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Video || Emperor Obama’s New Clothes

Hans Christan Andersen’s classic children’s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is retold with some surprising new faces!

Check this out. I think you’ll enjoy it.

H/T to theronniebus.

43 thoughts on “Video || Emperor Obama’s New Clothes”

  1. Three minutes in and I could almost feel my blood-pressure rising, while having that familiar queasy feeling as I look at the people who are so cavalier with the lives of my family.
    Millionaires all, who have no concept of paying the utility bill or making that car payment that hundreds of millions of Americans face every month. Their glib and careless statements about their actions to destroy individual freedoms as if they alone should make those decisions are sickening.

    It’s hard to find anything humorous about the DC elites who wish to rule the lives of my family.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Keith. It is a great adaptation of the legendary naked emperor, but I agree with srdem. It’s hard to laugh about the financial and societal destruction Obamacare is wreaking on the American people. In my opinion, the author miscast John Boehner as the boy who spoke the truth about the emperor. It was Senator Cruz who exposed the Big Lie of the liberty-stealing health insurance scam nicknamed Obamacare.

  3. Thank you all for the kind comments! My wife is Danish so I’m very familiar with this tale. The video popped up on YouTube one night, and for some reason I watched a little of it. I burst out laughing thinking about it in this context. My video almost made itself. lol
    The hardest part was deciding which photos of Biden and Holder went the best with the emotion in the audio portion of the real video. I literally only cut out some silent parts in the original audio track here and there to speed up the retelling. Other than those edits, the audio is EXACTLY what was on the the real video. SMH!

  4. Chauncey Gardner…yet they are busy taxing and building their police state…Don’t get too distracted…

    With this communist’s always KABUKI

  5. “woi! dala tu jom cepat, kita siapkan sebelum bapak rimau tu jadi bapak beruang baik kita wat dulu.” Sya menasihati kawan-kawannya..mmm pe nak wat da memang salah diorang pun, hari pertama sekolah da lambat, tula pandai sangat suruh atuk berhentikan kereta kat hujung selekoh konon tak mahu menunjuk.

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