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Website Fails at Sebelius Photo Op

Uh, what kind of masochism causes them to keep scheduling these things?

From a piece by a local news station during a Sebelius visit to Miami Tuesday.

At a second table, the secretary met Carmen Salero who was trying to sign up online.  As the secretary and Salero made small talk, CBS4′s Brian Andrews noticed the site crash on the lap top in front of them.

“The screen says I’m sorry but the system is temporarily down,” Andrews pointed out.  “Uh oh,” responded the secretary.  “That happens every day,” said Salerno, “it must mean a lot of people are on there trying to get coverage.”

Gosh, she really does deserve this, I have to say.

So how many successfully signed up yesterday in South Florida?


Ten days and counting until the website if fixed! Looks like we’re right on track.

27 thoughts on “Website Fails at Sebelius Photo Op”

  1. “We are absolutely confident the website will be fixed by November 30. We have recruited the best veterinarian we could find.”

    – HHS Secretary Sebelius

  2. I’m almost starting to feel sorry for her.
    She could have retired on her laurels, bounced grandchildren on her knees, maybe even been honored by the Dems for one thing or another.
    Oh nooooo, she has to join the “historic” presidency, accept a position that she’s not qualified to hold, and is sent out in public to defend the undefensible.

    If we hear rumors of booze inspired episodes where she runs out into the streets of DC crying “why me, why me?”, we should believe it and offer her a hot beverage.

    1. I don’t feel one bit sorry for her, srdem. Sillybus is an ice queen. I’ll never forget her response to a reporter, “…someone lives and someone dies”, when asked about her refusal to sign a waiver allowing 10-year-old Sarah Murnaghan on the adult lung transplant list. That is pure evil in my book.

        1. Don’t call it late term abortion , call it ” Open the baby’s skull with a scissors and suck the child’s brains out with a hose ” See how that flies in real world .

          1. No disrespect intended, Girly1, but why is that comment “uncalled for?” Truth is truth. Isn’t it about time we began speaking truth about the things the citizenry of our country are supporting and doing?

          2. It was just an ‘excited utterance’ on my part, Aileen. The graphic description shocked my nervous system and I responded spontaneously. Don’t mind me – I have a weak stomach when it comes to something so abhorant. Didn’t mean to offend anyone.

    2. After what she did to my home state of Kansas I have to admit I am loving EVERY minute of her disgrace. Her arrogance and incompetence has been covered up by a media enthralled with her as a “strong woman politico” long enough. She is only reaping the seeds she herself sowed for so, so many years.

  3. Two!!!
    I would still like an explanation from Mr. O why he did not hire a successful company here in America.
    I do not buy anything on line, but I understand most sights you review the item, check out the cost. Only when you decide to purchase you give your payment information.
    This system wants to know anything and everything about you! Than if you can connect shop for your policy. We are putting aside for now the issue, that whatever we discuss with our doctor was private. Now the government and all hackers have access to that information.
    I also feel all our foreign enemies will be hiring the same Company to get information from us.

    1. And now when we visit our doctor, all our health information goes into one HUGE database that everyone,, including hackers, NSA, IRS, Chinese, will be able to view EXCEPT our family members.

  4. “That’s okay…it will get better.” It’s a good thing she took that Xanex before she left home yesterday. She really sounded relaxed…a little too relaxed.

  5. I don’t know if it’s in this clip or another when she lightly apologizes for the disturbance of the “papparazzi” Other government functions and functionaries are covered by the media and the press but apparently Queen Sillybus thinks she is pappararazzi worthy. Perhaps — rich and vain.

  6. Yesterday, ABC kept trumpeting that 60,000 people had signed up on the California exchange. Whether that included the Medicaid enrollees was not clarified. The reports also didn’t consider whether any of those 60,000 are some of the 1,000,000 Californians who are losing their insurance come January. I’ve never heard ABC even mention all the cancellations.

    Some state official was quoted saying that the percentage of insured people had increased by xy percent; I forgot the exact figure, but it sounded like impossible math. And if there’s an increase as of now, it’s only because all those million cancelled plans are still operative for a few more weeks.

  7. Plus this Sebelius woman was given her post in thanks for some fealty to Himself–she is kind of boring when she isn’t being cruel and heartless…like him, she never knows anything…Nothing ever happens to her in a firing sense…Just blah.

    1. I don’t even think she hired that awful firm in Canada–I think that was hooked up by Valjar and Michelle to help friends out and hand them gazillions when they had failed in other projects and venues. Sebelius is not even a procurement boob–she is just a I don’t even know…kind of a figurehead? “Oh, mercy, the website is down again…what to do what to do.”

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