In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Monday, November 25, 2013

8:50 am || Departs Seattle
10:30 am || Arrives San Francisco
11:35 am || Delivers remarks on immigration reform; Betty Ann Ong Chinese Recreation Center
1:10 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; San Francisco Jazz Center
2:00 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; private residence; San Francisco
3:30 pm || Departs San Francisco
4:35 pm || Arrives Los Angeles
7:10 pm || Delivers remarks at a fundraiser for House and Senate Democrats; Private Residence, Beverly Hills
1:10 pm || Delivers remarks and answers questions at a fundraiser for House and Senate Democrats; Private Residence, Beverly Hills

All times Pacific

32 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, November 25, 2013”

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  1. Take a quick look at Drudge and other headlines and you see a world in a twirl — sensing an off kilter and weak US. And yet here at home even the Republican house seems primed to pay their immigration/amnesty tribute to Obama, the Dems and the tech industry and COC. And yes we are paying for this fundraising for amnesty fest. Because Obama spits on America and we allow it.

    1. I know! Everyday I get more and more frustrated that there is no one in power willing to stand up and demand, no matter what the repercussions, a stop to this administrations lawlessness.
      It’s making me crazy.

      1. He shows up for the umpteenth fundraiser and says : “The Republicans are more interested in positioning themselves for the next election”! And no one has the nerve to ask him what the bleep he has been doing for the last 5 years besides campaigning and begging for money? Creep!

  2. #*@%^$&! The bagman is going to wreak havoc in my neighborhood for two days! The helicoptors flying overhead night and day are enough to drive us mad! Hope someone stuffs his turkey with counterfeit $$$ !

      1. This will be their first Royal Hawaiian Vacation since the Ocare rollout. It won’t be a good optic while the middle class is being robbed of their insurance plans and forced into buying more expensive ones. Obama has literally destroyed Christmas for millions of Americans.

        1. Agree DeniseVB.. He’s quite safe here of course since he’s, ya know, local and all that. State law here since I have been here 12 years or so has been if you average 20 hours a week, you get coverage. Amazing job done at the STATE level.

  3. No need to stay in DC to manage the Obamacare. Cluster f*ck.

    That’s ok, Sibelius has the handle on things. No wonder he has no clue what’s going on!

      1. Since the media refuses to scrutinize his activities it’s all rather moot. Pretty much like I said the great Obama Gang shakedown of Amerika. And our electoral process is defiled with corruption and lies. Nobody standing up.

  4. Nice how he always arrives in L.A. around rush hour…as if the traffic isn’t bad enough around here. Of course, most everyone in my neighborhood voted for him twice, so they shouldn’t complain…but unfortunately his traffic screw-ups are non-partisan and affect the rest of us, too.

  5. What amazes me is how Obama can work multiple fundraisers and multiple cities in one day but can’t work more than one or two things into his schedule per day at home.

  6. Notice how Dictator Obama, thief extraordinaire, carefully includes one meaningless event which can be contrued as “government business” so he can charge all of his travel, lodging, and security to this latest, in an endless series of fundraising aka shake down money raising trip. Again, the question must be asked: How much is skimmed off the top of these “campaign” contributions and funneled into the bottomless pockets of Dictator Obama and his court lackeys? Has there ever been an accounting of how much and where to all these millions go?

    By the way to the all citizens of Seattle, San Francisco, and LA, hope you enjoy all of the flight cancellations, delays, and massive traffic jams due to your beloved Dictator Obama jetting into town on your dime to enrich himself. Suckers!

    1. I forgot about him shutting down airports in 3 major cities too. On top of the weather issues in the midwest and east, gonna be tough enough for folks to get home for Thanksgiving.

      1. I just listened to an amusing book called “Dear American Airlines”–a guy stranded in an airport writes an extended rant that happens to include his entire life story in with his complaint. I wonder how many books are coming out of this airport delays from Obama. I recommend the book, BTW.

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