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ValJar Birthday Celebration!

Updated 12:10 pm ET

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama headed out of the White House this evening to celebrate First Friend Valerie Jarrett’s birthday at Washington’s Restaurant Nora, a local expensive eatery.

It’s America’s FIRST CERTIFIED ORGANIC RESTAURANT, according to Restaurant Nora.

It’s been around for many years. Kind of a traditional destination for nicely scrubbed Washingtonians.

Jarrett turned 57 Thursday. Dinner lasted more than four and a half hours, with the Obamas arriving at 6:58 pm ET and departing the restaurant at 11:39 pm.

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      1. Not really. One of my sidelines is manufacturing acronyms, which in their original form are existing words, i.e., ERA-Equal Rights Amendment, NOW-National Organization (of) Women(for some reason prepositions are not considered unless the creators make them part of the acronym. NAFTA, NATO are disqualified as they are not a word in and of themselves. You know, I’m like, real!

  1. It’s going to take a lot of organic wine or spirits to make this birthday dinner a happy one.
    Nobody in that group left “work” in a good mood.

    1. am sure MOTUS will need to get some snacks on the way home after such a yummy meal.. can you just see BO’s face.. what, no real burgers??

  2. Funny, I can’t recall ANY President in my lifetime who ventured outside the confines of the WH and/or private residences of familiy/close friends to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, date night, or casual stuff such as basketball games or trips to PETCO. Then again, we have never had a PINO (president in name only). Or a former slum landlord as second in command. Strange times!

    1. Excellent observation! This WH occupant has skated solely on his race. If blacks want to be considered equal, then blacks need to bear the burden. BTW, I had a black roommate in the dormitory in 1961. Our HS had black athletes and cheerleaders. I never encountered an instance of racist behavior. Our football coach was from Kentucky and our track coach was from Texas. Race never figured; willingness to achieve and win for the team was all that mattered!

    2. Of course not, because the actually had respect for their position and the fact that venturing out causes massive traffic and security snarls, not to mention the lost revenue at the restaurant since I’m sure all of the surrounding tables have to be removed.

      But why in the world would they care about any of that. They are both the biggest narcissists I’ve ever seen.

    1. You ARE paying for it, you’re just not GETTING it. Please remit your arm and leg to;

      ValJar Birthday Extravaganza
      c/o The IRS
      1111 Constitution Ave
      NW Washington, DC 20224

      Oh, and don’t ask the Obamacare panel to approve replacements either. They’re still working on the 100 or so applications they’ve gotten so far…

        1. I think BO’s a Kennedy and besides he is a Portuguese Water Dog so he can swim. The young Sunny on the other hand …. not politically connected.

          1. no bridges on the WH Lawn.. but still lmao

            Very true, nothing on either dog lately. Never did get an answer on if they got an exemption on ACA from their owner?

  3. ValJar; Allah Akbar for you and your muslim brother Barry. NEVER, NOT NOW, TOMORROW, NOT EVEN WHEN I’M IN THE GROUND.
    You having seriously underestimated the American people.
    ” An American behind every blade of grass ” ADM. Yamamoto

    1. ” Yes Waiter I will have an ORGANIC RACK of POODLE Medium well , A BOWL of Collard Greens , A slice of HUMBLE PIE and I’d like to wash it down with some MAD DOG 20-20 and a couple of 40’s LOL By the way waiter since this is a BUSINESS MEAL PUT THIS ALL ON 1 CHECK we will let the TAXPAYERS PAY for the FIRST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY BASH !!! OH by the way put yourself down for a 5% TIP NOW LEAVE US ALONE !!!

  4. One of the great mysteries of the current White House is the specific role, purpose and impact of Valerie Jarrett on US domestic and international policies. The MSM doesn’t vet her, the Dems seem to stay away from her. She is like a Rasputin, haunting Obama’s every move and decision. She shows up on television rarely, yet Obama has admitted that he goes to her for advice (and approval?) on every major issue. We don’t know who she is, or have much of a clue of her background, her world view, her values. Why is this?

    1. Yes, I am hoping to live long enough to read the history books that reveal all about this administration. I assume ValJar is a flattering friend to Just-Call-Me-Meesh-Antoinette, an apparently obsequious team-mate, but actually a quiet but stern guide to The One, and a terror to everyone else in the WH.

