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Obama Didn’t Consult Insurers Before Making Change

President Obama failed to consult insurers before announcing a significant change to Obamacare that could require them to quickly take a variety of actions and will likely cause a significant adverse impact on their bottom line.

Because why do emperors have to talk to their subjects before decreeing divinely-inspired policies?

According to the New York Times, “many” insurers who attended a hastily called meeting Friday at the White House with Obama “expressed anger that the president had not consulted them before Thursday’s announcement.”

In a political move designed to quiet a rebellion among Democrats nervous about their reelection prospects next year, Obama Thursday had sought to partially make good on his promise that Americans could keep their health insurance by putting the onus on insurers to renew plans slated for cancellation under Obamacare – if they want to.

So now insurers are the bad guys if they don’t rescue people from losing their plans!

Meanwhile, those most likely to want to keep their plans are younger and healthier people. But these are the very people insurers are counting on to drop their plans and buy expensive insurance in the exchanges in order to subsidize the older, less-well people who are more likely to participate in Obamacare!

From the New York Times:

At the meeting, insurers emphasized their concerns that the president’s proposal could actually lead to higher insurance prices in 2015 and beyond by skewing the mix of customers in the new insurance marketplace. In other words, people who now have cheaper insurance — because their plans have fewer benefits — may still choose to keep them, rather than buying the new policies. Generally, those people are thought to be younger and healthier.

OMG, consumers keep acting in rational ways despite what the federal government wants them to do!

Insurers backed Obamacare, figuring the government was going to make them a picnic basket of gold nuggets by signing up all these new customers!

But instead of gold nuggets, the government is giving them CHICKEN NUGGETS . That’s what happens when you make a deal with the Devil. The Devil’s in charge.

States, which have to approve the Obama plan, are hopping mad too:

Logan Harrison, chief deputy commissioner of the Indiana Department of Insurance, said his state had not decided how to proceed but the fact that they were having to scramble to do anything was maddening.

“This is absurd,” he said. The president, he said, made a “purely political decision” that punts his problem squarely into the laps of state insurance commissioners. “It’s unfair to us and our citizens.” A number of other state officials, both Democrats and Republicans, echoed Mr. Harrison’s frustration but were not willing to speak on the record.

This issue is arguably the biggest headache for the dozen or so states — from New York to California — that have their own exchanges, some of which are working reasonably well. “We did everything Obama wanted, and this is the thanks we get,” said one high-ranking official in a state with its own exchange. “I can’t tell you how fed up we are.”

Awww. That mean Obama! And who knew the federal government would ever do something absurd?

Here’s a video of Obama comforting an insurance industry official.

58 Responses to Obama Didn’t Consult Insurers Before Making Change

  1. Dear Santa,
    I’ve been pretty good this year. I haven’t hit anyone. I haven’t lied to anyone. I’m nice to people. I open doors for people. I let others in line in front of me. I let cars pull in front of me. So, would it be possible for you to grant me one little wish for Christmas? Could you put some people who actually know something about healthcare and insurance in charge of the healthcare and insurance? Please? I promise to leave you some milk (whole milk) and cookies (fill with fatty ingredients).
    P.S. If you can’t do that, could you please bring a boatload of coal? I know some Folks who can use it!
    Your friend,

    • Dear Artcat,

      No coal for you. Santa’s little elves (the EPA) do not approve. How about a nice boatload of solar panels?

      Ho, ho, ho and happy holidays!

      • Did you see where a bunch of birds migrating have died and/or fried from solar panels? Add that to the eagles who hit the wind turbines.

        I’m pretty sure the EPA will be all over that yellow cake too!

          • Wow, we all posted at about the same time about yet another Obama hypocracy…

            If WE all see it, what’s wrong with the chattering classes that they can’t?

          • I know!!!!! And about your comment below about all that toxic waste from Solyndra, I often wonder why EPA is not all over that. And talk about toxic waste, try to find the pictures showing all the trash left from people crossing the border. Everything from clothes, water bottles, backpacks, rotting food, etc. Once they get here, they dump it. But that’s okay. (I would give links to stuff I talk about, but I have a pea brain that does not hold too much information!)

