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Today’s House Vote is a Bad Sign for Obamacare

Well, President Obama wanted some bipartisanship, and he got it.

Thirty nine Democrats joined all but four Republicans to pass legislation by Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) that would allow insurers to offer plans on the individual market being cancelled because they don’t comply with Obamacare.

The vote was 261-157.

But this was worse for Obama than it looks. Because, as Democratic opponents of the legislation correctly pointed out, the bill represents an attack on Obamacare. In addition to allowing insurers to keep people in their plans, it allows them to continue selling those plans – plans THAT DON’T COMPLY WITH OBAMACARE – to NEW customers.

What this means is that 39 Democrats decided to throw out a basic tenet of Obamacare to try to preserve their seats. Once Democrats begin thinking that the law is imperiling their jobs, Obamacare is headed toward deep doo doo indeed.

24 thoughts on “Today’s House Vote is a Bad Sign for Obamacare”

  1. I don’t agree. MrO’s administration has too much of a hold on the democrats in general for this to mean too much at this point.

    Those who voted with the republicans must be in deep trouble in their districts to be turncoats. I hope their electorate aren’t blinded by this vote when the 2014 elections come around.

    1. I hope you’re right about them being in deep trouble. One of them was Bruce Braley, my rep till they redistricted us. Bruce isn’t the brightest bulb on the string but he’s been a loyal Dem till now. He’s in his fourth term. May it be his last.

  2. SenReid will probably resist any pressure from vulnerable Dems to bring this bill forth in the Senate. If he prevails, this will go plop! right into the round file along with everything else the Rep Congress has passed on to the Senate.
    He really should allow it to come to the floor for a vote because it will give political cover for the Dems and won’t change a dang thing in how Obamacare will proceed.

    The more curious attitude of the Dems who didn’t vote in favor of this useless bill exposes their cluelessness of how badly Americans want this fiasco to die. They seem to believe that forcing middle-class people into insurance policies they don’t want, can’t afford, and resent is a good thing.
    It would be nice if Bubba would make another comment on Obamacare that it’s OK to dump this mess and start over.

  3. Does this bill even have a chance though? Will Reid allow it on the Senate floor? Also, Obama said he’ll veto it if it passes.

    Too bad Obama was so unwilling to negotiate before the shutdown. All of this could possibly have been avoided.

  4. In my opinion, the Republicans should thank their lucky stars Obeyme told the Crypt Keeper to kill their utopian pie in the sky bill. All they managed to do was bail out 39 Democrats. If Reid picked it up and gutted it with Landrieu’s bill, the Republicans would be forced to put their fingerprints all over Obamacare. Be smart Republicans, you had nothing to do with passing this monstrosity; settle for nothing less than full repeal of it.

    1. I agree. There’s no upside to bailing out the Dems from their own mistakes.

      What does bother me is that a lot of horse trading will go on behind closed doors with the budget talks coming up. Some Repubs might be willing to cross the aisle in order to get some favorable budget cuts.

  5. Until Obamacare is repealed everything will remain in turmoil. Deciding what plan to buy — with the mandated requirements or without — is untenable. If it even gets that far. Hopefully people whose plans were cancelled get can new satisfactory coverage of their choosing that meets their budgets.

    1. Turmoil indeed including the economy. Businesses will continue to forego new hires and the Fed will continue their 85 Bil per month purchase using funny money. Deep do do for all.

  6. Don’t be fooled by the distancing or the mea stupid. Once the midterms are over, whoever is left on the left will fall in line. Again, good people simply don’t act this way. Unfortunately, there are enough LIVs that anything is possible.
    Interestingly, not one word, not one character at all, from the progressive wing of the family. Something is going on but I suspect is is collusion not conversion. You simply cannot trust a liberal.

  7. I hope Reid doesn’t even bring it up. No lifesavers to the people who voted for a 1,500 page bill without knowing what all was in it. As Grace said yesterday, if the Republicans get their fingerprints on Obamacare, they will own it.

  8. Playing politics with human life is so much fun for the Dems. Too bad so many humans are oblivious to how little their lives really do mean to Dems.

  9. It was safe for these vulnerable dems to vote on it since Obama has already said he’d veto it. So they get cover in their districts without having to actually go through with it. Call me completely cynical, but I’d say it was planned.

  10. Can we say ‘hoisted on his own petard’ yet? Or is this the time honored
    CYA I’m up for election in 2014? I prefer to hoist him on a petard and
    use him as a scarecrow in MO’s magical Whole Foods garden.

  11. Get used to seeing these phrases:

    1. Former Democrat Congressman ___________
    2. Former Democrat Senator ________________

    Unless they all decide to break away from the guy that has been so good at having their back, building relationships and just being someone you can count on….Oh Wait.. That’s not Obama. They is toast!!!!

  12. America is going to need a Ronald Reagan like hard core Conservative to get us out of this deep Doo-Doo. Not even a spineless McCain type republican will do, a go along to get along. A real, live ass kick’in and take names later, fiscally responsible and hard nosed conservative!

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