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Obama Inadvertently Suggests he Lied

President Obama today inadvertently pointed to evidence that he lied when he said repeatedly that under Obamacare people could keep their health plans if they wanted, because he hung the misstatement on the “insufficiency” of the “grandfather clause.”

The “grandfather” clause is a portion of the law that allows people to maintain plans in existence before the law was signed in March 2010, even if they don’t adhere to Obamacare’s insurance standards. Today, Obama, who appeared in the White House Briefing Room try to explain himself, blamed the “grandfather clause” for the fact that his statement “ended up not being accurate.”

He said:

With respect to the pledge I made that if you like your plan you can keep it, I think — you know, and I’ve said in interviews — that there is no doubt that the way I put that forward unequivocally ended up not being accurate. It was not because of my intention not to deliver on that commitment and that promise. We put a grandfather clause into the law but it was insufficient . . .

You have an individual market that accounts for about 5 percent of the population. And our working assumption was — my working assumption was that the majority of those folks would find better policies at lower cost or the same cost in the marketplaces and that there — the universe of folks who potentially would not find a better deal in the marketplaces, the grandfather clause would work sufficiently for them. And it didn’t. And again, that’s on us, which is why we’re — that’s on me.

What Obama did today was ADMIT that he knew about the grandfather clause and that he in fact was referring to it when he stated people could keep their plans. He said, “My working assumption” was that the grandfather clause would help those who lost their plans and couldn’t find a better deal.

Well, you see, the problem here is that Obama kept making his promise well after March 2010, even during the 2012 campaign, even though he knew that grandfather clause was just for pre-March 2010 plans.

During the first presidential debate on October 4, 2012, Obama said clearly:

If you’ve got health insurance . . . you keep your own insurance. You keep your own doctor.

He didn’t mention during the debate that this guarantee applies only to insurance plans in existence before March 2010 – some two and a half years before the debate – and only if those plans hadn’t changed in even minor ways. Instead, he was, by addressing voters in the present tense, telling them they could keep their current policy, which they couldn’t.

So he knowingly based his statement to 2012 voters on a clause he realized no longer applied.

And that’s a lie.

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  1. These dodges are worse than the original lies–it’s fascinating to watch him twist and writhe like this…But what about the millions canceled and those who will be when the employer mandate cuts in?

  2. Impeach/Repeal. Enough with the semantic tightrope he has been laying out for the American people. What he did was fraudulent, as was suggesting a You Tube video prompted Benghazi, and it is time to file the articles for removal. I can’t think of a better time to force the Senate’s hand to vote on it.

  3. I feel for all those who have lost their insurance and Dr. How many people have chronic illness that they’ve seen the same Dr for years.
    Now they’ve got to start all over again it’s hard to do I’ve had to do it
    and it’s a pain. People are so screwed and he continues to lie. What
    good would a year do you’d just get dumped again I imagine. He’s
    playing God with people’s health and lives and it won’t end well except
    for him.

    1. “What good would a year do you’d just get dumped again I imagine.”

      The only people I see reaping anything good will be the Democrats up for re-election in a year. Oh, wait. The people who will get to extend their policies will still know they’re about to get screwed.

      When will the employer mandate kick in? I hope it’s before the 2014 elections.

    2. My husband and I were checking our Medicare Advantage insurance to see if our doctors were still on the roster. They are, but we noticed many doctors saying that they are no longer taking new patients. Read new Medicare patients.

      1. Oh, they are getting to us with the health advisory boards on what tests we get, and even some cancellations–I have a friend with an advantage plan cancelled due to Obamacare they said–even though she had Medicare.

        1. And I know what you mean on changing docs–which I have done numerous times since the docs in AZ are awful. I had to change eye docs and went to a big group–and they said your eye is so screwed up we don’t even have anyone for you. Finally a German kid took me on.

  4. These press conferences are pathetic; the people know the truth regardless of what the “president” says. I mean the people, not the crew on the government dole, the Kool-Aid drinkers, and the vast majority of the black population. These press conferences are just an opportunity for the “president” to spin, confuse, and pile more lies upon all the previous lies. No one should show up. What’s the point?

