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Sunday Open Thread || November 24, 2013

Sorry for the late start!

130 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 24, 2013

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    • It seems to be a kick-the-can down the road squirrel. It knocked the Obamacare mess out of the news, but how a 6 month agreement is something to celebrate is ……….I don’t know.

      • It also knocked out the Harry Reid nuclear option story. Obama can now stack the courts with judges who favor Obamacare.

        I don’t watch the Sunday talk shows so my friends here will have to post what the topics under discussion were. The leftists don’t seem to be whooping this deal up, and in addition to concerns of Israel, the Muslim-Arab world is not gung-ho. I wonder if this deal will not exacerbate the Sunni-Shiite conflict.

        • Meanwhile, the Chinese and the Russians will also make out like bandits. Russia will receive $11 billion for building one of two new nuclear power plants Iran will get. How much of that $11 billion will come from us?

          • I still believe this was all part of the ‘face-saving’ deal Putin made with the little twit during the ‘red-line’ crisis. Putin told him to ‘soften’ the sanctions against Iran at that time. They all played him like the fool he is. When does all of this rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors? He sold us out to save his own royal posterior! I can’t believe all of this ‘historical breakthrough’ garbage! He made a deal with the devil!

          • The Chinese moving against islands in east China sea. Assume Japan got the message that Israel got. The US under baby boy Barry is no longer your friend.

  1. Now that we have proof positive that the cowardly quisling is willing to do or say anything to take the heat off his doomed Obamacare legacy, I have only one question: Who were the anonymous ‘clappers’ gathered in what appeared to be an empty room last night? The night shift of janitors, chefs, and dishwashers?

    • Some site called it his ‘swivel head’ speech because he had two big teleprompters set up left and right and he kept turning his head as if he were addressing a large audience.

      • He did that swivel thing for the first 2-3 years, remember? I couldn’t figure out why he did it last night. He looks like such a dork standing there with his TOTUS and no audience at that late hour.
        Speaking of TOTUS, I watched quite a bit of the Kennedy coverage last week. One thing stood out – no TOTUS. Kennedy only carried note cards – he was a magnificent speaker. Johnson didn’t use one either during his address to Congress immediately after the assassination. Never could understand the hype about Obama and his TOTUS. He reminds me of a HS student auditioning for the lead role in the senior play.

        • He was an excellent speaker and very quick witted too. I used to watch his press conferences for his repartee. We saw a bit of one over the weekend in which someone in the press faulted him for using the expression “Africa for the Africans” and he ended his response by saying, very deadpan, “Who else should the Africans be for?”

  2. In lieu of the great Keith Koffler’s pearls of wisdom take a few moments to watch what is tagged as “Seriously, this is the best deconstruction of ObamaCare you will ever see”
    I almost didn’t watch it because it started with a short ad but I a VERY glad I did. I sent it to my two Senators, ok 1 1/2, Flake and McCain. They didn’t read the bill, I doubt they will watch the clip but you need to and pass the link on. Great package. Had Romney…… oh never mind. Watch it! Share it!

  3. My only comment (so far) is to all Christians:
    Get up and go to church.
    Pray that God will have mercy on the USA.
    Pray for personal courage and strength and wisdom.
    Pray for blessings on your families and friends and neighbors and co-workers and pray for your enemies.
    And may our Jewish friends pray as well…that God will preserve and protect our country – a country founded on Judeo-Christian values.

    • While I agree that prayer is needed all around the world, especially in these very troubling times, I would like to add one addendum.

      The thing that most Christians, as well as every other person on the face of the earth seem to forget is that G-d promised that there will always be a remnant of the Jewish people. No matter what happens in the Middle East, Europe, or here in these beloved states of ours, the Jewish people will always survive one way or another.

      The other point is that G-d also promised that those that bless the children of Abraham will be blessed. Those that curse the children of Abraham will be cursed. Look throughout history and see what has happened to every country, government, and civilization that has moved against the children of Israel. They have ended up in the dust bin of history.

      Hitler was allowed to happen so as to bring back the state of Israel. When the whack-a-doodles in Iran and other parts of the Mid-East do try to move against G-d’s chosen people, they will be in for one heck of a surprise. G-d don’t like ugly, and these mullahs are one ugly bunch.

    • Pipes right on the money. But it doesn’t matter. BBB is all about chasing “historic firsts” — the country and the world be damned. And Kerry is just plain desperate.

      How long before the trained Iranian street chants Death to America?

      I think yesterday was the anniversary of the marine corps barracks bombing.

    • So sorry Count, but we won’t have any satisfaction that the weather ruined his day. Obama is playing basketball in the gym at FBI HQ, according to a tweet from Mark Knoller, CBS.

      In all my life I have never seen such a family man spend so little time with his family.

        • My mom and dad were divorced and remarried. Every other weekend we went to dad’s. He spent the whole weekend with my brother and I. Even if we had barbacues. parties., et. with family adults there, He always inculuded us. As well, whenever we wanted to go to dad’s he would pick us up.
          Now Mr. O try taking your daughters on one of your golf spree’s, they may hate the game itself, but the time otherwise will priceless for them!

      • Not growing up in a family, in the traditional sense of the word, does not mean he cannot learn how to be a dad and husband.

        My husband grew up without his dad, and my kids are darn lucky to have such a wonderful dad as I am to have such a wonderful husband.

        But one has to WANT to be a great husband and father.

  4. “What was concluded in Geneva last night is not a historic agreement, it’s a historic mistake,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters. “It’s not made the world a safer place. Like the agreement with North Korea in 2005, this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place.”

    “For years the international community has demanded that Iran cease all uranium enrichment. Now, for the first time, the international community has formally consented that Iran continue its enrichment of uranium.”


