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Live Stream || Obama Remarks on Obamacare

President Obama will try to quell the growing backlash – from Republicans and Democrats alike – over the catastrophic Obamacare rollout with remarks today at 11:35 am ET at the White House.

I will live stream it for you here.

According to Politico, Obama will offer an “administrative fix” allowing insurers to continue offering plans scheduled to sunset at the end of the year.

Administrative fix? Did Congress not pass a law?

UPDATE: The remarks and press conference have concluded.

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  1. “Moving my comment from another thread)

    So Obama’s going to make a statement re ObamaScare at 11:30ish today. He must be getting beat up badly by those Democrats up for election in 2014. The very Democrats who voted for ACA, of course. Oh, he’ll look concerned, serious, sober, as he tries to put yet another Band Aid on this mess. He’ll change the law to extend the deadline or some such scheme, and cast blame on the insurance companies, the Republicans, the Tea Party and cast himself as the savior of the day, much like Mighty Mouse:

    “Here I come to save the day,
    That means that Mighty Mouse is on his way.
    Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right
    Mighty Mouse will join the fight.
    On the sea or on the land,
    He gets the situation well in hand.”

  2. “According to Politico, Obama will offer an “administrative fix” allowing insurers to continue offering plans scheduled to sunset at the end of the year.”

    So what? Will the millions who’ve recieved cancellation notices still be screwed over in six weeks?

    1. What this means, Mandy is simple…
      The President is “Allowing” these awful insurance companies to sell “inferior”, “subpar”, “substandard”, “acme” policies to Americans.

      Why would our Dear Leader be so mean to his People by allowing us to suffer with these awful policies by these greedy companies? What did we do wrong? Doesn’t he love us anymore??

      1. I tried to tell what happened at lunch–that Cammerata gal is so weak, I could not even get a gist. Did he way ok, no more letters will go out–if you got one, ignore it? I don’t even know what this means–I know all the canceled policies are not acmes–Chris Wallace let slip one day that he got a letter about his AFTRA policy and was scared to open it. Apparently it was not a cancellation, but to me the point was, he would know he had a fab policy–not an acme. I don’t see how this can happen–all the acmes have been scotched by the state agencies…

        1. I saw one clip of Himself saying something like no matter what Congress did, I am the president and people expect me to fix it–sure, loop in Congress once again….He can’t help it, I am convinced. Also he was on 33 and the world was on 78–a trank? (Another one for the oldies.)

        2. Anything that is not provided by the Government must be, by his definition, an Acme policy.

          Every private company I would assume is an acme company, except for companies like Solyndra. They are awesome.

      1. We have given him the power to give and take at his whim and his discretion. We have given him the power to do whatever he likes.

        WE are the idiots who have given the power to our elected officials to ignore the Constitution.

        I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
        Take a bow for the new revolution
        etc. etc. etc.

      1. what a way to start the morning! He’s right, of course.
        Plus, we’re entitled to have a laugh after years of abuse from the snooty, name-calling Libs.

          1. Wasn’t Froggie paired up with Buster Brown? “Hi, I’m Buster Brown. I live in a shoe. This is my dog Tighe. He lives there too.”

          2. Yes! I still remember that–Tige was a pitbull. My favorite was when some character was telling viewers how to cook. Narrator: “First, you get a bowl. Then you crack an egg”…. Froggie in his raspy voice: “And throw it on the floor.” Narrator: “And throw it on the floor.” PLOP. No! No, Froggie, no! Actually it’s still funny and about how I cook, too.

          3. Sorry, but not that sorry, for the Froggie stuff–I am working on a kids project. Anyhow, I don’t know what to make of this weird, pallid speech on health care–what does it amt to?

          4. I guess when the ins cos can’t rescind or restore or whatever, it will be all their fault. All I can think of. Of course, the Am people will be just as abused by the situation in which they find themselves (loved.that one).

  3. Obama’s constant speeches to bolster this abortion is laughable.
    It’s like trying to stop the tide with a bucket.
    This can be repealed, Prohibition was a law and it was repealed.

    OT,…a bill has been introduced in the House to impeach Eric Holder.
    Cool !

  4. There is only one question for him: “Do you want The Affordable Care Act or not?”

    Because what he is implementing is not The Affordable Care Act.

