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Biden Welcomes Delaware Sandwich Shop to DC

Biden arrived at a Delaware-based sandwich chain’s new local outlet in Washington to pick up lunch for him and President Obama.

Biden, who is famously cheap – check out his charitable giving – was short of cash. Of course, he refused the offer of a free sandwich from someone at the shop who clearly doesn’t understand political public relations.

16 Responses to Biden Welcomes Delaware Sandwich Shop to DC

  1. Poor Biden doesn’t have any cash…… I guess he needs raise the rent he charges the Secret Service!

    OK…….I believe the Republicans should start working with Obama on how to move the country forward. However, I do believe there should be certain terms that Obama must agree to before anything can happen. Here are a few that comes to my mind ………..

    1. Authorize the release of his original birth certificate in HI.
    2. No more travel on AF1 for any fundraisers.
    3. No more individual travel for any Obama family members. Especially Moochelle!
    4. Fire Jay Carney publicly………Obama has to do it dressed like Donald Trump and say “you’re fired”.
    5. Ban the phrase……..”Let me be clear” from all future WH speeches and correspondence.

    The travel expense savings alone may balance the budget!

  2. Off topic: Say…where is Oboutme regarding the “knock out” game? Just sitting here watching the news in the evening and got curious. Do any of these perpetrators look like his son? Do any of the victims look like his son? Inquiring minds woul…oh to hell with it.

    • Preezy isn’t going to say anything about the helter skelter. In fact, he’s egging his sons on with his lawlessness. If concealed carry is legal in your state, I’d advise getting a license and never leave home without it. The violence will only escalate as our circle of liberty shrinks.

  3. $14 per sandwich???????? No wonder everyone in DC is starving to death (or so says the Liberal media)…..

    And no cash….sounds about right for the average person in DC as well.

    I had a foot long subway (meatball) and with chips and a drink and the coupon came to $5.25

    And I bet mine tasted better then his.

  4. Just some thoughts;
    He should have just sent someone out for the sandwiches, or it’s more than likely that the owners would have delivered the goodies considering it was for the VPOTUS.
    Since he wanted to be seen personally ordering and buying the lunch, it would have been prudent to check the funds available first so he wouldn’t look like a mooch.

    No one with two brain cells believes that he is ‘just like us’ so that he pops out of the office for a quick sammie. He travels with a convoy, security agents and now, someone charged with making a video of his common-man farce.