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Obamacare Compared to Catastrophic Coverage Debacle

Oh no.

Obamacare is now being compared to the 1988 law that added a catastrophic coverage benefit to Medicare. See, that was a benefit that in a certain way was similar to Obamacare in that your friendly federal government was giving the people something the federal government thought was good for them except THE PEOPLE DIDN’T WANT IT.

Oh boy. The scheisse really hit the fan that time.

Seniors found out they had to pay a hefty premium for the coverage. Many already had such coverage, and didn’t want to pay for those who didn’t.

Some of you may remember this gratifying moment, when Dan Rostenkowski, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, was given his comeuppance by an angry group of seniors who were not to be messed with.

6 thoughts on “Obamacare Compared to Catastrophic Coverage Debacle”

  1. Nope. Don’t recall anything about that. We were too busy trying to launch the kids out of the nest then and didn’t pay attention to what they were planning in DC for a bunch of old fogeys (that we would never be….young forever don’tcha know).

    The powers that be in DC just can’t stop putzing and futzing with our lives as they think they need to be changed.
    If Obamacare shows anything to the public, it’s time for the DC elites to quit trying to micro-manage 300 million ethnically, racially, different in every way citizens who are perfectly capable of running their own lives.

    1. I’m with you, srdem. What goes on in Washington, D.C. was the farthest thing from our mind back then. We were too busy with jobs and raising a family. This time it’s different. This is our liberty and our lives these masterminds are messing with.

  2. Subsequently charged with ghost payrolling (a Chicago favorite), jury tampering, misuse of government funds, cash-for-stamps, and other assorted crimes. Convicted and did time in federal pokey. Eventually pardoned by Bubba. If he were still around, his experience might be an asset to the current regime.

  3. “They don’t understand what the government is trying to do for them.”
    Oh, yes we do….many of us understand – and the ranks of understanding are growing.
    (Note: may not be an exact quote from the clip)

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