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Obamacare and the Wisdom of Americans

I have this basic faith in America, and in Americans.

When I notice that Americans oppose something I support, or support something I oppose, I don’t necessarily change my view. But I do run through my logic again, because I know I’m in danger of being wrong.

That’s because there is a wisdom to this country. A basic sense of right and wrong, an essential honesty, an innate optimism, and a boundless determination to move forward and get things right.

Americans don’t always get it right. But I trust them to get it right more than any other nation, more than their supposed masters in the political class, more than any panel of journalists or political experts, and certainly more than any assemblage of Harvard professors.

Oh boy, have I got a deal for you!  Photo by Keith KofflerOh boy, have I got a deal for you!
Photo by Keith Koffler

Americans, in their wisdom, knew there was something very wrong with Obamacare. Though deluged with a massive happy-talk sales blitz, they never warmed up to it. Because despite the lectures from Obama and his Ivy League brain trust about “bending the cost curve” and “better insurance for everyone,” Americans knew something didn’t add up. And they didn’t need a PhD in mathematics to deduce it either.

Because Americans know you don’t get something for nothing.

Really, something for nothing is the guiding principle of Obamacare. All the geniuses in the White House didn’t understand this essential truth.

But you cannot possibly expand by millions the number of people getting insurance without somebody paying for it. When you increase demand for a product, you either have to raise prices or cheapen the product – reduce the cost of production.

In this case, that would mean fewer health services. Rationing. Death Panels. Everyone in Washington and on TV laughed at Sarah Palin, but her statement resonated and annoyed because it sounded uncomfortably like the truth. It was the truth. People – you, your children, your grandchildren – will die or suffer due to rationed care.

Or because of worse care.

Because another way to cheapen the product is to use cheaper components. That is, pay doctors, hospitals, nurses and other health care providers less. And when you buy cheaper stuff, you get lower quality. Pay doctors less, and the average IQ of your incoming medical school class will be lower, because the smart people will head into other fields. Hospitals will take a pass on that new MRI machine. And so forth.

We were told this wasn’t a government-run system. But once you force private companies to do something, who is going to enforce it but the government? And who but the government is going to arrange things so companies can comply? People sensed a massive government intrusion, and they were right.

And we were told you could keep you old insurance. And also that insurance will be required to provide you certain new things. So how do you keep your old insurance?

Americans were basically happy with their health care. Not overjoyed – and not all of them happy – but this was not considered a pressing problem that needed a dramatic solution. They wanted to help the uninsured. But not by inflicting injury on everyone else.

They knew Obama’s “health reform” was quackery. The flimflam man come to town with a vial full of humbug.

But those in high places who think they have it all figured out and who regard Americans as essentially dim witted rubes liable wander off the side of a cliff if left to walk about on their own decided they knew what’s best.

And now they are exposed, writhing frantically to free themselves from the web woven by their own tortured logic.

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  1. This is the most intelligent – the BEST thing you have ever written.
    God bless you, Keith – I mean that.
    YOU are speaking TRUTH to power.
    I pray for your safety and God’s divine protection for you and your family,

  2. My 63 year old sister has her own policy. Her husband retired and is on medicare and her cobra ran out. She kept the same provider. For approx. $300 to $400 a month, she had $40.00 co-pays and $3000 deductible. They didn’t cancel her policy but changed it – now copays are $60.00, deductible is $5000 and the premium is higher, BUT, she now has maternity benefits. I told her lucky duck – at least she has maternity benefits! They can deny it all they want, but people for the most part are paying more – either by way of premiums, copays, deductibles or all three.

  3. Back in the beginning of this mess, it was proposed as a government plan to offer affordable health insurance to those who were priced out of the market. Sounded fair, generous, and like a good thing.
    Of course, most Americans were OK with helping others and the Dems played that mantra to the hilt.

    It was trickery and flim-flam from the onset. The plan had no intention of forcing low-income people to buy anything, but it was to force middle-class Americans to pay for the healthcare of the poor without raising the Federal debt to pay for it .

    the shock and disbelief started on Oct 1 when the middle-class learned that they were the target, not the beneficiary of Obamacare. The President and every Dem in front of a TV camera lied to them, over and over, until the ugly truth was exposed.
    We’re a kindly and forgiving nation, but there is a limit to what we will endure. No one expects the POTUS, of all people, to lie to advance his own re-election without any regard to the life and death consequences of his lies to the voters.

    When the POTUS has lost the trust of his people, and the support of his own political party, he should consider resigning his office.

      • Has Congress not heard of impeachment? Now is the time. When the dim-witted congressmen/women realize they will not get re-elected due to healthcare, maybe they will consider this option. Even if they do not succeed in removing this jackass from office, it will at least be recorded for history.

    • That’s his big problem right now. His duplicity, and the duplicity of the entire Democrat party, is now endangering the re-election of Democrats in non-hyperliberal districts. Pelosi is still safe since 80% of San Franciscans think she’s wonderful. But folks like Mary Landrieu are in deep stuff. So, since every politician’s real number one goal is to be re-elected, they are now acting as though they never supported ACA in the first place.

