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Obama: “Insurance is Complicated to Buy”


Obama: What we’re discovering is that . . . insurance is complicated to buy.

I mean, gosh, who knew? Why should the people who are now responsible for our health care know about that?

What’s next? Something like, What we’re discovering is, the Iranians are abject liars.

This was one of the more startling moments of President Obama’s press conference today. It came during his insistence that he didn’t know the website would completely dysfunctional. Which begs the question: Who have you fired for not telling you?

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      1. We are so far past embarrassing, it’s just a dot on the horizon. All he has to do to know things is read one paper’s headlines or listen to TV news for half an hr.

  1. Hasn’t fired anyone, and now I’m reading that WH aides are refusing to testify before Congress on Obamacare.

    Good day on WHD, Keith. This is a subject that all of us here can agree on, and you’ve done a great thing by picking out the little details in his speech which say so much about him and his policies. I wouldn’t expect the MSM to go after the deadly subtleties.

  2. This is what happens when you elect a community organizer with no real world experience (especially in business) as President.

    It’s a shame this sh*t didn’t hit the fan in 2012 in time for the election to propel Romney to victory and the Republicans to take back the Senate.

  3. This is truly astounding footage of a man lost in his own legend. If he were a CEO standing in front of his board spouting this “bureaucratese” he’d be begging for the Sandman… (sorry, arcane Apollo Theatre reference)

    But no. This is government where you sacrifice 90 million working people to give health insurance to 40 million who don’t work.

  4. remember the “math is hard” Barbie? they had to take it off the market because too many women’s groups got mad. (haha, they should’ve called it the Lawrence Summers Barbie.) that’s what this reminds me of.

    but I don’t understand. Barack Obama is the smartest person ever to be president or just the smartest person ever to live on the planet, I guess. that’s what they keep telling us. so how can anything be too complicated for him?

  5. Many moons ago, while campaigning, MrO told the story of how he didn’t understand the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage in car insurance policies. He didn’t know then, and he doesn’t know now what an insurance policy entails to the consumer.

    What little we know (or think we know) about the O’s, it would make sense that MrsO did all that important stuff like pay the bills, secure car insurance, and, well, bring home the bacon.
    That’s not an excuse for his ignorance, but maybe an explanation of why he seems to be so clueless about everyday affairs that the rest of us deal with.
    I believe him, I believe he didn’t know. Someone told him this or that and he just went with it, because he’s lazy at heart. He had no interest in reading the law, especially the whole 2,000 pages, but instead relied on his trust-worthy inner circle to advise him.
    They thought they could weather the storm, that the MSM would cover for him and that his twisted explanations would be spun into something credible.
    Too bad for him that the only MSM willing to twist themselves into a pretzel shape was the NYT. For their efforts to save his skinny lying butt, they were subject to ridicule from other news medium and then he just undercut it all anyway when he admitted that he lied.

    1. In a major speech to Wall Streeters a couple of years ago he referred to the P/E Ratio as Profit to Earnings instead of Price to Earnings – not once, but twice. Proof positive he knows nothing about the basics of the corporate world. But why should he? His goal is to destroy capitalism.

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  7. Preezy personifies that old saying… If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. He was in full baffle mode today.

    1. First I have heard of a “North Star” program to encourage completion of college education. Another attempt to deflect attention from the “issues?”

      1. I like Neil, but he gets some weirdos–the latest being some hard-looking blonde psychologist who is all about making people work on holidays (you should be glad you have a job, slugs) and putting her kids on the street at 18. She is scary! Esp her tight surgerized cheeks…I need a hug.

  8. After a tour of the MSM and other websites, the consensus seems to be that MrO made things worse than they were before.
    CNN describes Obamacare as a “hole” that MrO was trying to get out of with his sad presser.
    Others were astounded at how clueless or ignorant of the facts he is or pretended to be.

    A commenter on another site opined that events were moving faster than we can follow in DC. He suggested there’s another shoe about to be dropped that the Dems are desperate to get in front of.
    Don’t know, but it sure is getting sooooo interesting.

    1. Sophistry. This is the type of crisis they will use because something HAS to be done. How ironic (or criminal) that the problem caused by a rush to pass legislation is to be solved I a rush to pass legislation? Fool me once…

      1. Some companies may reinstate policies in a quasi-legal atmosphere even thought they were glad to dump them bec of low return on investment–but for how long, and other people may be on those Obamacare platinum payments, it will be a mishmash…basically hopelessly scrambled. Providers may stop submitting to insurace and just hand pts a bill and say, “See if your company will pay.”

  9. I just pulled up the full transcript of Obama’s presser just so I could count how many first-person references he made. I was totally astonished. This has got to be a narcissist world record. Here’s the tally:

    I = 150
    me = 10
    my = 22
    we = 101
    Total = 283 first-person references

    That comes to one every eleven seconds.

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