As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Speaks on “Nuclear Option”

The remarks and briefing have concluded.

36 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Speaks on “Nuclear Option”

  1. just tuned in…..he’s already blaming congress. Gee whiz, man , try putting on the leadership robe and take charge insted of pointing fingers…this shtick is getting stale. He is talking about obstruction…Just exactly who obstructed his team of IT wizards in the last three years?

  2. Did the President chastise members of Congress for not casting votes on pertinent issues? Is it me, or was he the one who voted “present” many more times than most ?

    • If this means he gets his fill of leftist judges to mess with everyone, well, that is his legacy, hope he enjoys it. “President Barack Obama is best known for his failed health care plan, which was doomed by bad planning and concepualization and worse execution, and for shoving through many federal judges on a Senate technicality.”

    • No kidding it’s becoming very dangerous and as you said it won’t end well. What is the end? I think we are close to a dictator and
      he’s still not finished. Juan Williams was at the ‘special media’
      conclave earlier said he couldn’t say off the record must have
      been getting his marching orders and talking points Juan was a willing shill.

  3. Preezy Revenge is kicking America in the teeth and pandering to his communist base at the same time. Of course he agrees with his politburo’s latest power grab. Like Rush said, he can install Bill Ayers on the 9th Circuit Court if he wants. To heck with the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

  4. Caligula on steroids! This guy really scares me now. Hate to sound like a broken record but he needs a psych evaluation. He kept repeating: “This is not normal”. I agree. There’s something terribly wrong with him. Seriously!