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The Obama Morning News || November 16, 2013

Obama faces crisis of confidence . . . New York Times
Trust frays between Obama, Democrats . . . Politico
Obama retreat spurs uncertainty . . . Washington Post
Insurers: Obama fix could cause chaos . . . The Hill
Dems: Obama fix not good enough . . . Examiner
Obama under fire for skirting Congress . . . The Hill
GOP pushes ahead with own bill . . . Fox News
Vote puts Democrats in a pickle . . . The Hill
Obama admits he “fumbled” . . . Washington Times
Finally, someone’s head rolls . . . Examiner
Obama hires a lobbying firm . . . Washington Times
Yellen cruises toward confirmation . . . National Journal

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 16, 2013

  1. Obama faces crisis of confidence- NYTimes

    Really?? They are going to compare Obamacare to Katrina ??

    Katrina was both a natural and man made disaster. The hurricane dumped all the water and the levees breached because of lack of maintenance and design. Plus, who builds a city below a river? It was very telling how LA with their Democrat Governor and NO. Mayor could not handle it but the MS Republican Gov did not seem to have major issues.

    Obamacare was policy. It was written by policy makers and lobbyist. Then Obama lied to the American Public. Then it has failed miserably. Plus, it has affected the entire country. George Bush supported a inept department leader. Obama continues to support inept Cabinet Secretary. Plus, Obama continues to lie and spin the numbers. I can’t wait to see of the 25k enrollees actually pay December 15th.

    The NY Times should compare Hurricane Katrina and superstorm Sandy if the want to compare apples to apples. The fact is their is no comparison other than to attempt to take the burning lights off the Bystander In Chief.

    • Everywhere in America people have one threat or another. Earthquakes, Tornado Valley, Hurricanes, Wildfires out West.
      New Orleans helped build this nation, Than again poor poloticians have served our state poorly though the years. Incuding Landrieu. As far as the time of Katrina, Everyone blamed Pres. Bush. The local governer and mayor were TERRIBLE! We were in tears as a # Five hurricane was sitting in the gulf and the MAYOR did not call a mandatory evacuation.
      May I mentioned Fema at that time, DID NOTHING IN TIME. Point being they should leave a natual disater out of conversation with a planned terrible plan as this health care plan they have shoved down our throats as americans.

  2. “Trust frays between Obama, Democrats . . . Politico”

    BWHAHAHAAHA! You guys EVER trusted this shyster? This monster YOU created, petted, elevated to a post far beyond his merit and wit? REALLY? BWHAAHAHHHAHHHHA!

    • It’s not going to last long, cincycinco. The ruling class elites put all their commie eggs in one basket with this fraud. They can’t abandon him.

  3. The NYT just can’t resist another try to help Obama by bringing the name of George Bush up. There is no comparison between the harm done by mishandling Katrina and the disastrous forced imposition of socialized medicine upon an entire country. The only difference I think is that the NYT brayed loudly about Bush’s Katrina mistakes but in Obama’s case has repeatedly found euphemisms for the man’s outright dishonest and fraud..