  5. Of course he lied, and all the Dems lied.
    They lied because they thought the cancellations would be drawn out, a little here, a few thousand there. It never occured to them the insurance companies would make blanket cancellations of hundeds of thousands of policies at the same time.
    They were hoping to skate by with the lie that it’s only a few people who have sub-par health insurance and anyway, our plans are much better.

    They lied about saving families money on their yearly premiums, too. Again, they assumed the Marketplace would work smoothly, and if anyone complained they would just be the small minority who, again, had sub-par health insurance. They just never expected the rollout to be a disaster, or that people dumped by their insurance companies would have the public forum that a few MSM allowed them.

    The botched rollout exposed the act as an ill-conceived, expensive and secret plan to tax the middle class to pay for the poor.
    It also exposed the lengths that MrObama would go to save what he thinks is his legacy.

      1. Thanks for bringing up the subject. I can’t bear to listen to him, but if any here did listen, I’d like to know if any of the WH Press Corpse grilled him a little. I watched while he answered the first question from the woman reporter, and it seemed to me that he kept referring to his notes in replying. Ergo, it seemed to me that those who got to ask questions had submitted them ahead of time.

  6. His verbal contortions always brings to my mind that picture of Rosemary Woods explaining the missing twenty minutes of Watergate tapes.

  7. Great pick up Keith!

    Also, what he did today is a total joke and simply extends the pain and agony through the end of next year – perfect timing to sick the democRATS who voted for this misguided piece of legislation that they never bothered to read.

    1. The pain will continue…the ins cos may not be able to reinstate–this is far from over–but now, he has a great chance to blame the other guy–Republicans as usual, then the ins cos. I would hate to talk into an ER or be carried in and find out whether I had insurance on New Year’s Day.

      1. “I know you have a card, ma’am, but we have never heard of the Screen Door Co, are you sure this is a hospital that is approved…Oh, well, because of the bleeding, we will sew you up and try to bill, but if you have to pay it will be about $30,000.”

    1. Bingo! To get beyond the 2014 elections, after that tyranny rains down like the mother of all storms when Obama’s lawless individual insurance “market” one year exemption expires and the business mandate kicks in. By then, the left is hoping, they’ll all be safely back in their congressional seats with some new members to boot. Talk about delusion.

  8. From Bernard Goldberg:
    Let’s say you make a business deal with someone. But you lie about pertinent facts in the process. This is called “Fraud in the Inducement.” Here’s the definition from a legal dictionary: “the use of deceit or trick to cause someone to act to his/her disadvantage, such as signing an agreement or deeding away real property. The heart of this type of fraud is misleading the other party as to the facts upon which he/she will base his/her decision to act.”

    In other words votes were cast on this promise therefore BHO was unduly re-elected. I’ll go there.

    1. Interesting point. Brings to mind some Dem somewhere claiming that the re-election of MrO was the approval of Obamacare by the voters since MrRomney vowed to repeal the act.

      For get the impeachment talk, no way is anyone in DC going to impeach the “first Black President” even if he was videotaped smoking a crack pipe while rubbing hot sauce on Bo, the dog, lying on the BBQ grill out in the South Lawn.

        1. On the other hand if he is impeached. The next party would know how to do the job. Maybe have years………….experience like a Governer, Buisness owner, etc.

      1. Any attempts to impeach him would boomerang on the Republicans. They wouldn’t have the votes to convict him in the Senate, and the country would get pissed off at all the time and money wasted in the failed effort. Let’s wait and see until what happens next November. Even if the Republicans could gain a majority in the Senate, it would not be enough to convict.

        1. I’ve been on the impeachment train for a while. I’m even for the House forcing senate Dems to choose to protect liar again. There has been real and irreparable harm done to millions. This is not lying about sex.

