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The Obama Morning News || November 22, 2013

Filibuster change bolsters Obama . . . Washington Post
Dems to sweep in lots of nominees . . . Examiner
Step ensures partisan warfare . . . Washington Post
HHS moves 2015 signups past Election Day . . . Daily Caller
Obamacare costs Congressional staffers . . . The Hill
Emails show little testing of website . . . Politico
Experts: Fix needs more time and money . . . Associated Press
Married couples at Obamacare disadvantage . . . Fox News
WH, GOP battle over energy surge credit . . . The Hill
Bush appears at Christies’ request . . . Politico
Michelle Obama is a feminist nightmare . . . Politico

12 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 22, 2013

  1. Michelle Obama is a feminist nightmare

    I have news for all the feminists who lambaste her about her choices: they ARE her choices. Many, particularly Progressive, feminists seem to forget that the goal of feminism is to help women to pursue their own choices. For me, deriding her for her choices is the same as deriding a woman for pursuing career goals.

    • WIth no derogatory intent, I believe her attire could be improved to accentuate her natural beauty. All women have a natural beauty. However, i believe what we feel in our heart tends to reflect in our faces – male or female.
      Perhaps it is not her attire, but her facial expressions (and to be fair, her accompanying comments) that merit the derogatory comments from other females.
      As for me – she would never be my choice for best friend. We disagree on everything as far as I can tell.
      And, I cannot see where she has done anything to support the strengthening of American womanhood, so I tend to ignore everything she says.

    • Just as her husband was unprepared and unqualified to be the POTUS, she was not ready, or even understood, her role as FLOTUS.
      She became a PR image of what the politicos thought she should appear to be, not what she really was.
      Hence, the “toned arms” that only the MSM saw, the “best-dressed” frauds, then on to a WhiteHouse vegetable garden and worrying about FatKidsBehinds. None of those things reflected who she is or what she was before DC.

      Prior to all the political advances of BO, she was the sole support of the family. She worked outside the home while her husband played being a community organizer. She did what she had to do to keep her family together.
      If that isn’t a strong woman, then I don’t know what they’re talking about.

      • Yes, she is a strong woman. She’s also showed her strength by shutting her mouth about what she thinks of this nation, of white people in general, in order to help her husband’s administration transform our nation.

      • I rarely ever disagree with you srdem65. This time I disagree you with re: the sole support topic. I am not certain Michelle ever “worked” outside of the home. She may have had a position, but when I think of working outside the home, I remember my mother who worked in the office of a factory, then came home and cooked and canned until bedtime. I remember my early years of sometimes wife and always mother – working at this job and that job (yes, sometimes two jobs simutaneously) for nearly minimum wage and then coming home to cook and clean. We are the women feminists should support and emulate and build upon.
        And frankly, I suspect her mother is raising those children. My mother raised hers. I raised mine.
        Michelle has much to learn about true “feminism.”

  2. If anyone had taken the opportunity to watch the Saturday CSPAN
    coverage of Obama and the wife stumping through the mid-West during the very early days of the campaign, there is no way either one of them would be sitting in the WH. The crowds were sparse and most ot the farmers ended up leaving in the middle of the events. Mo has the charisma of a DMV employee. No offense to DMV employees intended.

  3. The article is so sycophantic it’s disturbing. When the writer cuts her some slack, she cuts her some more slack.
    And then there are the issues she does NOT bring up:
    “All this for a godamned flag”.
    “For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my country.”
    I see no mention of the vulgar displays of B-list guests, absolutely inappropriate dress (even with the TASS Pete Souza WH), she is dressed badly more often than not.
    Then there’s the constant makeover- how many nose jobs has she had now? The eyebrows? The cheeks, chin, they all shout of a Black Woman who wants to look White. The makeup person on staff?
    As for the “Mom-in-Chief”: indeed. When?
    All of this on our money.
    And I won’t even go into the photoshopping, all of it to make her look more glamorous.
    GGGRRR. Is “whitewash” racist?

  4. Keith, sorry to highjack thisi thread, but there is a post-script to your wonderful “Dead Souls’ post yesterday re the woman who was forced onto Medicaid. She and her daughter are making the rounds on FOX today. It seems there was NO” cancel” or “opt out”
    option for her when she was forced into Medicaid!
    Obama is just swooping up citizens and herding them into the system. We are not looking at Venezuela from our windows…we ARE Venezuela.