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Obama’s Average Approval Now Equals Nixon’s

At just under 50 percent, President Obama’s average approval rating for his presidency is exactly the same as Richard Nixon’s, according to Gallup.

Obama at an East Room press conference
Photo by Keith Koffler

Obama  has seen his approval numbers plummet as the public discovers the falsehoods he used to sell Obamacare and witnesses the incompetence of the Obamacare rollout. His Gallup approval was at just 40 percent as of Thursday, while a CBS News poll this week gave him just 37 percent.

His Gallup average since Inauguration day is exactly 49 percent, the same as Nixon’s during a term that lasted from January 1969 until he resigned in August 1974.

NixonObama has not yet descended to the lows of Nixon’s final months in office, when the disgraced president was at 24 percent – Obama’s low is 38 percent – but his long record of below-50 percent approval has put him in Nixon’s overall class.

In fact, only three presidents in modern presidential history – Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter – have had average ratings below that of Obama.

Obama is just below the president he has often blamed for his problems, George W. Bush, whose average was 49.4 percent. The average for U.S. presidents since 1938 has been 54 percent.

The highest average approval rating belongs to John F. Kennedy, who was murdered 50 years ago today. His average for his nearly three years in office was 70.1 percent.

15 thoughts on “Obama’s Average Approval Now Equals Nixon’s”

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  2. Obama’s approval numbers may not yet have sunk to the lows of Nixon’s final months, but if judged on the scale of character, honesty, and faithfully executing the oath of office he his completely off the scale. Off the bottom that is.

  3. Keith, did you take that flattering photo ? I mean, Barry does not look totally confused , rather a tad lost and sad. Maybe you stood next to court photographer Souza.
    Well, his approval numbers, there are still plenty of possibilities for them to sink much more. What if his academic records suddenly pop up ?

  4. ‘If you like your Constitution, you will be able to keep your Constitution. Period. If you like your liberty, you will be able to keep your liberty. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.’

  5. Too bad we can’t use the nuclear option on Obama: Impeach and Convict.
    Nixon was a piker compared to the quisling. Nixon resigned; Obama doubled down.
    For the first time, I wonder if we can survive Obama. A wounded dictator is dangerous and unpredictable.

  6. I respected Nixon as President, untill Watergate. As mentioned He did
    step down. I did respect him for that. I still cannot figure out, and may never know in my lifetime if Mr. O. is doing all this mess on his own, or if he has other people whispering in his hear telling him what to do.

  7. After this last duck and cover exercise makes you wonder what Obama
    and his cloister of inept people do in the dark of night. I think now is the time to worry and just maybe the media as they begin to reap what they helped create wake up and see he’s a dangerous man will shine a light
    or as ask a question? I too am beginning to think we are in a very bad place and he’s got 3 plus years left.

    1. What’s amazing to me is that there are still so many reasonably intelligent people, with Ivy League degrees and all, who may be a bit miffed about losing their health insurance and/or seeing their premiums soar, but they’re convinced that Barry is a smart guy with out best interests at heart, and they’re willing to “suck it up” and “pay their fair share” so that the whole system will work.

      It hasn’t occurred to the brainiacs that “the whole system” cannot work and was not intended to work. Amazing how bind the smart set can be.

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