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Will: Hillary “May be Past Her Sell Date”

George Will seems to think if Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) gets in the race against Hillary she has a serious chance.

What’s more fun, to have William Jennings Bryan a female Bryan, from the Harvard Yard out there railing against capitalism and all its evil works, or someone like Hillary Clinton, whose been on the national scene by 2016 for 25 years – she may be past her sell date . . . I’m not sure Hillary Clinton, at age 69 two weeks before the election, looks like the next new thing.

I think Will may be right, and I’ve written that Hillary is overrated and possibly headed for a fall.

H/T Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

120 Responses to Will: Hillary “May be Past Her Sell Date”

  1. The country would lose little if the Clintons and Kennedys moved into mercifully silent retirement. I can hardly wait for the bilious BHO to move into post-presidency. Bet MSNBC already has a primetime slot for him.

    • Those are questions that need to be answered right now. Furthermore, I’ve read that she claims she had to travel around the world cleaning up the mess G W Bush made. Excuse me, Madame Secretary, but you did nothing to better the situation in Iraq, and you and your boss moved on to destabilizing Egypt, Libya and throwing Israel under the bus. Her record, not her age, needs to be addressed.

  2. Will someone please explain to me why Eliz. Warren is a Dem favorite to mention? If anything she has less experience than Obama and an even less appealing personality.

    Though if the GOP doesn’t get their act together, a potted plant could defeat them in 2016. :(

    • I think that the next year is going to interesting.
      With Obamacare imploding and the machinations that they are going through to convince the people that this is ‘good’ for you, keep in mind that the unions have gotten a waiver, and the company policies have been delayed until after the election.
      When that shoe drops, the single payer dream that Obama wants will kick in.
      If we take the congress back in 2014, we can repeal it.
      Prohibition was repealed, so can the ACA.

  3. She’s an old lady, a geezer, a senior citizen, and can relate to most people sitting in retirement communities as a peer. However, age alone shouldn’t be the defining factor as long as wisdom, patience, and compassion are the results of a life’s experience.

    What will be her biggest hurdles are , of course, Bubba, and the Repub’s deep bench of younger, more appealing candidates. As she slowly makes her way across the stage to say the same old stuff, eyes will start to glaze over with boredom.

  4. If she is actually arrogant enough to run there are only 4 ads that need to be made against her:
    1. Her firing from the Watergate hearings by a Democrat
    2. Her abuse of power while in the White House
    3. HillaryCare
    4. Benghazi
    Her own history makes her toxic to anyone other than the current Obama minions and even some of them are started to wake up.

  5. I can’t see Hillary up to running a primary let alone a presidential campaign. She wants a coronation, and maybe the Democrats think they would come off so united if they by-passed a primary and the Republicans had a bruising one. Then in the presidential campaign I wonder how many times she would pull the tears or suffer a minor, mysterious illness when things got tough, and I wonder how that would play with the American public. That stuff gets old.

  6. Why is he picking on her for her age? Reagan was 69 when he took office. George H.W. Bush was 65. Warren is just two years younger than Clinton.

      • Has he ever slammed her for Benghazi?

        I don’t like her one darn bit, but I don’t look forward to the sexist shit that will be dished out if she runs.

        • Agree with stopping the sexism and misogyny flinging, and could be used against any “man” candidate like Obama used his race card for simply disagreeing or criticizing him.

          The issues are far too serious to take our eye off the ball, and the mess Hillary left us in the mid-east has nothing to do with age or gender, it has everything to do with incompetence.

          • She will be 70 with a past concussion, which makes “memory” ailments more likely–I think they can make a health case against her. Or she will get some dopey note from a doc saying she’d be a nifty president, like Obama did.

          • Still, I’m with the commenters who are unhappy/angry about dismissing Hillary because of her gender and age.
            Incompetence, yes. Abuse of office, yes. Dereliction of duty, yes. Ignorance, ambition, yes. Arrogance/condescension, yes.
            BUT listening/watching these guys dismiss her because of her age reminds me of the guys who dump the wife and go for the trophy.
            EVEN Hillary deserves some vote on whether she did her job well, not whether she’s old.

  7. What’s more fun? To have a crooked, inept, lying, old hag as POTUS or a mediocre, under qualified, liar as POTUS?
    I keep thinking about John McCain being called “an old white guy” when he was running for POTUS in 2008. Isn’t Hag Hillary an old white woman?
    And I keep thinking about Barack Obama being elected with his paltry experience in government. Isn’t Elizabeth Warren just another underqualified, lying Barack Obama?

    • It’s the gender thing !
      No matter if they’re not qualified.
      First Black President drives the Country into ruin through his Marxist policies.
      First female president continues to drive the Country into even deeper Marxist policies.
      Much of Barry’s history is hidden, Hillary’s is not.
      Live and on stage, here is Hillary Clinton.

  8. Hillary has all the negatives (and more) of Bill and none of his “positives.”

    At least Bill can be extremely charming and he fakes sincerity like no one else!

    Hillary always comes across as a dead fish.

  9. Hey George -Ya think?!?! She’s an old woman..and as old woman to old woman, she is def. past her sell by date.
    You had a chance, Hill and you blew it.

  10. The past few years is a perfect example of why we should not vote for someone based upon race or gender. It would be refreshing to vote for someone based on their resume and experience.

    I realize people not wanting anymore Clinton’s, Bush’s or Kennedy’s. The fact is I would like to see no more liars. I would like to see more detailed vetting. Perhaps, there should be a application that each candidate has to fill out that puts everyone on a equal starting point. There should have never been a question of BHO’s citizenship during an election.

    The sad part of excluding candidates due to lat names is that Jeb was probably is one the better candidates for 2016. He would get elected in FL in a landslide.

    • Obama’s literary agents never corrected nor were asked to correct for 17 years (until 2007) the “Kenyan born” Obama. This was the “red herring” left to dangle and distract.

    • I care not about gender, or race, or skin color.
      What I care about is the ideology of the individual.
      The vetting of the people that are running for the Presidency of the United States of America is essential.
      We are witnessing the results of what the progressive governing congress can do to elect an incompetent to further their agenda.
      It’s a damn shame that America has allowed this to commence and to continue.

  11. I can’t believe that Elizabeth Warren is being mentioned as a possible candidate and threat to H. Clinton’s presidential bid.

    Fauxohantus versus “What does it matter?”

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