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Hey Barack, That’s No Way to Treat Your Own Posse!

Are Obama’s most ardent acolytes being tricked into donating?

Members of Obama’s cadre of political foot soldiers, Organizing for Action, received a message in their inboxes today with the sending name “Barack Obama” attached.

Just like the cardinals getting an email from Jesus!

Here’s what The One had to say:

Tonight, I’m getting on the phone to talk with OFA supporters, and I hope you can make it — I’m counting on folks like you to keep fighting for change.

The call starts at 8:15 p.m. Eastern Time, so RSVP to save your spot right now:

Thanks — talk soon,


So, follow the link and you find a webpage saying this:

President Obama is joining an exclusive call with OFA supporters to talk about what’s next in the fight for change. It starts at 8:15 p.m. Eastern Time tonight, November 18th.

RSVP now to save your spot — and you’ll receive instructions to join the call:

Fill in your email and zip code and presto, you see this:

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 3.29.29 PM

Rut Roh! Looks like I gotta pay to play. Oh well, I’ll chip in $5 even though I’m already working hard for The Chief and getting scary looks from Tea Party types as I knock on doors for Obama’s latest urgent need. So here you go, five bucks for the cause.

And . . .  wait a second. It took a couple of minutes, but I just got an email with those “instructions to join the call.” But I didn’t know it was coming by email! AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE. I thought  . . .  Oh well, I love him, but I already know I can’t trust him.

You can listen to the call at .

57 thoughts on “Hey Barack, That’s No Way to Treat Your Own Posse!”

  1. So is this how Barack is making $ to live after 2016…

    I am sorry, but I am curious how a nobody politican from Chicago, with no ‘life/career/work history’ became a “multi-millionare” after becoming a “US Senator” and somehow “President”…???

  2. So how many hundreds of millions did THIS website fundraising scam cost the taxpayer? But look on the bright side: At least we know there’s ONE person in the administration who doesn’t need 5 years to learn how web commerce works.

  3. huh, so he’s not “calling” you, but you can listen on line/e-mail, what?

    I get it now.
    You didn’t donate enough money to get a personal call from the BigGuy, so all you get for your measly $5 is a chance to log on to a canned speech.

  4. Keith,

    There is only one Cardinal who is a cardinal or bishop of Rome, That person is the pope. Even though there are other cardinals living and working in Rome, I am almost certain (after 13 years of a Catholic education) that all of those cardinals are the titular bishop of another city. I think the expression you meant to use was the College of Cardinals.

    I point this out because we all want to make sure the site is always factually correct. Plus I have heard that if we post a critical comment, the IRS moves your fans down on the list of upcoming audits.

      1. srdem65,

        I m almost positive that Mother Superior would favor Keith over Barack. One (the former) supports religion and the expression of religious views and condemns governmental interference with religion and one (the latter) does none of those things. So while I learned to dread the calls to the office, not this time.

    1. Pope Francis I is the Bishop of Rome. His cathedral is St. Giovanni Laeterno, St.John Laetern, one of The Eternal City’s seven major basilicas. Each honors a relic of faith. This has the Sancta Scala, the steps Christ ascended to appear before Pilate. Pilgrims used to ascend the steps on their knees. When I was there, the steps had large low spot from the many knees of pilgrims. Work had begun to cover them to prevent their loss.
      St. Peter’s is Pope Francis I’s church as Holy Father. The bones of Peter, the first pope, are in a vault beneath the main altar. The four columns of the Bernini main alter hold the veil with which Veronica wiped Christ’s face, the lance that pierced Christ’s side and other relics. We take this very seriously.
      srdem65, I spent more time in the office than I can recall.

      1. srdem65 & rawhedrex,
        Never made it to Mother Superiors office. Sister took care of biz’ness in 7th grade homeroom.
        Only later in high school that a yardstick is used to measure distance.
        Sisters of OMF, thank you.

  5. This is not a joke? Is he really still raising money. He should be behind his desk, with sweat on his brow. Working on all of the scandels.
    If he is going to have the nerve to still try to raise money long after his election, He should be raising money for all the people who got knocked off their insurance plan.

    1. Of course he’s still raising money. He can keep every penny contributed directly to him after he leaves office. That’s why the non-stop fundraising. It has nothing to do with forward the Dems’ agenda and everything to do with feathering his nest.

  6. So, any “excuse” from the Obama regime why he will not be at the 150th anniversery of the Gettysburg Address…?

    -Trust me, I am a US Veteran, Patriot, History scholar & Conservative and I do want that fake “Barack Hussein Obama” anywhere near that site of proud US History.

      1. ” Bush, Palin, TeaBaggers, racism, Romney, Palin, racism…racism…racism.
        After that, Obots have pretty much shot their wad and slither back under the wet logs from whence they came.

    1. …and the “WH press corp” or “MSM” has NOTHING to say about that.
      Imagine if Bush did something like this… what would the “WH press corp” or “MSM” have to say…?

      The hypocrisy is pathetic.

    2. I do not like it when the children are subjected to boos.
      And, I would like to make a sincere apology for bantering with Greg last night – but I cannot! I have filled my quota (some days) of ignoring people like him.
      I believe that is basically what got our country into this mess in the first place. We ignored and tolerated and watched as our morals and ethics and tenets were degraded and nearly destroyed.
      I will apologize for calling him names – that was childish.

      1. If I may. considering all the vile names we have been called…terrorist, bomb throwers, jihadist, etc. you were pretty mild. Sometimes ya’ gotta call as ya’ see em’.
        Stay safe, take care.

        1. I will say I laughed when he said that my use of “ME” surely indicated I was in Maine… Thank you for the kind thoughts, CiscoKid. (And I am always careful to note that I am not one of our brave military men and women.)
          God bless you and everyone here – and may God bless America!

  7. Well, at least we know what he means by the ‘fight for change’. It’s getting to be a dog-eat-dog world out there for the panhandler-in-chief. He has to fight for every bit of ‘loose change’ he can shake from the money tree. Beats working for a living.

  8. Wonder if MSNBC will be listening in on the call tonight? Maybe Chrissie can play it all live tonight LOL

    And how do people know that it is Barack on the line?

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