  9. Today’s appearance was totally political. How in the world will insurance companies be able to re-instate people after they have removed them from their systems. These businesses have been preparing for 3 years for the Obamacare change. This proves Obama and his minions have no idea what it takes to manage a business plan for a very complex program. These insurance companies will have to get approval from the state in which they do business. This doesn’t happen overnight. Obviously, this one year reprieve is to get him over the Nov 2014 elections. Hopefully, there will be enough people burned that this will stay out in front for the next year.

    1. “Obviously, this one year reprieve is to get him over the Nov 2014 elections.”

      Won’t those who get this reprieve know they’ll get screwed over in a year?

      1. This is a reply to both you and JP. You’d think so, Mandy, but I am not going out on a limb and stating that we have hit bottom yet to the stupidity of the electorate.

    2. We haven’t heard from the ins. co. Execs yet, JP. A few weeks ago they were told to ‘keep quiet’…or else! I would imagine Obama’s ‘double-cross’ today will send them into a tirade. Stay tuned.

  10. He should be drawn and quartered for forcing the public-at-large to pay for his campaign bribes: contraceptive pills; abortions; maternity; neo-natal; free mammograms. The law should have been called “ObamaFlukedUs”.

  11. Yes, he lied. He will never fully admit it or accept the responsibility for it. Instead we get “I fumbled the ball”. Enough with the dumb ass sports analogies. This is about the lives of millions of Americans. Exactly we can expect from President Benghazi who never let a few left behind murdered Americans stand in the way of his political path.

    Deceit, dishonesty and cowardice drips from every pore of this pathetically inadequate man.

      1. And I think I’ll write my Congressman and tell him that. I don’t think the House Republicans would fall for that, but I can think of about 10 Republican Senators who would.

        1. If I wasn’t squirreling away for hard times coming I’d make a friendly wager that the Republicans will try and help “fix” it. And in the “fix” is the .burden of responsibility.

          I really hope I am wrong. I am with the pragmatic scrap it and start again.

          Like you I will contact my congresscritters.

  12. you understand that if this was happening to President Gop J. Republican, impeachment proceedings would already have started. but because it’s Obama, anyone who mentions impeachment is a racist.

    1. Exactly! I would like to know today, what people in Congress are going to do to stand up to this. All of them should go home for good resign and have replacements voted in if they do nothing. The democrats DID NOTHING when they did not read this mess. My children learned to read at three years of age, so even a two year old could have voted on this. I want everyone in Congress to meet and read it on live TV. If they don’t understand something, Professors should be on hand to answer and explain any questions they may have.

      1. Maybe Swedishlady is having trouble posting today? Several of my posts never made it through yesterday and I received error messages when trying to load WHD. Tried to contact KK via his contact form but got an error message even with that. Today, I thought all was well and good.

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  14. His “heartfelt” speech today may pacify his supporters that are always looking for excuses to believe in him, but I still think the bottom line is that the sign ups in the exchanges are going to continue to be dismal. The fact that the website is a huge, expensive mess makes little difference. It is still a product no one really wants to purchase, especially younger “invincibles.” And what happened to that ‘the website will be fixed by Nov 30th” promise anyway? I don’t think I’ve heard any mention of that recently.

    I think the new slogan should be “ObamaCare – America’s not buying it.”

  15. This will not change anything for our son who is a doctor. He may even be seeing more patients. The ER gets all the GSWs and ODs. He saw that with EMTALA anyway. He says it has been very educational; he has learned Spanish.

  16. I just read the Ulsterman Report. Thanks for the link, Keith – nice to see you mentioned. Well deserved and definitely the article is worth the read.

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  18. That and the I didn’t know the website would not work. Either he is inept or the people who work for him are inept. Take your pick.

  19. Whatever. We still hold you responsible. You and all those so-called reporters that have provided you cover all these years.

    You have traded the well being of millions of American constituents for a political power grab. You must be so proud. I can perhaps wrap my head around Obama being ok with it. I have a much harder time accepting this betrayal from these “reporters”. Shame on you.

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