          • “I often wonder why EPA is not all over that.” – Articat

            Well, I’m sure “Richard Windsor” is a busy “man”, but “he’ll” be all over that at about the same time Eric Holder gets busy on that “fast and furious” investigation…

          • Oh, man, you just hit on my all time head-banging-on-the-desk issue. How on earth did that woman/those people get away with fake email accounts. Even though Ms Jackson is no longer there, she still got away with it. And “they all do it” is not an excuse.
            Correction.. you hit on two of my pet peeve issues. I think Holder is #1 overall. Wish he would go after the criminals as much as he does the citizens.

      • Well, he COULD have the toxic waste left OVER from the making of the solar panels, Solyndra left lots around when they failed…

        Add in a few of the dead eagles from under the windmills, and you’d have a fine replacement for coal in the stockings of bad little “U.S. Persons” who don’t worship at the feet of Obama (yet)…

        Well, I’m sure the President could just give a speech and wish it all away. Worked for heath care, didn’t it? DIDN’T IT?

  2. Why, with all the stuff about the insurance companies and state regulators saying it’s a purely POLITICAL decision on the President’s part to change this, no one there or in Congress seems to be pointing out that it’s a purely ILLEGAL decision on the part of the President to do this?!?

    Last time I looked, the ACA does not have this provision in it. If it did, we wouldn’t be discussing this. The ACA, as written, is what was “passed” by Congress (in a questionable procedure, but that’s another subject), and is the law of the land – AS WRITTEN. The President doesn’t have the LEGAL authority to modify any law he chooses any WAY he chooses, unless there was a line-item veto thing passed that I’m not aware of?

    I know, he does what he wants, when he wants, and NO ONE can question it lest they be called RACIST. I’m just saddened by watching the rule of law eroded yet again, and none so base as to even mourn its passing in either our business OR political classess…

    • Yes, I’ve been wondering where all those “it’s the law of the land” people are now. They were pretty gleeful when last ditch efforts were being made to put the brakes on this train wreck. The law of the land doesn’t seem to mean much right now.

      • Maybe we can get THIS person to question it?

        “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic.”

        “We should stand up and say, we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

        “In just two years, the country again faces hefty budget deficits,” she said. “We are, unfortunately, reaping the bad consequences of a wrong economic policy. They have the most wrong-headed economic policies that we’ve seen since Herbert Hoover.”

        Sounds pretty good, yes? Here, let me look down at the bottom to see who said this…

        – Hillary Clinton

        Whups. Never mind…

    • There are opinions that the requirements for insurance policy changes were not in the law itself, but in the mountain of regulations that allowed MrsSillybus to add anything she wanted as a mandate.
      The law is full of she shall, she may, she anything she wants, and she did.

    • WRT legal…Depends on what language is in the regulation sections. Each law usually has a chunk of junk enabling each department to enforce said law. That leaves most everything open to interpretation, lawsuits, and jack booted thugs decending on your home or business. See Gibson guitar etc.
      Happy to be wrong but suspect there is mouse print somewhere that will cover the guilty.

    • The thousands upon thousands of regulations were written and tweaked by HHS, during and after the ACA was passed, if I understand it correctly. One more overlooked note to this curse of obamacare is that the advisory board has yet to be appointed and approved by both houses January 2014.

      America never had an emperor until 2008, so the illegal aspects are certainly an issue. How’s that for an understatement.

    • I am so tired of this man getting a free ride with his partial race issue. This could have been his mom in this postion with her insurance being stolen. I would like to hear from everyone in Congress: What are you going to do about this MESS!!!
      This is America and all of our representatives have a job to do in helping to keep our country as it should be. If it risk their job, so be it. This is America.

  3. I think it was a deliberate decision to not consult. Just a way to try and give dems up for reelection cover for 2014. The supposed fix is only for one year.

