The president ought to focus on the non-existent budget. Where’s our national jobs plan? What about record levels of homeless people? When is the last time the Obama’s visited the homeless, and what is the Lady doing taking up an acting career. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I know he’s not FDR but this is just year five. Bad grades are the new norm for the elites! 3 more years and oligarchy will be the new norm period. I bet next year he’ll start focusing on his legacy for crying shame.

  11. w-w-ait, I distinctly remember Josh Earnest earnestly telling us that Obama couldn’t go to Gettysburg because he was working on the website. is that all fixed now?

  12. The money raised at fundraisers should first go to pay the costs of flying around on the trips. Anything left over can then go to candidates.

    The money tree at the White House needs to be pruned.