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The Obama Morning News || November 18, 2013

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  1. “Obamacare’s threat to liberalism . . . Todd Purdum”

    Liberalism is general will fail wherever, whatever, and however it is used. Human beings simply will not work like that, and wishing won’t make it so.
    Even with massive State control (Cuba, Russia, the unlamented East Germany, etc.), all it does is kill a lot of people without changing their behavior in the slightest.

    Unfortunately, each generation needs to learn the same lesson over because it refuses to learn from its elders. People like Obama believe the reason Socialism failed was because THEY weren’t running it, and if only someone as smart as THEM gets in charge, it WILL work this time! As a result, every generation has to elect a warm, fuzzy sounding Democrat just to find out for THEMSELVES what doesn’t work. Sorry, people are not chess pieces, and have a will of their own that will NOT conform to YOUR will – unless it’s in THEIR OWN self-interests. Kings, dictators, emperors, kaisers, all find this out the hard way. Liberalism, regardless of who’s in charge, is no different.

    Perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky that its failiings are showing up so obviously on something that doesn’t involve tanks. Although it still could…

  2. WH trying to move more out of Gitmo…

    Purely from an economic point of view, the administration says Guantanamo is too costly. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told Congress that annual spending on Guantanamo was $454 million — or about $2.7 million per detainee.

    It takes a special kind of chutzpah and there’s certainly no shortage of it in the WH to even comment on the cost of prisoners, while the WH has spent a billion dollars on vacations [security, travel, housing for agents, etc]. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to move the Obamas out of the WH and keep the Gitmo prisoners in place.

    1. Did you see 60 Minutes last nite–with the guards at Gitmo wearing “splash guard” masks against poor prisoner behavior and the “poor abused prisoners” screaming threats. Keep them someplace…despite Leslie’s big red smeary lips writhing in sympathy for their plight.

    1. They weren’t at the basketball game to support the home team, but to support MrsO’s brother’s team. Of course they’re going to get boo-ed.
      Or, a busload of old, White, racist, terroristic tea-party supporters were brought into the arena for the single purpose to disrespect MrObama because he’s an Af-Am..

    2. Huffington Post had a bit of audio, but you couldn’t tell much. It sounded like a few cheers and a few boos. But the clip is revealing in that it shows Michelle Obama’s face–she looks like she’s back to not being proud of her country.

      1. HuffPo? I haven’t been there since my former BFF Arrianne had me banned from commenting due to my non-adoring comments about the DearLeader or his wife.

  3. Obama must share center stage with Clintons – wreath laying ceremony at Arlington, Nov. 22

    A menage a trois at the gravesite of JFK on the Anniversary of his assassination?
    What in h*ll’s bells is going on here? Have they no shame? Politicking on the grave of JFK?
    Everyone knows Obama is whistling past the proverbial graveyard…but this is obscene.
    Who gets to place the wreath? Is there going to be a three-way tug-of war?

    And what about poor BiteMe? Was he forced to cede his VP duties to the Clintons? It’s bizarre!

    1. Agree. I hope there is a lot of criticism of the Clintons horning in. If BillyBoy is there as a former President, where are Carter and the two Bushes? Next they’ll be forcing Schumer out so that Chelsea can have his seat.

      1. I was thinking the same thing… about inviting the two Bushes and Carter. Then again, no one ever accused Obama of having ‘class’. It must kill him to have Hill and Bill towering over him. We know how he loves to share the spotlight /sarc/

      2. BTW, the Hill does have a post on the Clintons and Obamas going to Arlington on Wednesday, but it’s called Three is a Crowd. The link I get here on WHD goes to the Guantanamo story.

          1. Media Matters is devoted almost exclusively to monitoring Fox. MM is included in a weekly conference call with the White House, probably Carney and Jesse Lee. With that in mind, I’m sure someone at MM is in near-constant, if not constant, contact with the White House.

          2. He probably through his shoe at the TV. He can blame and ignore all his scandels on someone else, but he can’t keep anyone from saying someone is cooler than him.
            NOT YET!

    2. The battle for the inheritance of the mantle of Kennedy’s Camelot will be decided in a cage match between teams Preezy and Billary. Last fraud standing gets to lay the wreath.

      1. They have Caroline Kennedy out of the country too in Japan. I would have thought that she would have wanted to be there for the anniverary.

  4. re: Joe Curl, et al
    The trope is popping up all over the opinion pages, from far right to far left; MrObama’s Obamacare woes are like MrBush’s Katrina. or MrClinton’s ‘blue dress’ lies. Once someone finds something to divert the stark truth of the ACA’s effect on the public, the Dem’s fraud of a law, and MrObama’s lies and distortions, slow thinking pundits think it’s a good idea.

    The ACA is not like Hurricane Katrina, Obamacare is not like enjoying then lying about oral sex in the Oval Office with an intern, nor is it even like raising taxes after a politician promised it wouldn’t happen. Obamacare was a deliberate, well thought out Ponzi-type scheme invented, promoted and enacted solely by the Democrat Congress.

    MrCurl is a much better writer and deeper thinker who shouldn’t follow the herd of pundits who try to mitigate MrObama and the Democrats from the literary thrashing they so deserve.

      1. Somehow the press can never look at a situation without trying to compare it to something–in the case of something the Obama admin did, it has tro be something “worse” the other side did. Such poor reasoning.

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