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Obama CTO Won’t Give Obamacare Rollout a Letter Grade

Really? REALLY?

White House Chief Technology Officer Todd Park today refused to give a letter grade to the Obamacare rollout. Neither would any of the other Obama bozos testifying today before the House Oversight Committee.

“I think that kind of overly simplifies it,” Park said of the notion of assigning a grade.

Well let me simplify things for Mr. Park, who apparently leads a life burdened by unnecessary complexity. Here’s the grade:


Letter F


That’s the grade.


26 Responses to Obama CTO Won’t Give Obamacare Rollout a Letter Grade

  1. Oh, noez! You gave him an “F”, Keith! You might hurt his widdle feewings!

    BTW, Fox is reporting that there have been 16 cyber attacks against the site, with one successful DNS attack.

      • Control and roll. It’s what I do for the fine print (most print) online. Finger on ‘control’ button and roll the mouse scroll between left and right click to enlarge the font. Now, if only I had a button to erase, eliminate and destroy … wait a minute, I think the healthcare website program already does that. ; )

  2. Therein lies the great divide between our government donks and the people.
    The website was a Fail, an Epic Fail. It’s OK to say what everyone knows happened. By refusing to say it Failed, the donks sound like the phony liars that we think all of DC harbors.

    For pete’s sake, say it! Failed!

  3. …I wonder if ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ ever got an “F” in his college/law school records…?

    Oh Thats Right!
    NO ONE is allowed to see ‘Barack Hussein Obama’s’ college/law school grades.

  4. I think an F- is more appropriate. Not only was the rollout a big fat failure but the “president” lied too. Yup, the chickens are coming home to roost.