  5. How do you pot the toothpaste back in the tube? This is all so he can blame insurance companies for not reversing their now in place new policies. No way will he take any blame. He will some how come out looking like the savior,you watch.

      1. Regulations imposed upon them may force them out of business.
        What then ?
        If you want medical insurance, you have to comply with Obamacare.

    1. LOL, I see Obama and Barry and they are the same person! How could that be?

      That wench from Romper Room never called my name! LOL, I wonder if I could sue for emotional distress! :)

  6. If Obama hadn’t lied the first time about being able to keep your insurance plan, he wouldn’t have to come out today and reassure Americans they can NOW keep their plan’s.
    What’s he gonna’ say? ” This time I mean it “

  7. Since we’re waiting, I wonder if he will start out paraphrasing that daily conversation he had with Malia during the Gulf oil spill. “Daddy, did you fix the whole yet? Daddy, did you fix the hole yet?”

      1. Foolish people.

        We are in a post-constitutional era.
        We don’t need to follow the Constitution.

        Obama will run again. And again. And Again.
        He’ll make an executive order, produce some document and “Yippee!” we are good to go.

  8. Nothing like watching Dictator Obama commit another impeachable offense live on TV as he arbitrarily changes a law passed by Congress. I have searched the Constitution and cannot find any such powers granted to Dictator Obama.

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. What a dishonest jerk.

  9. Did he just throw Congress under the bus? Said how they went along with the you can keep your plan bs, just like he did? I guess he doesn’t want to go down alone.

  10. I can’t listen either. I’ll let Keith ‘splain to Lucy :D

    BTW, didn’t the government shutdown happen because Obama refused to change Obamacare? Delay. Fix. Whatev. So did he just do a complete 180 turnaround on that ?

  11. Someone please ask him how is this fix going to be implemented?? How can he force a private insurance company to now change what they have worked on for 3 years??

        1. I thought the left would lap this up. If comments over at CBS are any indicator, it fell flatter than a pancake. I read through the first forty.

          One positive.

          I was wrong. I am SO happy.

      1. And that’s alright with some people. Headline from NYT: Obama ALLOWS 1-Year Renewal of Canceled Health Plans. Headline from WaPo: Obama to LET Insurers Offer Canceled Health Plans. The shouting is mine.

        1. Congress ALLOWS Obama to dictate policies to the American People.
          The MSM is willing to LET Obama usurp the Principles of the Constitution.
          Today is ValJars’ birthday, she is 57.
          Many happy returns Valarie.

  12. The longer he talks and explains, the more plain it is to see that he doesn’t know a thing about insurance or anything of how free enterprise works. He can’t just say…you can keep what has been cancelled, he just can’t force insurance companies to take losses.

    He looks terrible. He’s still trying to sell Obamacare. This is just nightmarish governing.

  13. Somebody please shut him up. This is narcissism on steroids.


    This whole press conference is all about how this affects him. It has nothing at all to do with how it affects America.

  14. He is now attempting to do this to this to the Insurance Companys.
    (In our Free Enterprise America) Next step Mrs. O will tell him to
    tell all the Free Enterprise restaurants they can no longer serve

  15. Keith
    Could you answer a couple of background questions?
    1. Obama has a habit of picking reporters from a list. What does it take to get on the list? does he know ahead of time what the question will be? Does the reporter ever go beyond the agreed upon question?
    2. Since Obama sets the time for these events, what on earth is going on for the typically 25 minutes where he is late?


    1. Silly Mary Landreu and her ilk who were planning on creating a bill to fix this.

      What a waste of time!

      All they need is the Substandard Leader to do his Jedi Knight immitation on weak-minded Insurance companies…”These aren’t the policies you want to cancel. You want people to keep their subpar policies.”

  16. Oh, what the heck. Might as well say the whole thing ’cause that’s what I’m beginning to feel about my nation.

    Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer.

        1. in my mind, comparing him to Hitler deminishes the horrors of Hitler or Stalin.

          We can overcome this, as Americans.
          The problem is that other Americans are too lazy, stupid, ignorant and complacent.

    1. I don’t want to compare him to Hitler, or Stalin or Mao…that’s just to horrible and should be reserved to the worst of the worst.

      But I will compare him to Caesar, Castro, Benito, Peron and any other dictator.