      Maybe, just maybe, we can leverage this political “crisis” into something useful for the rest of us, like repeal.

      • Pelosi still thinks all is well. Apparently she doesn’t even believe in reading something AFTER she votes for it.

        If she had rational standards, she would be applauding the GOP for its relentless and righteous opposition to the scam known as Obamacare — and its nominal front man. Nearly four dozen assaults against nearly overwhelming odds should be seen as heroic — and the person denigrating those assaults should be seen as the obstructionist, not those who exposed him.

    • I agree. However every where I am reading everyone says he is not going to be impeached because it may hurt the republican’s vote next election. I watched Nixon as a child be man enough to resign. I would appreciate some opions pro and con on this matter.

      • The House impeaches, the Senate convicts.
        Bill Clinton was impeached but never convicted.
        If the Senate would have convicted him, he would have been removed from office.
        There has been a bill introduced in the House to impeach Eric Holder because of Fast and Furious.
        The bill to impeach Eric Holder has to be taken to the floor by the Speaker of the House.
        We will see what happens.

  4. Some of that “genius of the People” is because of the genius of the Constitution, and Obama’s done all he can to subvert THAT…

    “One of the great things about the U.S. Constitution is that it outlines a republic limited in scope and able to operate in spite of damnable officials and a chowderhead electorate – as 222 years of American history prove.” – P.J. O’Rourke, Eat the Rich (222 years at the time it was pubished, it’s a bit more now…)

    “Rule of Law” is the ONE thing that separated us from all that mess in Europe and eastward. Now, we don’t have that any more…

    • I always think of that quote from A Man for All Seasons. If you take away the law, there is nothing that stands between you and the devil.

  5. A sad commentary on our “elites.”

    We need to be done with the whole idea of an “elite ruling class” and get back to the idea of the citizen legislator. You are right on that Main Street America understands what is right and fair far better than do these over-educated, under-experieinced liberals who think so poorly of the rest of us.

    The sooner we can retire the “ruling class” (think 2014), the better for the survival of our republic.

    • Hate to be the wet blanket here, but unless we go the way of The Liberty Amendments, congressional turnover is going to stay lower than that of the Soviet Politburo for the foreseeable future.

      Take a look at this article from Gallup, showing Congress’s approval numbers since 1974. I repeat: 1974. Congress has only been above 50% approval for a very short stretch. The majority of the time, Congress, as a whole, has only minority approval.

      The problem is, when you look at local races, it’s always somebody else’s “bum” voters want thrown out. The general attitude of the electorate seems to be, “My congresscritter is doing just fine, it’s those other ones that are the problem.”

      Rinse and repeat for a couple of decades, and here we are. And here, sadly, we will remain, until and unless term limits are imposed on Congress.

  6. This sums up exactly why we are all so frustrated out here in the real world. The majority didn’t want it. There are other ways to provide what the uninsured need. It passed with backdoor deals. The win was more important than the content. The people who passed it didn’t read it. The people who opposed it were called racists. I keep seeing Nancy P with that s-eating grin, saying we have to pass it to see what’s in it. She is still defending it as greatest thing since sliced bread. They do not have a clue. Everyone who voted for it needs to be voted out of office at the next opportunity. The political ads will write themselves.

    BTW, I work in healthcare (long term care facility). I forsee the day when they will limit, for instance, the number of chest xrays in a day. Sounds good on paper, but every day, I see people getting a feeding tube and an xray is performed to make sure it is in the stomach, not in the lung. Sometimes, it takes 3 xrays to make 100% sure. Are you willing to have your dr say, well, let’s hope it’s in there, because they are limited to one xray. Just one example of what I fear is in store for us. Sorry to be so long winded. Beyond frustration over this mess….

    • Well said, Artcat. Thank you for what you do. It takes a special person to work in the medical field. The human compassion involved in caring for our sick and elderly is what I foresee us losing when the bureaucrats take over medicine.

  7. Every time I see that skinny piece of human excrement, with that right hand finger extended, it makes my rear end want to take a dip of snuff.

    Semper Fi

  8. Alpha Plus, Keith. His entire presidency has been promising the people who vote for him ‘something for nothing’. “Vote for revenge!” I’ll never forget that.

  9. We need to remember that there is lot of $ involved – contracts, ‘donations’, consultants, IOUs, etc, who will fight to keep the monster alive. Well meaning attempts now will later be pointed out as the cause of its failure.

  10. Excellent article today and some very good comments also.IMHO the american people should absolutely insist on term limits,we should be screaming from the rooftops that there be term limits on congress-critters.So very many of them have been in congress for their whole lives and that makes them dangerous to our republic and as an aside I think an IQ test should be mandatory also. Seriously…

  11. Keith,…this is most excellent.
    This post should go viral.
    Well done, well said.
    America has never been blindsided for long.
    The takeover of the MSM is now backfiring on him.
    Wisdom and common sense will eventually win the day.

    Dance Barry, Dance !