  4. “chicken nuggets” LOL. YeeHaw.
    “emphasized their concerns” LOL. I bet.

    If MrO had set out to make something awful even worse he scored a big one. It’s no longer a fumble but a fumble that put the football in the opponent’s end zone.
    Oh yay, he says they can keep their insurance, but will veto a bill that says they can keep their insurance……OMG how incredibly stupid.

    This bumbling, lying President constantly reveals that he knows absolutely nothing about how a business operates or how a government governs.
    He should resign to save himself further disgrace and to show that he really does care about the USA.

    • I have spoken to several people who feel, to late, nothing we can do, etc. I keep going back to the 60’s and 70″s. With all the issues this country had to deal with back than: I can’t recall anyone feeling that way. If we were all ask back than what would you do in certain circumstances, the reply would have been a lot different than what we are allowing “OUR COUNTRY” to turn into.

  5. I may be wishfully thinking, but I think quite a few Americans are over the “we are so smokin’ hip with our black president” thing and now are seeing money fly out of their wallets.

  6. “Insurers backed Obamacare, figuring the government was going to make them a picnic basket of gold nuggets by signing up all these new customers!”

    What’s that old saying…something about lying down with dogs only gets you fleas. That’s where the insurance companies who fell for the silver-tongued devil are finding themselves.

  7. I keep thinking ot the George W. Bush cartoon: “Miss me yet?’

    As much as I would like to see Obama suffer the humiliating effects of his criminal activities into next year’s mid-terms, how are we, as a nation, going to cope with the chaos for another year? Round Two with the employer mandate will begin in less than a year.

    Obamacare must be repealed STAT! It’s unfixable, not to mention a criminal enterprise. Lies, (campaign) bribes, and videotapes (Project Veritas).

    What if We the People declare a National Day of Cancellation wherein all aggrieived parties hold rallies to protest and demand the cancellation of Obamacare? Obama did not consult with the voters re Obamacare The majority has always opposed it. Taxation without representation

    • You forgot the ‘sex’ part of sex, lies and videotape.

      No need to remind anyone that $716 billion was cut from Medicare and United Health is cutting thousands of doctors from Medicare Advantage. They stole from Peter to pay Paul. For the seniors in Medicare Advantage, the WH didn’t even bother to buy them a drink and dinner before screwing them.

  8. Here in CA, the Obama-servient administration immediately kow-towed and agreed that insurance companies can continue to sell any policy they wish. Not that the insurance companies think that’s a good idea. But Obama said it, and that means the California government thinks it’s a holy and inspired idea.

  9. Chicken Nuggets instead of Gold Nuggets. Good one!!
    Reminds me of Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon II – “They f**k you at the drive thru.”
    Looks like the insurance companies got f**ked at Barack Obama’s drive thru.

    • No golf today? Too hung over from 4 hours at Nora’s last night? Or could be the Beavers arrived early and are chucking it up at the Big White today. Wonder if the Muslim players on the team will refuse to stand for the National Anthem again.

  10. That’s an impressive set of facts. So, how many of our military have been killed in action since MrObama became CiC?
    How many people has he killed by ordering drone strikes?

    How many people are now so poor they need government aid to feed their families since MrO was elected?
    What’s the unemployment rate for young Americans, no matter what race?
    I’ll check back for your impressive facts on those questions.
    Thank you.

  11. People who fought Obamacare and now are caught up in this mess, that is a real tragedy, but otherwise, oh, the wonderful Schadenfreude to finally watch the arrogant Obama twist and squirm and to see and hear Obamamedia looking for ways to get around and/or out of this quicksand.
    That video of Barry trying to get the ball into the net comes to my mind. He tried and tried, looking more and more like a desperate little boy. He lacked the technique, he was inept , he pushed people aside to get his way, it was a telling moment. A guy like that, the president ??? Really ???

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  13. He didn’t care what Americans thought about healthcare either, why are insurers surprised? His entire stint in the White House has been the “All about Obama” show.