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Eight More Days to Sign Up

Thank God.

The Obama administration is giving consumers eight more days – an entire Hanukkah! – to sign up for Obamacare, pushing the enrollment signup deadline back from December 15 to December 23.

That’s the drop dead date for signing up on the exchanges if you don’t want a break in your coverage. The eight days is supposed to make up for the inconvenience of weeks of a barely functioning website.

Only the government could take such a step and think consumers won’t interpret it as a sick joke.

Eight days. Thank you.

Earlier, the administration pushed back the beginning of next year’s enrollment period from October 15, 2014 to November 15, 2014, a move widely assumed to be an attempt to push future problems past Election Day.

But it won’t help much. Companies being forced to drop or change insurance will already have given their employees the bad news by Election Day, and workers will be able to vote as they deem appropriate given their new circumstance.

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68 Responses to Eight More Days to Sign Up

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    • I agree with you, but this guy’s spent his entire life making his living by assuming his base is pretty stupid, and it’s a bet he seems to win every time…

      He dosn’t need YOU to be stupid. He just needs ENOUGH people to be stupid. Again, no apparent problems there…

  1. “Companies being forced to drop or change insurance will already have given their employees the bad news by Election Day,…”

    I wouldn’t put it past this administration to try to force employers to not tell their employees this.

    • I agree. Remember when the WH told defense businesses not to issue layoff notices prior to the 2012 election? It was in direct violation of the WARN Act. Obama promised companies the feds would pay their costs of layoffs also, if they complied with his wishes.

      • I remember that! Defense contractors were in a tight spot, just as insurance companies are now, after being told to shut up or possibly face punishment because the feds are the top buyer of insurance plans.

        However, non-defense employers are not beholden to the Pentagon.

  2. The regime hasn’t been able to sucker enough young, healthy people to sign up for their health insurance scam. They were supposed to foot the bill for the older, sicker people who are signing up for Obamacare. By extending the mandate for enrollment past the mid-term elections, they think they can delay the wrath of the people when their already unaffordable state-run policies necessarily skyrocket. Obamacare is nothing more than a ponzi scheme that even Charles Ponzi would be ashamed to be associated with.

  3. Wow, impressive. They think the website can handle 200,000 signups a day! Dreamers, for sure.

    General Custer and Little Big Horn come to mind again.

  4. There really is no rule of law other than that which Obama chooses to implement or ignore. As for the Senate I’d just as soon my Senator close up shop and text in present.

    • So true, gracepmc. Because of the tyrannous actions of the Crypt Keeper and his messiah, the states represented by two Republican Senators – Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming – have had their powers under the advise and consent clause of the Constitution snatched away from them. What are our fearless leaders saying about disenfranchising these 13 states and their citizens? Nothing but crickets or political posturing.

      • Was never sold on McConnell but always thought he was a crafty leader who knew the ins and outs of Senate rules and that all these years had bought him some powerful useful political capital. No more.

        The Republicans are not fighters, they do not have our backs. They are fat cats. And I have no hope that this crew has any intention of repealing Obamacare. Obamacare will make us a welfare nation led by a bunch of socialists and oligarchs.

        And on another note I am sick to death of that assuage Zuckerberg making his political bones on illegal immigrants. This is an emasculated nation.

  5. These folks are truly clueless and thoughtless. I’m supposed to spend my pre-Christmas shopping for health insurance. I don’t think so Barry.

  6. Is there anyway possible someone can be held responsible for everyone loosing their insurance. Under the constitution, can anyone be held responsible? He can re-word his statment about keeping your insurance all he wants. In a court room it would be up to a jury if someone played that game of scrabble.

    • Good to hear that, Julie.
      By the way, did you see in Drudge Report that US Postal Service sells stamps with various religious motives ( including that odd Kwansaa thing ) but none is about Christmas ? What´s happening in your country ???
      Well, it´s good news that Pope Francis has started to talk about the persecution of Christians in the MidEast, they are soon to be exterminated there. I hope that this impressive mans words have some influence on the barbarousness.

          • Those 3 stamps were the only ones shown in the mailer we just received from USPS. I didn’t realize they still offered the Madonna or Holy family stamps.

          • I think they assume people know there is a religious Christmas stamp and a secular one, at least, each yr but may not be as sure about the other hols–if there are stamps for those. I can’t get worked up over this one–I always buy interesting stamps–costs $1.25 more, but it’s fun.

          • Perhaps they do, but when we received that flier I assumed they had cancelled religious Christmas stamps this year. It seemed par for the course given that Obama avoided National Prayer Day, that the military chaplains are not allowed to reference Jesus or God in funeral eulogies.

      • “Well, it´s good news that Pope Francis has started to talk about the persecution of Christians in the MidEast,…”

        Preachers in the US have been talking about this for quite a while.

  7. How FCMABBHO will get out of maintaining forces in Afghanistan:

    Afghanistan today rebuffed a US demand to sign a highly anticipated security pact as soon as possible, insisting the document must wait until after next year’s presidential election.

    Washington warned Kabul yesterday to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) pact as soon as possible, with senior officials hinting that delaying beyond the end of this year could mean no post-2014 US troop presence.


    “Failure to get this approved and signed by the end of the year would prevent the United States and our allies from being able to plan for a post-2014 presence,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

      • Talking in circles gives one a lot of room to wiggle; straight talk, not so much.

        I’m wondering why the administration is demanding a decision before the end of the year. What happens after 11:59 p.m. on 12/31/13 if the tribal leaders haven’t decided? Our troops become mice and their choppers become pumpkins?

        From what I’ve read, one of the issues is where soldiers who commit crimes will be tried: in Afghan civilian courts, or in courts martial.

  8. Can we expect the Obama Bridge in Brooklyn, the Obama Real Estate in Florida and the Obama Perpetual Energy Machine, as well as the Obama Somewhere over The Rainbow Home for Disillusioned Democrats to go on sale soon?

  9. I don’t care about your OBAMACARE junk plans Barry.
    My granddaughter just turned 18 and moved in with my parents..her great grandpa will be 87 next week and will take better care of them than all your schemes and lies. Yes I am disgusted with this “admin”

        • I know this is a hopeless task, but if we could just get this gross sex act and other sex act refs and vile names for women etc. off this site, I would feel more inclined to respect the opinions and not feel skeevy. It’s pretty good compared with some places–but the Wash Post and others do not even allow curses and low-rent slang…This is up to us here…and some people insist on the garbage. I get private emails saying people agree with me–so I continue to harp.