      1. Yes, I think Valerie is the O’s political handler. She’s been circling him since early in his early Chicago days, and has been hanging around Michelle just as long. Perhaps the larger question is: who is ValJar’s handler? That’s the trail to investigate at this point.
        On the history books post Obama, surely there is at least one honorable person somewhere in the administration who is taking good notes of the inner workings of this corrupt White House. We all anticipate the book based on those notes.

  5. Wonder if VJ feels in heart that she is responsible for this mess/debacle Obama team has created for itself. If she has any self respect, she should run back to Chicago and let Obama get some good advice from wise people or may be Obama needs somebody to tell him everyday what a good job he has been doing.

        1. To me, that was a manufactured issue that FCMABBHO exploited to split the Right.

          I remember seeing his birth announcement in some Hawaiian paper on Zombie’s blog.

          1. Anyone can stick a birth announcement in a newspaper, especially anxious grandparents who are doing all they can to assure that their foreign-born grandchild will pass as a native-born American citizen.

  6. “Kind of a traditional destination for nicely scrubbed Washingtonians.”

    And they let those three in? How much is it costing us?

    1. Alec wandered off the plantation with that one to be sure.
      But what about Martin Bashear and his loathsome comments regarding Sarah Palin equating debt with slavery. Now that one should be thrown off the air and deported back to wherever he came from.

          1. “Hate speech” is that which is used against someone based on her sex, race, and religion. Bashir didn’t say that about Palin based on her sex but on her opinion. It is not against the law. Period.

            What is against the law is speech that calls for imminent , violent action against an individual or a group. This has been the law since Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969).

          2. “Bashir didn’t say that about Palin based on her sex but on her opinion. It is not against the law. Period.”

            Duh. Even if he had said it based on her sex, it still wouldn’t be against the law.

          3. “Hate speech” is one of those awkward phrases developed by the left that really mean “anything I don’t like.” There threats, insults, accusations, etc., but there is no such thing as “hate speech.”

  7. Friday “dump” news:
    The State Department on Friday said it has quietly offered a $10 million reward since January for information leading to those behind the September 11, 2012 attack that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in Benghazi.

    Since January? Really? Can we get an exact date or was it between Hillary’s testimony and swearing in Lurch?

    1. Oh for pete’s sake – CNN interviewed the alleged A/Q ringleader in a coffee shop last year…and it didn’t cost CNN one red cent. (Ooops – ‘red’ cent Indian head pennies could be considered racist – sorry).

      How about a $10M ‘finder’s fee’ for any info leading to the whereabouts of one Barack Obama on the evening of Sept. 11, 2012? And up the ante if he can be impeached and convicted for dereliction of duty.

    2. So, in ten months no one has stepped forward to get the $10 million dollar prize. I find this very hard to believe. It means there is a universal sympathy for the murderers or a recognition that the murderers are very efficient at getting whom they target and $10 million American dollars may not be enough to guarantee that one lives long enough to enjoy it?

  8. I saw this too late to post “perhaps they’ll all choke on their arugula”. And considering I don’t see any MSNBC anchors wailing in the streets for their messiah’s I’m assuming they’re still in charge and the country’s still in peril.

    1. Wow. Ms. Barnhardt sure doesn’t hold anything back. And I agree with you, srdem. She may just be right. No wonder Preezy Revenge never knows anything about what’s going on in his regime.

    2. Where’s the proof of her allegations that he smokes crack and gets blowjobs in the backseat of the limo and in an office above the Oval Office?

      And, what’s a “putch [sic] regime”?

      1. Proof! we don’t need no stinkin’ proof!

        If the powers that be can cast aspersions on our patriotism, racial opinions, and motives without any proof whatsoever, then, well, payback is a you-know-what.

        1. If birthers are doubters of place of birth, and truthers doubters of the real story behind 9-11, what are the gay allegers–gayers? I like to think I can cross out the really fringy outlying stuff and stick with the semi-substantiated…

          1. By the way, speaking of flaky stuff—the Daily Beast had a story that Katrina was WORSE than this health care fiasco. He ignores the fact that Katrina was a natural disaster (don’t count Corps of Engs), Bush had a few days headsup of possible trouble, and it only affected one region. This Katrina deal is yet another try to loop Bush into this mess. They never stop!

          2. I also notice from my thankless watching of the news that another new tack is that this is JUST a bad website, not to worry. They ignore the new mess the half-fixing delaying tactic will bring, the lack of stupid young people to throw their money at this, the millions who will be tossed off employer plans, the fact that the plan will never meet its goals, premiums will keep escalating, docs will quit, fewer will enter med school and they won’t be the smartest going, etc.

