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Video || Karl: Obama to “Change Team”

But not just yet. He needs them to clean up the mess.

13 thoughts on “Video || Karl: Obama to “Change Team””

  1. Brings to mind a Sienfield episode about “teams” and “changing teams”, butt that might not be what the fella is talking about. Or is it?

  2. That’s the ticket. Have the bumblers fix the engine, then hand it off to competent, experienced people. That ALWAYS works. And just for giggles, who exactly would want to ass-ume the responsbility for running this train wreck after it is “fixed”? Sane, competent managers do not usually flock to this kind of hornets nest.


    1. He has got a sharia czar? Sheesh… Lefties sure aren’t going to like life under sharia. Their hedonistic lifestyles and free birth control will come to an abrupt end once those fascists take control.

      1. True. I find it absolutely astounding that the MSM completely ignores the presence of these people in the White House. It’s not that they are Muslims, but that they are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.The Muslim Brotherhood, as we know, is the mothership of the Jihadist movement. If you read their charter, they are sworn to spread Sharia throughout the world, and do it by any means possible.

  3. Oh yes, that’s the way to motivate and produce a top quality product – come out and tell the workers “work harder, get things fixed by the end of the month, improve the features, and then we’re going to fire most of you and get a better team.”

    Shouldn’t the “better team” have already been hired to produce the better product?

  4. When I read the article about the six working for the President in the White House, I just could not believe it, and after we lost 3000 people to murder on September 11, 2001! It just doesn’t seem possible that this was happening in our beloved country.

    Mr. Obama must get a real kick out of having these guys in the White House, oh the sadistic power he must feel!

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