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Quote of the Day || November 14, 2013

“Well let’s take Indiana. How many of our enrollees in Indiana are seniors? What do mean, both of them are?”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

14 Responses to Quote of the Day || November 14, 2013

  1. The two enrollees are Fred and Martha Krazinski, age 59 and 61. They mistakingly thought they were enrolling in the Senior Fun Group, the Advanced Craft Activity (ACA).
    Fred’s brother, Harvey (a local attorney), was called to the Krazinski home when a horde of TV reporters attempted to interview the couple.

    The last report from the LSM news group is that the Krazinskis left the area for parts unknown in their Winnebago. The brother, Harvey Krazinski, acting as their spokesman had no comment on the whereabouts of Fred and Martha.

  2. Obama is not much in the media at all over here but when it happens he finally gets mostly bad press. I don´t think that our PM will mention his good Obama connections in the upcoming election campaign ( election in September 2014 ). Barry isn´t the guy you want to be seen with nowadays. First there was ( and still is ) the NSA spying, then the eternal and endless borrowing and printing of money, now and then the killer drones, and now this trainwreck called Obamacare. Even journalists over here start to realize that it was not just so noble and easy as offering poor people healthcare but much more complex than that. I think that it is difficult for people over here to grasp the duality of Obama. He so blatantly send different messages, says one thing, does the opposite. If you dont´t follow him closely, and media here does not, it´s all very confusing. Europeans have for a long time read the spin and heard the pretty speeches but now they don´t pay much attention any more. To many it looks like the US is heading in the Greek direction.