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Obama Golfing at Andrews

President Obama headed out to the links today on an overcast but balmy Sunday, playing at Join Base Andrews with some of his usual crew – trip director Marvin Nicholson, his brother Walt Nicholson, and Joe Paulsen of the White House advance office.

The press pool is “holding at food court in the shadow of the always welcoming Captain D’s Seafood and the Robin Hood Sandwich Shoppe,” according to jocular veteran White House reporter George Condon of National Journal, who’s doing pool service today.

It’s Obama’s 40th time playing this year – more than any previous year of his presidency – and the 151st time he’s been golfing since he assumed office.

40 Responses to Obama Golfing at Andrews

  1. BHO is golfing. Is that fat guy standing next to him with a laurel on his head wearing a toga? Is that a violin he is holding? Do I smell smoke? It’s getting warm!

    • And he, Mooch and the girls are heading to the basketball game in College Park (MD) for the 6pm game….the brother-in-law who is a basketball coach will be there with his team. It will be a nightmare for any students/parents who wanted to see the game because of security.

  2. Well shut my mouth! He managed to get that golf game in, after all.
    This begs the question….what in the sam hill was he doing yesterday? Partying with the Beavers? Too bad the visitor logs are classified information.

    • The sheer narcissism of the man defies belief. He created what
      could be a death sentence for millions of people and did so knowing what he said was a bold face lie. Most would have the
      decency to fake concern but not Obama he just fakes a mea culpa
      and he’s off to the next shinny object. I do believe he’s seriously
      almost deranged he’s surely unfit to serve. The day he faked his
      sorry he was off to a expensive 4 hr plus party with his puppet
      master. What he spent a dinner would pay a family’s insurance
      for a month or more he’s circumventing Congress and making up
      laws at will. Well all those who worship him better wake up because one day the old trickle down will affect them and who
      but themselves will they blame? Bush?

      • “The sheer narcissim of this man defies belief…” = SYCOPHANT/LAZY/ARROGANT/BIASED “Media”, from the so-called “WH Press Corp” to the “MSM” (the Networks to your local TV stations…)

  3. WHAT THE F***?
    This current so-called “Professional” “WH Press Corps” has NO SELF-RESPECT/”PROFESSIONAL PRIDE” to ‘report’ about Obama’s MANY golf games…??? (aka; go sit at a sandwhich shoppe)

    I am sorry, but the few times I turn on MSM news there is NEVER any “report” about “Obama playing golf” every weekend (2009-Present…)

    YET!? I seem to somehow remember everytime Pres. Bush played golf (pre (9/11/2001) it was a MAJOR MSM story

  4. I find it hard to believe that this skinny guy who doesn’t look like he can open a jar of pickles can whack a golf ball more than 50 yards. Every photo or video we’ve seen of him on the golf course brings “Urkel” to mind.
    The SecretService guys probably hide in the weeds or the trees and throw a ball close to the greens so he can think he’s a great golfer.

  5. I can’t believe that there is anyone who can make him listen to how bad this looks amongst all the scandals he is going through. On top of that, he continues to do fundraising.

    On Tuesday, it will be the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg Address. He won’t be there. He is sending the Secretary of Commerce (British by birth). He says he is such a fan of Lincoln, yeah right. Maybe, he meant the car!

    Interesting, how NY Times does not compare GWB and Obama in golf….

  6. Did you guys see Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on the ABC morning show today? She admitted that they all knew that some Americans would lose their health care and that Obama knew it and that he lied! I was amazed at this coming from a NY Democrat. And it’s all on tape, folks!

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