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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – November 15, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

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  1. I’m so tired of hearing Carney and Obama talk about the inferior health insurance people had that got cancelled. Some people actually had better insurance than what’s offered through the exchanges.

    • PERIOD! I am sick of this, too–but it’s on their talking pts list so they bleat it out–along with only 5%, you will learn to love it, Apple had problems, too, etc.

    • They’re doing an ‘Alinsky’ on the cancelled policies. I don’t ever recall Obama, Carney, Axe or anyone for that matter refer to them as sub-standard or ‘junk’.

      Remember the Michael Milkin ‘junk bond’ scandal back in the 80’s? Obamacare should be called the ‘junk healthcare law’. It’s loaded with campaign bribes – contraceptive pills, abortions, ‘morning after’, ‘morning ‘before’ pills, viagra, etc. etc.

  2. The more I think of the change they just made, the more I can’t make any sense of it.

    The law is doing exactly what it was designed to do and clearly the insurance companies are prepared for this to happen so there is no reason to delay. Extending coverage for one year puts people in the same position they would be today, only one year later.

    So how can the administration justify this without calling referring to a political agenda?

    • I don’t think it will change–and I don’t think they want it to. They want the APPEARANCE of empathy and change but not real change. They wanted everyone canceled and put in te exchanges so the young ones could get hosed into paying for the sicker ones. The problem is…our old bud…unexpected consequences…and all the smarties in Harvard did not puzzle them all out or can fix them all now. The damage is done–with way more to come when the employer provided insurance people get hosed…

      • My niece just got fired (understandably, long story) and they gave her COBRA paperwork, which she has not filled out–then yesterday she went to THREE ERs and incurred I don’t even know how many bills and they said they would bill when she got her COBRA–so they backdate it? I am telling you, these providers will get their money. She even took an ambulance–and those cos follow you into hell to get their money. I can see, as I said, this getting to be such a mare’s next by next yr that docs and hosps will hand you a bill and say, see if someone will pay part of this.

        • Your niece will be termed from her employer’s coverage and she has 60 days to formally elect COBRA, then she has 45 days to pay. If after that 105 days she doesn’t pay, she will have lost her COBRA rights and those hospital bills will be hers.

          But once she does elect and pay for COBRA, the employer will backdate her coverage to her termination date and keep her covered as long as she continues to pay.

          This standard administrative procedure.

    • Love Cruz, especially since his own party is trying to tell us he’s lying, just want to be President, don’t trust him, blah, blah, blah, whacko bird !

      However, he’s had a successful and accomplished personal and professional life, that already makes him better Presidential material than Obama or Hillary. Oh, and Huffpo reported recently he, gasp, got drunk in college ! Yay, Ted, you’re normal. :D