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Ten People for Obama to Fire – Now!

President Obama doesn’t seem to be able to figure out whom to fire over the boondoggle.

Well guess what? I figured it out for him!

As a public service, White House Dossier has decided to pitch in with the Democrats’ never-ending quest to make government “efficient” by offering up ten people Obama can fire immediately.

Starting with the White House chief of staff.

It’s all in this article I wrote for Politico. I hope you’ll take a look!


23 thoughts on “Ten People for Obama to Fire – Now!”

  1. Very good and thanks for introducing me to 9 people I’ve never heard of before. I’d have Valerie Jarrett on that list afterall she’s Obama’s brain as they say :)

    The Politico commenters seem to agree with you, just saw one who tried to defend Obama…..poorly.

    1. My thoughts, too. Who the heck are these people and what do they do all day?

      The ones who sat before Congress and lied through their teeth that everything was just great did so for political, not personal reasons. They had to be coached, sent out to protect the President, all to keep the Repubs in the dark.

      The smart move would have been to fire the contractors that created the website, blaming everything on them. It’s too late for that now, and firing anonymous middle level donks won’t mean a thing.

      1. Lambrew and Baitman are not household names. Trenkle was a Friday news dump.

        The names are only an indicator of the felons – it’s “hubris” that created this medical mess.

      1. Who gave the final order to rollout Obamacare on Oct 1 ? The buck stops there, at Obama’s desk.

        I keep thinking back to that horrible shutdown where Obama inflicted as much pain as possible on the American people, from WW2 vets to families having their vacations disrupted. He blamed the GOP for those decisions he made too. Now blaming the GOP for the miserable failure that is Ocare.

        Now we know that everyone knew Ocare wasn’t ready, Ted Cruz tried to warn us yet the media blamed him for the shutdown ?

  2. A well done and researched piece, Keith. Each one has their demerits and I don’t know if 1-10 is an order or just the list since each has contributed to the defunctionality of Obamacare.
    But this just deals with the website. What about the grandfather clauses and everything else wrong with this bill which has been under the Executive Branch’s control.

    Frankly, I’m amazed at your decision making process that allowed you narrowed it down to just 10.
    good job.

    1. Lying to and misleading the American people should carry some kind of penalty. Martha Stewart was sent to prison for lying to a fed about a personal stock market transaction that didn’t cost the taxpayers anything. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a booty call.

      I’d be happy if Congress just took away Obama’s Executive Order magic wand which he seems to be abusing, leading by decree.

    1. I do think it could have come up that 70% of the website has not yet been built and it’s a portal into the systems of all contributing agencies’ systems. Kinda important.

  3. Add Sparky Carney because he’s a lying little twerp and I can’t stand him. Sebelius with the caveat that she not be allowed back in the state
    of Kansas ever and never hold public office.

  4. I’m impressed, Keith. Never heard of more than half of the people you suggest be fired, but you sure do know them. Well done, but don’t hold your breath waiting for their firing. This regime goes out of their way to employ the most corrupt, criminal scoundrels available. Why? Because their mission was not to produce a functioning, well-ordered website to sell their tainted wares. The mission of this regime is 1) to loot the treasury, and 2) impose authoritarian power and control over the American people.

  5. YIKES ! I knew Gov’t was big, but not that big.
    All those people in charge, yet no one has been fired.
    If Obama is the Chief Executive Officer, and I have my doubts, the failure is his and his alone.

    1. Spread the wealth around, Cisco. Obama is not running on any ticket. Better to start pointing to the Dems who supported this garbage and upend their butts next November.

  6. Keith – there you go again being all logical and practical…..great article!

    One of the other readers made a great point. These idiots are only the ones with direct responsibility for the web site. How about a top 10 list for the writers of the legislation?

  7. Read your article, Keith, and agree with it 100 percent. There are others who should also be put on the first stagecoach out of Washington, but this list is a good start.

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