  12. Standing ovation, Keith! You also captured the essence of Obama in that great photo – “Honest guys, it was just a little ‘fib’…this big,”

    Barack Obama is a con artist extraordinare, and most of us knew it the minute he arrived on the scene, But there is no point in lamenting the past. Knowing what we know now, I don’t put anything past him, including the theft of both elections.

    The problem today is the 47 percenters – Obama’s base. They pay nothing into the system and we take care of them from cradle to grave. It’s insanity. In a sane world, we would not be looking at Obamacare or Immigration when the waste, fraud and abuse is out of control in the entitlements. In a sane world, Obama would be on trial for the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on America – Obamacare.

    As responsible citizens, most of us have worked hard, planned for our future i.e. mortgages paid off, financial planning for retirement, and affordable health insurance tailored to our needs. In one fell swoop, Obama has single handedly ripped the carpet from under us. Medicaid for all…and death panels! For us seniors, it’s survival of the fittest.

    If it takes an act of civil disobedience, so be it. We must run this criminal out of office. If my instincts are correct, Obama is a coward and will end up in a fetal position if the pressure to repeal Obamacare persists. We have him on the ropes!

  13. But the sad thing is, at least slightly more than half of the voting public thought they could get something for nothing. That is the half that voted for Barack Obama and his pie in the sky promises. That is the half that wants the socialist ideal to overwhelm America.
    I do not for a moment doubt the generosity and compassion of Americans, after all look at what we do to help people around the world. And I believe that Americans like the idea of “health insurance for all.” We do not like to see people suffer or go without.
    However, I cannot help but remember, when the website first rolled out, the woman who was flabbergasted when she realized she would be the one to have to pay for her insurance. That kind of naivete makes my head hurt, and I think it is more common than not. It smacks of self centeredness and stupidity.
    ObamaCare needs to die. It does not need a “fix.” It does not need to be delayed. It does not need more meaningless legislation piled on it by some politician looking to make a name for him/herself.
    ObamaCare needs a stake through its heart.

    • Well stated. My grandparents lived though the depression.
      They told me about it though out the years.
      However: They never complained, cried, whine, accuse,
      scorn at all like the woman you mentioned.

  14. This is what can happen in a tyranny.

    Dozens of people were executed recently in seven North Korean cities in the first known mass executions in the Kim Jong Un regime, South Korean media reported.

    The executions of about 80 people occurred Nov. 3 for relatively minor infractions, such as watching South Korean movies or distributing pornographic material, Korea Joongang Daily reported Monday.


    official Korean Central News Agency said anyone who questioned North Korea’s “highest dignity” would be “mercilessly” punished.

  15. This was and is a slow slog to get to single payer. It’s always been his
    aim. If it was so wonderful why exclude half of the elected officials and
    behind closed doors in the dark of night rather like a 12 year old with
    a flashlight and dad’s Playboy knowing it was wrong. Healthcare and
    your Doctor is a personal and private matter not for the folks who spend
    no effort to care they don’t and neither does Obama.

  16. you know…I read all these comments about how “we” didn’t want Obamacare and I just have to ask myself: where were “we” when Barack Obama was reelected? (I use the editorial ‘we’: I am happy to say I didn’t vote for him either time and I’m sure a lot of the rest of you didn’t either.)

    but “we” Americans voted for Obama twice. pretty decisively. we now know that conservative groups were being hamstrung by a politicized IRS, but that can’t completely account for it. so what does that mean? are Americans way stupider than Keith gives them credit for? was Romney really that bad of a candidate? we’ve gotten over the whole white guilt thing, haven’t we…or maybe not?

    however you slice it, America had a choice about Obamacare, and we voted for it anyway.

  17. Excellent Keith. That has been my lifelong view as well. However, I am re examining it after this time under Obama rule. As a nation we have been historically slow to react, but once convinced and challenged we are fierce. Hopefully this will hold. But the rot is pretty deep.

    • “As a nation we have been historically slow to react, but once convinced and challenged we are fierce.”

      This reminds me of the made-up quote from some Japanese general at the end of “Tora! Tora! Tora!”

      “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

  18. I’ve read articles that have exposed the truth that medical schools have lowered their academic standards for years due to affirmative action and “diversity” which of course, affect all colleges and universities.

    I’ve also read there already is a shortage of doctors, particularly GP’s and in some specialty fields such as arthritis. So it is certainly a probability that when millions more have health insurance coverage and the number of doctors and other health care providers doesn’t increase to serve them, care for everyone will suffer.

  19. ….’exposed, writhing frantically “…very descriptive words Keith..
    I visualized ‘ Maggots’. ..writhing frantically for their
    survival. (feeding on dead things)

    We ‘The People’ are America

    Thank You Keith for stating that truth so

  20. Will you PLEASE go on the Sunday mornings talkin-head show and make this statement. What you don’t have an open invitation?!?


    Well written!

    Thank you

  21. One ”correction”… Only HALF of the Country knew what Obamacare would do to our Country,,, The other half didn’t care, as long as it was ”FREE”… We all know that ”Nothing is Free”, not even our Freedom… I hope there are many that voted for Obama are finally realizing the importance of their vote, will COST THEM DEARLY now! VOTE WISELY IN 2014… YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!