    3. A-ha! From a link to Michelle’s thesis: check out the following from pg. 4

      “or possibly in this case, Princeton’s effect onthe respondents’ beliefs lasted for a short timeand then no longer effected their attitudes, thus making these effects temporary.”

      I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the word “affected” should have been used instead of “effected”.

      1. Repeating myself: IMO, she’s the stupidest FLOTUS in modern history. Anyone who has ever heard her speak off-TOTUS knows this. She can’t put a coherent sentence together.
        Those cutesy interviews on the MSM shows are all scripted in advance.

        When this national nightmare is over and the tell-all books are released, we’ll find that she and ValJar were the driving force behind most of the awful things that came out of the WhiteHouse.
        She holds a deep racial hatred that she had to learn from her environment and her college thesis proves it.
        She doesn’t understand that her color wasn’t what separated her from other college students, but it was her lack of genteel-ness (for lack of a suitable word) and her agressive attitude.

    4. Going from Barnhardt to Byron York and his outstanding, prescient essay from the Nat’ll Review, June 2008. I have bookmarked and re-read it off and on for the last five and one-half years. It still stings:

      “What did Barack Obama do as a Community Organizer; and does it qualify him to be President”.

      York exposes Obama’s meager accomplishments as a community organizer for three years; his decision to go to Harvard solely for the purpose of finding a path to political power of his own.


      “Obama could think outside the box on ways to organize people, but not on what he was organizing them for”. Bingo! The empty suit!

      “He was constantly thinking about his path to significance and power,” Mike Kruglik told me. “He said, ‘I need to go there [Harvard Law School] to find out more about power. How do powerful people think? What kind of networks do they have? How do they connect to each other?’ So much for higher learning! To h*ll with the Constitution!


      When he left for law school, Obama wondered what he had accomplished as an organizer. He certainly had some achievements, but he did not – perhaps could not – concede that there might be something wrong with his approach to Chicago’s problems. Instead of questioning his own premises, he concluded that he simply needed more power to get the job done. So he made plans to run for political office. And in each successive office, he has concluded that he did not have enough power to get the job done, so now he is running for the most powerful office in the land.

      And what if he gets it? He’ll be the biggest, strongest organizer in the world. He’ll dazzle the country with his message of hope and possibility. But we shouldn’t expect much to actually get done.

    5. Scooted over to Ann’s take on the big O, via your reference. Best assessment of O’s I’ve ever read. Pulled no punches, said it as it really is. Now I’m a fan. Emailed her to tell her so.

    1. Do you miss those DC days? it must have been so interesting or even exciting.
      The closest I ever came to government was the summer job someone gave me to empty parking meters in our little town.

      1. I miss DC like fire! I know you guys think it’s a cesspool, but it is a fun place if you do it right. Eighteen years ago, I moved to AZ to help take care of my mother, leaving my life behind. The life I had built (snark). I also wanted my child out of the DC schools or by then, the paraochial system, too. Nothing panned–my brother-in-law, who I thought would be a good male in my kid’s life, left my sister. The AZ schools were awful, too. Everyone I met has a police record. Etc. Etc. Now, I see people I knew or even dated on the news and can decide if I aged better or worse. I know DC rolled up behind me–my friends all live in the burbs now or went to NC or someplace to retire. It’s not there cast in amber the way it was. But yes, I miss it.

        1. As some know, I was the survivor of a horrible crime in DC–I don’t forget that–but there is a tendency to put on the rose colored glasses, don’t you all find that?

          1. Thanks–I have heard that before. If someone wants to track me down offlist thru my site, I once half-facetiously made a list of all the weird things I have done and been thru… For now, I have returned to screenwriting after a 20-yr hiatus and even got Ari to return my email…a better class of rejection. What a business! You can see where I am headed at: I decided I might as well go broke doing something fun.

  9. I keep thinking ot the George W. Bush cartoon: “Miss me yet?’

    As much as I would like to see Obama suffer the humiliating effects of his criminal activities into next year’s mid-terms, how are we, as a nation, going to cope with the chaos for another year? Round Two with the employer mandate will begin in less than a year.

    Obamacare must be repealed STAT! It’s unfixable, not to mention a criminal enterprise. Lies, bribes, and videotapes (Project Veritas).

