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Sebelius to Congress: “Whatever”

In case you missed this, take a peak at the hubris that guides this administration.

32 Responses to Sebelius to Congress: “Whatever”

  1. She’s a pro who knows how to protect her boss. The question was loaded and she ducked. period.
    She walked out of that meeting unscathed. For reasons not yet clear, she’s not being held responsible for the actions of people she works for or that work for her. MrObama is taking the heat for a website that doesn’t work, even though she was tasked with seeing it done.

    After watching a few of these Congressional hearings one thing stands out; every member has a different agenda or goal. Without a unified theme to the questions, the quest for the truth becomes a bid for a sound bite to send to the voters at home.
    The Dems come across as sarcastic whiners and the Repubs sound like small town inept prosecutors. Nobody wins, no one loses, the truth they’re seeking gets lost in the meandering topic.

    • Also, the Congress does not ASK questions seek information instead almost all spend time delivering a short speech even if it repeats previously delivered speeches. Congress needs a course in examining witnesses.

    • These congressional hearings are going nowhere. They have become nothing more than face time for preening politicians to show the ‘folks’ back home that they are working hard for us. Sure. We need select committees to investigate all the corruption surrounding this regime, yet the Republican leadership does absolutely nothing. Are they complicit or cowed? I’m saying complicit.

      • Well, I sure don’t. Issa is the richest man in Congress, he could be doing other things. He spends his time with committee staff, subcommittee staff, subpoenas, scheduling, witness vetting, rounding up his committee members, etc. He could be doing other things. He thinks the admin should be accountable–like this website does…I don’t say WHATEVER! I hate that term, also, as some have said. Yes, I think the MEMBERS grandstand, make speeches, have poorly targeted questions, don’t do their homework–but no hearings, just go la-de-dah–no way!

        As for all this Republican infighting, RINO-izing etc–Greg Gutfeld invented the term WTF–WIN THEN FIGHT. We need to win!I

      • We need two things–we need the sheer numbers, and we need conservative Republicans. I live in a state which has been hammered by our Congressional delegation. Senators Olympia Snow (R) and Susan Collins (R), and Reps Mike Michaud (D) (completely owned and operated by the Unions and the environmentalists) and Chellie Pingree (a completely whack job socialist). This character Angus King (a wildly progressive liberal disguised as an “Independent”) took Snowe’s seat. He’s an even bigger phony than she was.

  2. WHATEVER!!! That word became popular some time ago. I have never let my children reply which such sarcasim. I do not appreciate this woman using such vocabulary as an answer. Her comment came though load and clear to everyone watching as well. I would love to know if O told her later “Great Response” or if he had the intelligence to tell her next time try replying with a better choice of words.

    • Same for my kids. I told them that saying that was the equivalent of saying F… You and if they ever said it to me they would not like the consequences.

  3. I remember how arrogant and overbearing she was during the Townhall mtgs. It was beneath her to hobnob with the hoi-poloi, especially the ones she ‘doesn’t work for’.
    Obama would never fire her – they are a perfect match. Haughty and haughtier.

    • Ridicule is kinda wasted on them, since they have no sense of shame…

      Plus which, cf. Janet Reno, even when they DO “take responsibility”, it doesn’t really mean anything anyway…