      1. The minor dictators didn’t have command of a nation as large as the US.

        I’m not trying to diminish the damage done by Hitler, Mao and Stalin, but they got their starts somehow.

        1. I get that was what you were doing, and I’m not judging you by that.

          My thoughts on this are (if you will allow me):
          While Obama is a tyrant, and a pseudo wanna-be ‘benevelent’ dictator, I do not believe he’d ever kill tens of millions of people.
          For one thing…he’s not evil in that sense.
          For another…he doesn’t have the balls to kill anyone or have anyone killed. Hence the drone operations he loves so much.

          I reserve Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Tojo, Pol Pot, etc for the worst of the worst.
          Obama is just a mean spirited big baby with power.

          We can overcome him and what he’s done, in time.
          Death is final.
          Taxes are not always…

          1. I don’t put anything past these leftist masterminds. Of course their hands will never do the killing. I remember way back when Glenn Beck exposed a video of undercover agent Larry Grathwohl, who had infiltrated Bill Ayers Weather Underground back in the 70s. Just a reminder, Barack Hussein Obama started his political career in the living room of the same Bill Ayers.


      2. Normally and probably still I would agree. But if people in jeopardy get even more ill or God forbid die then it takes a turn. There is a very real danger here to innocents.

        This is not everyday corruption. This about human beings. And do not forget that in 2010 Obama began the big lie and repeated it. He knew people would lose their insurance, their doctors and possibily the level and quality of care. And he was at the very least ambivalent about the details of the care they could get. If you get quiet and drill down on this it is beyond incompetence and arrogance.

        Then again if you are advised by Zeke Emmanuel it begins to make sense. Then it is not unintended consequence but “the cost of doing business.”

    2. I told my co worker earlier today. I would love to be at a coffee shop in Europe. Therefore I could ask anyone there who may have lived though World War II, What their they thought of all…of this mess was.

  17. Reading the comments on the NYT and the WaPo, I see the libs are already shifting the blame to the Republicans and their insurance buddies.

    1. Yup, they’re jumpin on the “blame anyone but me” band wagon. How soon they forget they THEY voted for those who voted this law in. Not a single republican voted for it. This is THEIR law.

        1. It’s worked out well, though, that Obamacare should have such a creepy spokesman. He’s the perfect Dr. Strangelove for Obamacare. “Mein Fuhrer, I can valk.”

          1. Well, the medical field would be more appropriate. I can’t picture Mengele though, and Peter Sellars as Dr. SL and Ezekial Emanuel have a sort of physical resemblance. The weirdness.

          2. You guys are right. But he just totally disgusts me. Lately my tolerance for this is almost nil. It literally makes my skin crawl and fills me with disgust.

            The reality of the anxiety and despair that people are experiencing with the uncertainty around the care of themselves and their families and loved ones is wrenching. And for many of them they never expected this.’

            And I can honestly say that everyone who voted for him and the Democrats and supported this law deserves the ill that comes to them. They have to assume responsibility for this. It does not mean that I am not empathetic or sympatheti

          3. …or sympathetic. But the delusion and dishonesty and deceit is out of control. And reason has not worked. Maybe reality will. But I am not hopeful.

          4. Oh for Pete’s sake–Emanuel may be a zealot about controlling people for their own good, but he is not Dr Mengele…people lose credibility with such comparisons.

  18. “Congress passed the law, it is the law of the land, it is settled law”….Obama has no power to change it and yet here he is with more of his promises and pronouncements. This piece of garbage legislation has to be repealed. And no mulligans. Keep government out of the insurance industry.

  19. Since when can a President change a law and order a private insurance company to do anything? Time for a SCOTUS challenge if you ask me!

    As Rev Wright stated, the chickens have come home to roost! The President and Dingy Harry has to go through the House to alter the (non) affordable act. Remember the House of Representatives?? Those bomb strapped the chest terrorists of 6 weeks ago?

    The perfect Idiom that best describe the President and Dem’s action over the past 6 weeks.

    Lord, make my words as sweet as honey, for tomorrow I may have to eat them!

    1. PBB asked: Since when can a President change a law and order a private insurance company to do anything?

      According to Barry (with apologies to Cecil B. DeMille), “So let it be said, let it be done”.

  20. Prosecutorial Discretion: historically, selective enforcement is reconized as a sign of tyranny and abuse of power, because it is allowing those in authority to appy justice as they choose.

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