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Sure, November 30, No Problem

A top official involved in the development and repair of the Obamacare website testified Tuesday that the Obamageeks have yet to complete 30 to 40 percent of the resuscitation project.

According to CMS Deputy Chief Information Officer Henry Chao, the front of the website works great. But the systems beneath that make things happen are still a mess.

From the Washington Post:

Parts of the project that users would see — notably the Web portal, — are 100 percent finished, he said. But “the accounting systems, the payment systems, they still need to be” completed, Chao said.

The payment system Chao referred to relates to the subsidies many low- and middle-income people will receive to help them buy insurance on the state and federal Web sites. In most cases, government subsidies will be paid directly to the insurers. People getting the subsidies will simply pay the discounted premiums.

Also yet to be finished is a component that ensures that the state and federal marketplaces and the insurers have accurate, matching information about enrollments. Officials are also still working on a system that makes payments to insurers that attract high-risk patients. These systems must be in place by January, officials have said.

White House officials were seen on the South Lawn this morning with their arms outstretched to the Heavens asking God whether He had sufficient knowledge of html and PHP to help.

22 thoughts on “Sure, November 30, No Problem”

  1. Taxpayer:That sure looks great! Shiny, great new car smell! Why is it on blocks?
    Where are the seats? Console? Dashboard? It’s not completely built?
    It was in the showroom on those fancy rims!
    BHO:Well, when we let people look inside, they discovered it wasn’t quite, well, working. But I didn’t know about those problems.
    Taxpayer:Won’t the warranty take care of these things?
    BHO:That’s another problem. But I can get you in one next month for only $1-trillion.
    Taxpayer:I’m getting back in my old car.
    BHO:That won’t be as easy as you think, but I’m working on it.

    1. lol. On top of all that, once they get it all together, they’re going to leave extra ignition keys and your address at the bus station.

    2. Excellent!
      We have her all painted and buffed out with new rims and tires. Wait Oh you wanted an engine too, a transmission and brakes geez that will take a bit longer and quite a few more dollars.

  2. “White House officials were seen on the South Lawn this morning with their arms outstretched to the Heavens asking God …”

    Too late. I suggest they keep their distance from the outdoors. G-d is quite skilled with lightening and thunder.

  3. Amazing! And on top of this it is a hacker’s dream and an individual’s security nightmare. How long will this charade go on? This is a corrupt and incompetent Administration.

    Repeal the thing and let Obama golf out his second term.

  4. VPBiden called it “God willing”. Things have become so intense in the WhiteHouse that they need divine intervention to get this monster up and running.

  5. OT. How inexcusable that this President refuses to honor this country and those who died it – on both sides – at Gettysburg.

    Obama is a failure as an American President.

    1. Ken Burns had various personalities and dignitaries reading parts of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and when Dear Leader read his part that mentioned God, he omitted it.
      So I don’t think God is gonna’ help on this one.
      He’s a little busy in the Philippines.

    1. We’re all screwed. Every ‘glitch’ ‘flaw’ and ‘failure’ has a cost and the cost is going to be passed on – over and above what we’ve already paid for.

  6. In the midst of all the website madness, Brett Baier reported that Obama’s National Security advisor is denying a report that Obama will write a letter of apology to the people of Afghanistan acknowledging mistakes made during the 12 yr. war. BUT he did say Obama might write a letter of assurance to Afghans as part of an agreement allowing U.S. troops to remain after everyone leaves next year.

    Is this insanity? Obama has just perpetrated the greatest fraud against the American people, and he is thinking of apologizing to Afghans for the ‘sins’ of George W. Bush! He had nothing to do with anything – it’s all Bush’s fault! And Obamacare? It’s all the fault of the Republicans b/c they didn’t offer to help!

    There is some serious stuff going on here. Cap’t Queeg is losing it. I would suggest that the WH staff start removing all ink pens from the Oval Office before he starts going crazy with the EO’s. From what I read about last night’s 15 minute phone call with his base, it sounds like he needs an intervention. He’s beginning to sound like Nixon. If he starts to wander the hallways in the middle of the night talking to the portraits of Presidents hanging on the walls, we have a problem. I take that back – we have a problem now!

  7. If they are no better at expediting the co-ordination of Health care benefits & payments than they are at expediting the co-ordination of the benefits & payment schedules of their Health care Website, then many Citizens will be pronounced dead before the website is pronounced healthy and able.

  8. Obama will have another hot mess when people learn their subsidies expire in 3 years. The high premiums will be unaffordable for many and they’ll lose their insurance. Which brings us back to square one – millions of uninsured.

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