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Obama Vacation Paradise to be Invaded by Indian Casino

A Native American tribe says it will open a casino this year just down the road from President Obama’s vacation town in Martha’s Vineyard, potentially drawing an influx of small-bet gamblers to the exclusive resort area favored by the president and his wealthy friends and allies.

The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head plans to establish a preliminary gaming within months in the town of Aquinnah – one of the island’s toniest areas. Aquinnah sits just a few miles from Chilmark, the town where the president has stayed the past few years.

The tribe says it has a legal opinion from the National Indian Gaming Commission, a federal agency, that it can to build a Class II gambling facility, which allows bingo, poker and slots. The Wampanoag are hoping to get a Class III permit that would allow them to add roulette wheels and blackjack tables.

But for the pampered summer sojourners on Martha’s Vineyard, either Class will be viewed as low-class.

The tribe’s initial temporary gambling parlor will include hundred of slot machines. It will eventually be replaced by a permanent casino.

Both the state of Massachusetts – including Obama friend Gov. Deval Patrick – and local governments oppose the casino.

28 thoughts on “Obama Vacation Paradise to be Invaded by Indian Casino”

  1. That just won’t do. Ugh.
    Isn’t it enough that we tolerate Mexican landscapers to drive their ratty pickups through town, and PuertoRican housekeepers to drive their minivans to our homes.
    This just won’t do. Everyone knows casinos bring crime and criminals wherever they locate.

  2. Uh… I’ve been there. I can’t IMAGINE how it can be done in a “classy” way. (Have they EVER been done in a classy way? So there’s that, but…) Gay Head is a windswept, gorgeous cliff of a place. Caroline Kennedy inherited a HUGE estate from her Mom that’s there. I think it’s 26 acres or something. It’s a VERY swish part of the island and the houses are far, far apart. It’s a very remote part of the island too. It’s going to eff up the area and the roads to it BUT GOOD. BAD idea.

    1. The only good thing about it that I can imagine are the jobs for the year-round residents. But, at what cost? Increased traffic? Increased crime? Increased density? increased use of water? Increased sewage?

      1. We have 5 major Indian-run casinos within the Phoenix metro area. Some of them are LasVegas style with classy hotels and at least B-grade entertainers. Excellent restaurants, too.

        All things considered, they do contribute (some) to the State coffers, offer employment to thousands who don’t have college degrees, and a really nice place to relax or take visitors.
        Crime?pfft, like what. Muggers, or Mafia..nope.
        Plus, it’s a boon to the tribes who share the profits in many ways among their own.

        1. What about the higher traffic, increased sewage, increased need for electricity? Will the island have to build more streets? Docks? Sewage plants? Electricity infrastructure?

          Wiki says Phoenix occupies 517 square miles, but Martha’s Vineyard has only 100 square miles. There’s no room for it to spread.

  3. Due to the wall of secrecy behind the Obama campaign slush fund, OFA, it is probably an exercise in futility to search for campaign contributions by the Wampanoag Tribe. I bet it took a heap of wampum beads to get that casino!

  4. My guess is an Indian casino in Martha’s Vineyard will have the same success as the wind farm off the Kennedy compound on Nantucket has had. The lawsuits will be winding their way through the courts for the next 20 years.

  5. If this were to happen, all the super-rich libs better start selling their houses now because there’s an Obamacare tax of 3.8% on the sale of all homes over $500,000 in addition to the capital gains tax.

  6. What a great example of man bites dog. the liberal apologist class could not do enough to repay this tribe for the behavior of a group of “immigrants” who came to their country and imposed their will. the unintended consequence is that the tribe now has almost unlimited power to place a gaming facility in any area they lay historical claim. it is only right and just that the tribe is doing this with the intent to give some payback to many of the historical progeny of the original “immigrants” that took their land in the first place. ENJOY!!

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