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Obama’s Dead Souls

What Socialism does is, it destroys the soul. It puts just enough money in the bank account, but bankrupts the spirit. And eventually, as we saw with the Soviet Union, even the meager rations provided eventually run out too.

It kills your spirit by telling you that you are not responsible, cannot make your own decisions, and can’t care for yourself, and that you have the State – and not God, your parents, and your fellow man – to thank for your existence.

I’m not a libertarian. I believe that we need a government backstop when circumstances have left people in desperate straits, and family and private charity can’t or don’t provide enough. For most, the help should be temporary. For some, particularly ailing seniors, it may have to be permanent. But it must be as limited as possible.

But that’s not what President Obama – and his Obamacare – are about. He seeks a broad government intrusion into our lives aimed to hook us on the ingeniousness of the utopian schemes of our betters on the faculty of Harvard University and in the Great Liberal Think Tanks of America.

As we stagger from fix to fix from our government pushers, our humanity will be subsumed to the narcotic effect of having others take care of us; the basic dignity of work and reward – the ancient instinct to forage and hunt for our own food and care for our own young – replaced by dependence on the state.

Dead Souls destined for Chichikov’s estate.

Here is one of the souls killed by Obama. It belongs to the mother of Nicole Hopkins, who wrote up her story in the Wall Street Journal. Below, a synopsis of the tale:


My mother is not one to seek attention by complaining, so her recent woeful Facebook FB +0.86% post caught my eye: “The poor get poorer.” It diverged from the more customary stream of inspirational quotes, recipes and snapshots from her tiny cottage in Pierce County, Wash.

The post continued: “I just received a notice: ‘In order to comply with the new healthcare law, your current health plan will be discontinued on December 31, 2013.’ Currently my premium is $276 and it is a stretch for me to cover. The new plan . . . are you ready . . . projected new rate $415.20. Now I can’t afford health insurance.”

Since she couldn’t afford the new plan offered by her insurer, she told me she was eager to explore her new choices under the Affordable Care Act.

The exchange had determined that my mother was not eligible to choose to pay for a plan, and so she was slated immediately for Medicaid.

“How has it come to this?” she asked in one of our several talks over the past few weeks about what was happening. When she was a working mother and I was young, she easily carried health insurance for our whole family. “How have I fallen this far?”

Unable to secure employer-sponsored health care, she had, until this fall, chosen to pay $276 a month for bare-bones catastrophic coverage. “I think that we should be able to take care of ourselves and to earn enough money to pay for basics, and health insurance is one of them,” she told me. For two years she had paid out of pocket for that plan, but now she is being told that the plan isn’t good enough for her.

The Sept. 26 letter from my mother’s insurer promised that the more expensive plan “conforms with the new health care law”—by covering maternity needs, newborn wellness and pediatric dental care. My mother asked: “Do I need maternity care at 52?”

Of course, Medicaid is not a new option for my mother; she knew that she was poor enough to qualify for cost-free health care. It was a deliberate choice on her part to pay that monthly $276 out of her own pocket. Clearly she had judged that she received a personal benefit from not being on Medicaid.

“I just don’t expect anything positive out of getting free health care,” she said. “I don’t see why other people should have to pay for my care, whether it be through taxes or otherwise.” In paying for health insurance herself—she won’t accept help from her family, either—she was safeguarding her dignity and independence and her sense of being a fully functioning member of society.

Now she has been forced to join the government-reliant poor, though she would prefer to contribute her two mites. The authorities behind “affordable care” had erased her right to calculate what she was willing to spend to preserve her dignity—to determine what she thinks is affordable.

That little contribution can mean the difference between dignity and despair.

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  1. There are so many stories like this…at least if something big happened that woman could use the plan–she didn’t have to chuck out thousands before the plan would even cut in. No one will use their new insurance, which I am sure is the whole idea. This is all so wrong.

  2. Obama’s vision of America is a non militarized Soviet Socialist State filled with dead souls and run by venal apparatchiki like Kathleen Sibellius.

    The other day Obama made a comment at a fundraiser that people call him a Socialist and how this is not true. Most people-he said -who call him a socialist had never met a socialist. Something to that effect.

    The irony there is that all of us who knew socialists, socialism, tyrants and tyranny recognized Barrack Obama for what he is right out of the box. A lazy shiftless affirmative action socialist filled with hatred for this country and independent Americans.

    • “…apparatchiki…” – gracepmc

      My Russian needs polishing. Is “apparatchiki” a plural or feminine form of “apparatchik”? I want to be sure because these folks running the show now are also VERY touchy, become highly insulted by politically incorrect language, and even have normally “mostly harmless” Federal agencies like the Parks service and NTSB acting like jackbooted storm troopers, AND they are recording EVERYTHING, so you can’t be too careful…

      Oh, in case you hadn’t heard about the NTSB thing;

  3. Here is Jeff Allen’s monologue from Atlas Shrugged. It is the best soliloquy I have ever heard on how socialism not only brings out the worst in us, but also on how it destroys everything it touches.

    The Twentieth Century Motor Company
    Part I
    Part II
    Part III

  4. It’s a bit ironic that this story comes from the state of Washington. Seattle has just elected its first openly socialist councilperson (sic), and the city has also banned the use of the word ‘citizen’. Now everyone is a ‘resident’. That way, the illegals are not discriminated against.

  5. This story makes me so furious I could scream out loud. The worst part is that it is being done on purpose. This regime and their pawns in Congress and the judiciary are evil to the core. They are stripping people of their liberty and robbing them of their dignity. I have no doubt they are all celebrating their success in destroying the finest healthcare system in the world, as they enslave the American people.

    • Did you hear that Linda Bloodworth Thomason, producer of Designing Women, and H’wood libbie, say (O’Reilly) that America was at the bottom rung of health care, the worst in the world. I assume the dear woman had never been to Paraguay or Haiti or looked over the list of benefits picking trash in Bangladesh. These are our influencers, kids.

      • Yes, that’s more of the gobbledygook being peddled by the Obama crowd. It’s coming at us like water over Niagara Falls. My fear is that so many believe this stuff and behave/vote accordingly. Years ago, I was in Venezuela and had to get a broken arm taken care of. Two days later I was able to get a crummy splint, which was followed promptly by an infection. Couldn’t wait to get back to the states.

  6. Every so often on the news they make a comment about next year, bigger Corps. will start cutting off insurance. If I may ask Keith, or anyone who has more detail of this happening. There are millions of people who work for bigger companys for the insurance if not the salary itself. A lot of family’s pack up the entire family and move far away from their other family members and friends for this security.
    Tears came to my eyes as I read that article. My mom and grandparents were as responsible as can be as well.

  7. This story echoes one of my biggest complaints about the law: it’s so insulting for the government to tell people, “Don’t worry, maybe we’ll give you a subsidy,” so they can afford to buy something they could purchase without undue burden before the government stole that option from them.

    It really is diabolical.

    • Shoving elders on Medicaid is diabolical in more ways than one. Nicole Hopkins mom can leave little to no estate to her children if she dies while covered by Medicaid. Her assets will be taken by the government to pay for the care she received.

  8. Personally, I think the big picture with Obama was getting the tax penalty into government coffers. They knew no one would want a plan that forces you to pay out of pocket all year for your doctor visits (high deductible) AND pay higher premiums. No one is stupid enough to think that plan of action would work. Single payer is a bad idea too. What thinking person would want accountants in charge of their healthcare?