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Video || Bush: Not “Good for the Country” for Me to Slam Obama

Class act, especially given President Obama dissed him at ever turn.

A rare public appearance by Bush, seen here on the Jay Leno show. Thought this was entertaining. In part two, which you can click on off the video, he presents Leno with a portrait.

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  1. “not good for the country”…?

    Sorry but not ‘slamming’/calling out “Barack Hussein Obama” and the class-less, hate-filled Neo-Socialists Democrats (Reid, Pelosi, etc.) has been ‘bad for the country’ (re: check the news GW from 2008 to today)

  2. Whatever you can day about Bush #41 & #43, neither responded to the considerable abuse, most of it without basis, heaped them by their successors. There must be something to men who did not know their fathers and were raised by indulgent mothers, such as blaming men who behave responsibly as regards their families.

    • Let me be frank.

      As a person you are the Man.
      But…While you are looking magnanimous, Mr. President George W Bush, our beloved Constitution has more holes in it than the 18 holes x 150 times played by President Substandard in his 4+ years.

      Because you are the type of person to not defend yourself, or knock your opponents or subsequent Presidents we are now left with this guy.

      People voted for him because he was the anti-YOU.
      Yeah, the #1 reason we are stuck with him is because you didn’t want to defend your policies and actions (some of which were wonderful, some sucked big time, and some never reach fruition).

      And now we are suffering.
      Not just unhappy.

      We need someone to stick up for us.

      More IMPORTANTLY…we need someone to stick up for the Constituition. Because it is cut up and repasted back together. It looks like a Picasso drawing.

    • I spent yrs almost hating Bush–his frat boy heh heh heh….his wars…but I feel less rage now. I am not counting on him to take Obama to task. That is not his job.

      • I disagreed a great deal with Bush also. Right or wrong as they may be, we get suttle opinions from other Presidents. I would like to hear his opinion as well.

  3. Thanks for posting the video, Keith. Mr. Bush is a class act. He seems very genuine and he’s able to laugh at himself. The comparison between the former President and the oaf now occupying the Oval Office is staggering.

  4. I too was a Bush-hater for many years. (I’m a recovering Democrat.) and I still don’t think he’ll ever be ranked as one of our greatest presidents. but compared to Obama, Bush was Lincoln, Washington, and Gandhi rolled into one.

  5. Bush was fearless; Obama is a coward…and a liar.

    DEMS criticized Bush for his ‘Pet Goat’ moment when 9/11 happened. What they neglected to say is that Bush was not allowed to leave the classroom until the SS had assessed the situation, swept the grounds, and deemed it safe for him to leave. When they were airborne, Bush wanted to go back to the WH but the SS would not allow it. He wasn’t hiding from anyone – just following orders.

    Obama, on the other hand, left everyone else in charge of Benghazi while he slithered off to hide in an unknown location – never to be heard from until the next day. He isn’t worthy shining Bush’s boots.

    • I heard also they didn’t want to panic the children. At the time, we didn’t know what other targets may have been picked and we were all waiting for the other shoe to drop.

      I don’t know if Obama could handle a horrific situation as calmly as that.

    • George Bush wasn’t fearless.

      His biggest mistake, and those of his Cabinet/Joint Chiefs was worrying what the public think about death and destruction in Iraq.
      By that I mean, it seemed obvious that the President and his Generals (Tommy Franks) didn’t go full force in the beginning, worrying that the Public wouldn’t be behind a lot of force.

      Instead, what we got was not enough troops to shock and awe the Baathists et al. We could have knocked them out (the surge proved that) but the President and his team didn’t want to overdue it, probably afraid of the public’s reaction with the election coming up the following year.

      that’s just my opinion.

      • Agree.

        Sept 12, 2001 the US should have unleashed a “Crusade” = “kill em all let Allah sort them out”.
        We should have done done what Alexander The Great, the Mongols, the British & Soviets could not do in Afghanistan… turn it into a parking lot.

  6. George Bush has no need to trash Obama. It would be pointless. Obama is destroying his own legacy every day. He reminds me of a sad, odd character from a Poe short story or a Dorian Gray type character. There he is, wandering the corridors of the White House in the middle of the night, mumbling incoherently to himself. He shuffles along, smoking a cigarette, ashes falling on his torn, shabby bathrobe. Two days beard growth on his face. He stops at each presidential portrait on the wall, stares at it with his baggy eyes and asks, “Where did it all go wrong?” Then, he hears a sharp, loud, blood curdling voice from the First Bedroom. “Barry, you get your butt back in here. Are you smoking again??”

  7. Agree that it’s best for presidents in general to keep quiet about their successors, since for one thing it’s likely to be seen as spiteful — especially when someone who left office with a low approval rating criticizes someone who’s gotten a fawning press and cult-like devotion. The people who don’t already see Obama as a terribly destructive and incompetent president are the same people who still blame Bush for the banking crisis (and forget they had several pretty good years before that), and who think he lied his way into war with Iraq.

    It isn’t as though there’s no one else who can make the case against Barack.

    • There are so many differences between W and O…and, honestly, I don’t how smart W is or isn’t, etc., etc., etc. But, W did have leadership skills – skills that are in-born – not bred. And, he sure was smart enough to “hire” people who were smarter than he was in their chosen field of expertise. He surrounded himself with dedicated experts – the mark of a true leader. I liked him.

      • One of the important issues is the staff and advisers a President brings to the White House. George B, as I remember, had a decent group around him. Obama has collected a gaggle of social misfits and third rate minds and placed them in important positions. We see the results every day.

        • I think Bush could be genuinely funny–unlike the other one. He also loved his dog unlike the other one. And I think his concern for the veterans and about AIDS in Africa is quiet and real. But I am not dewy-eyed over this guy even now.

  8. And what in bloody hell is he smiling about? Sure he always cries when he meets the wounded warriors. He cries because they are missing arms or legs because he sent them in to pacify Iraq and to bring the Iraqis DEMOCRACY.

    His father was “kinder and gentler” and gave us Clinton, and he was the “compassionate conservative” and gave us Obama. I wonder what his brother Jeb will be?

    What a family of RINOs.

    • Did you see the part of the Leno interview with Bush where they said your mother is so cool and outspoken and Bush said, well, it depends on what end of that outspokenness you are on. When he told he was running for governor, she said, “You won’t win.” She has also said Jeb should not run.