    What if We the People declare a National Day of Cancellation wherein all aggrieived parties hold rallies to protest and demand the cancellation of Obamacare? Obama did not consult with the voters re Obamacare The majority has always opposed it. Taxation without representation!

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  11. Here is some background on Valerie Jarrett: She was born in 1956 in Shiraz, Iran, her father worked as a doctor in a children’s hospital. At 5, her family moved to London for a year and then into the “elite” Hyde Park of Chicago. Hyde Park has also been the home of Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers, and of course Barack Obama lived.

    In 1983 she married Dr. William Robert Jarrett, son of the Chicago Sun-Times reporter Vernon Jarrett. Her new father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett was black journalist who in the 1940s wrote columns for the communist-influenced Chicago Defender extolling Communist poet Langston Hughes and W.E.B. DuBois and Paul Robeson and a leader in the Chicago chapter of American Youth for Democracy which is the youth wing of the Communist Party USA.

    Valerie Jarrett entered Chicago politics in 1987 as Deputy Corporation Counsel for Finance and Development in the administration of Harold Washington, Chicago’s first African-American mayor. Jarrett’s father-in-law, whom The Washington Post called “a key influence in [Harold] Washington’s decision to run for the Chicago mayoralty,” may have facilitated Valerie’s rise through Chicago’s political ranks.

    After Washington’s death in 1987, Valerie Jarrett worked for his successor, Richard M. Daley, whom she served as Deputy Chief of Staff. In 1991 Jarrett and her colleague Susan Sher recruited to Chicago’s City Hall Michelle Robinson, who at the time was engaged to Barack Obama. Jarrett quickly became a trusted confidante of both the Obama’s.

    It was due to the influence of Valerie Jarrett that Van Jones (One of the strongest Communists ever to be place into a position by any President) got the job of “Green Jobs Czar”. She then gushed about Jones at the Netroots Nation conference saying:

    “We were so delighted to be able to recruit him [Van Jones] into the White House. We were watching him…for as long as he’s been active out in Oakland. And all the creative ideas he has. And so now, we have captured that, and we have all that energy in the White House.”

    Valerie Jarrett was also instrumental in obtaining and creating new jobs for; Mark Lloyd (Alinskyite and a former senior fellow at the Center for American Progress) when she lobbied Obama in 2009 to create the office of Chief Diversity Officer within the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

    Jarrett also helped recruit Obama’s Regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, who supports the Fairness Doctrine, “celebrating tax day,” and believes that animals should have legal standing to sue humans.
    In his 2012 book, Leading From Behind, author Richard Miniter reveals that Jarrett, prior to the May 2011 U.S. killing of Osama bin Laden, had repeatedly urged President Obama not to take out the al Qaeda leader, prompting Obama to cancel the mission on three separate occasions.

    In July 2009, Obama told New York Times reporter Robert Draper, “I trust her completely … She is family.” Obama trusts Jarrett “to speak for me, particularly when we’re dealing with delicate issues.” When asked, the President admitted that he runs every decision by her.

    “We have kind of a mind meld,” Jarrett said of herself and Obama. “And chances are, what he wants to do is what I’d want to do.”
    In October 2012 it was revealed that for several months, Jarrett, who had no experience in international negotiations, had been leading secret negotiations with representatives of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, in an effort to develop normalized relations between the U.S. and Iran.

    More interesting is Ms Jarrett’s role in CGI Federal (a Canadian Company) getting the contract for Obamacare. CGI Federal only starting getting Federal Contracts in 2008. It bought the U.S. contractor American Management Systems in 2004, the $1.1 billion acquisition of U.S.-based military IT contractor Stanley Inc.

    Not only is Michelle’s Princeton classmate an executive with the company, but Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura and her husband Tony Balkisoon, the son of a Canadian MPP, both work for CGI Federal.
    CGI was also awarded HUD contract to assist in the distribution of $1.7 billion in relief for Hurricane Sandy.

    1. Talk about shadowy figures..thanks for the post. I see the country being run by nonprofit princes, slumlords, and ad men, with a sprinkling of ‘crats and Ivy profs thrown in. What could go wrong…wrong…wrong….

    2. Interesting. Odd that David Axelrod’s mother had something in common with Val’s father in law who was associated with a communist publication. Axelrod’s mother, Myril Bennett Axelrod, wrote for PM, a communist publication in New York City. Must be a complete coincidence.

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