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Obama Morning News || November 13, 2013

Poll: Majority say Obama not trustworthy . . . Newsmax
The Obamacare management failure . . . Politico
Pressure builds from Democrats . . . Fox News
WH fires up Obamacare spin machine
. . . Politico
WebMD takes cash, lauds Obamacare . . . Washington Times
WH mulling options to keep Obama promise . . . The Hill
Benghazi survivors could testify this week . . . Examiner
Iran talks face resistance in Congress
. . . New York Times
Veterans wait 300 days for benefits . . . Washington Times
Dems distancing from Obama . . . Washington Times

Hollywood stars come out as anti-Obama . . . Daily Caller

4 Responses to Obama Morning News || November 13, 2013

  1. The WebMD shilling out for the plan for $$$ really frosted my cahooties. I used to write for them and at one pt, had 80 stories up on the site–but I fell out over a reviewer putting wrong info in one of my stories…People trust them–they trusted me–it really irked me. Now–they are being paid (the Medscape part) to push the law to docs? Bah!

  2. By the way, in Today on Morning Joe, the “gang” was trying to think of ways for the admin to scrap and start over or some other way to keep the promises…They didn’t come up with an answer, but that was fairly odd for NBC.

  3. WH mulling options to keep Obama promise. Obama Agrees with Clinton: The Hill

    Hope the Republicans aren’t throwing Obama a lifeline when the vote comes up on Friday in the House.

    From the Christian Science Monitor:
    ” The House bill, for one, doesn’t require that insurance providers reinstate cancelled policies. It merely allows them to do so. A Senate bill backed by Mary Landrieu (D) of Louisiana would impose such a requirement. But, whether the shift is voluntary or mandated, rolling back the clock isn’t easy.”