  5. That’s okay I slept in also,
    Just waiting to see if Obama plays golf or goes to church today !!!!!
    Let’s see with this BOGUS Iranian deal Obama probably doesn’t feel he needs the Church PR today.
    So my bet is he’s going to play golf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Drudge is linking to a WAPO article about Netanyahu calling the deal an ‘historic mistake’. The comments of the commie leftists posting to that article are chilling. I’ve only read about pograms against the Jews in history books, but the current day appeasement of the Islamonazi regime of Iran seems frighteningly similar to 1930’s Germany. In fact, Persian leaders were so smitten with Hitler and the Nazis, the name of the country was changed from Persia to Iran – “land of the Aryans” – in 1935.

    Peace in our time, indeed.

  7. Rev. Al Sharpton denounced the nationwide trend of “knockout game” attacks on Saturday, saying the behavior by mostly black youth attacking random white, Jewish, and Asian strangers to knock them out with one punch “is deplorable and must be condemned by all us.”


    Sharpton, the president of the National Action Network and an MSNBC host, said, “this kind of insane thuggery—there is nothing cute about that. There is no game play about knocking somebody out, and it is not a game. It is an assault and is bias, and it is wrong.”


    • “Also on Tuesday, the president will tour the Glendale campus of movie studio DreamWorks Animation SKG and speak to employees on the economy, the White House confirmed.”

      Is this how he’s gonna’ charge us for the trip?

    • The Bashirs guy and his MSNBC associates, the members of the Black Caucus, and everyone else who choses to use inflammatory language, insults, and accusations of heinous acts against individuals or whole groups of people should get the derision they deserve.
      The constant drumbeat of hatred that comes from these people is sickening.

      • Amen, srdem. Their hatred knows no bounds. In their mockingly superior tone they persecute people like Sarah Palin, who puts faith, family, and country first. They hate us more than they do the Islamists, who want nothing more than to kill us all. Thank the good Lord above, the younger generation is starting to wake up and smell the tyranny.

    • No kidding guess he forgot who picked him up the same day
      NPR dumped him not that he owes them anything but his truthful
      opinion no matter how wrong he always is daily. But he’s almost
      outdone Colmes and that’s a really scary thing both are on a KoolAid drip I guess.

    • MrWilliams and MrBeckel are the resident “liberals” on FOX. I smell a rat. I notice that now and then they forget what the lib position is on some issues .
      MrB is a devout Christian by his own words, so what are the odds that he supports abortion…zip to none. No way did he approve of the Dems scrubbing “God” from their platform at their convention, nor would he approve of the same that’s happening all over government and military concerns.

      FOX is entertainment that caters to the previously ignored conservatives in America. IMO, anyway.

      • Beckel’s kids are also conserative–he has said so. As I said the other day, he is coming around a little–can almost not think of a way to defend O-care anymore–pretends to be asleep or falls back on everyone hated SS, too…that deal. I like entertainment–I like the dopey Red Eye show, the music interludes on The Five, the genius movie outtakes on O’Reilly…. Everything cannot be soooo serious all the time…

      • Last year WaPo or someone had a nice article on Beckel and how he decorates his yard for Christmas. It mentioned the neighborhood kids, etc., and his house was the most decked out in the neighborhood. Since that story I’ve had a kinder impression of him.

      • Beckel plays an irascible curmudgeon on The Five, but I have seen his softer, gentler side from time to time. He was honored at some event celebrating his sobriety recently. His ‘speech’ was so heart-felt, I was teary-eyed. He has had to deal with those demons – not an easy thing.

        • He is bearable–and he can surprise you. He always gets mad at stories of young H-wood getting in the addiction cycle–it’s a bad disease, he will say. But he is also kind of puckish about having hot and cold running women, which I kind of believe, actually. He teases Guilfoyle mercilessly–the other day saying he was “commando.” She screeched her chair farther away. It was a combo of retro and funny. I like bits sometimes–takes some of the horror off all this.

  8. Has anyone posted this and I missed it?

    On the heels of an Israeli television report last week that President Barack Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett has been holding secret talks with Iran, the Associated Press reported Sunday after a nuclear deal had been struck that the U.S. and Iran indeed engaged in secret face-to-face talks over the past year that were personally approved by Obama.


  9. if I may turn the subject for a minute to this deal with Iran, I would like to say…

    well, I can’t say what I’d like to say, because these comments are moderated and I’m sure Keith wouldn’t want me using the kind of language I’d need to use.

    Obama forced Netanyahu to stand down when Israel was on the point of winning in Gaza a few years ago. Obama has kept Bibi on a leash for years and Bibi’s been obedient, because Obama promised him we had Israel’s back.

    well, we don’t.

    I heard Ann Romney on Fox News Sunday today. it makes me weep to think of what might have been had Romney been elected.

    • It just dawned on me after reading John Bolton’s post on the Weekly Standard that all the signatories to this agreement with Iran were the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (USA, UK, Russia, China and France) plus Germany. Is this another example (like the international gun control laws) of the UN taking precedence over US autonomy? Doesn’t the Constitution give the Congress the right to ratify treaties? Or will this be ignored? There actually is bipartisan dissatisfaction with this agreement in the Congress.

      • Julie I was going to do some more reading later. What bothers me as well is that it was negotiated for a year US /Iran secret talks including Jarrett. Also I thought that this agreement was less than the existing UN which called for no enrichment. I share your concerns about bypassing Congress and all this deal making with the UN — especially with Susie and Sammy.

        OT but just as concerning is DOJ and JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon and where the pay out to Justice is going.. This Administration is one big criminal enterprise.