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Only 26,794 Choose Plan on Federal Exchanges

The administration announced this afternoon that only 26,794 people chose a private insurance plan last month in the federal Obamacare exchanges.

That’s 26,794 in a nation of 314 million people. Okay . . .

Another 79,391 chose a plan in the 14 states that are running their own exchanges.

A few points about this:

1. Those figures are for private plans. But taxpayers, hold onto your wallets – even though its illegal to do so when the government comes calling. Because you see, most people enlisting in Obamacare are flocking to Medicaid, with 396,261 signing up to have their health care fully funded by you.

2. The openness administration did not release information about who signed up. So we don’t know if the young and healthy people Obamacare needs to pay for all this are buying into the program.

3. This is not, as is being reported, enrollees. The number includes those who have signed up but not paid.

4. “The marketplace is working; people are enrolling,” HHS Secretary Sebelius told reporters in a conference call.

You be the judge.

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    • “HHS lied!” – Mandy Manners

      HHS lied AGAIN, you mean…

      It’s just the nature of things; fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Democrats gotta lie. It would probably be a sign of the Apocalypse if we got any honesty out of THIS bunch…

  1. What, short of complete repeal of the law, can the Dems do to stop the train that already demolished Obamacare and is now headed their way?
    The Dem bill proposed to allow people to keep their current health insurance is all smoke&mirrors that won’t fool anyone and isn’t feasible.

    What a mess.

    • Mary Landrieu’s bill mandates insurance companies to keep people on their present insurance. Besides being unconstitutional, it’s unicorns and rainbows. The plans were cancelled because they didn’t meet Obamacare standards like free birth control. The insurance companies would be violating the Obamacare law by extending existing policies. The worst part is the RINOs in the House are going along with this bizarre amendment. So much for that lie about Republicans being against unconstitutional mandates.

      • sigh. of course.
        The Dems thought it was perfectly OK to force Americans to buy something, so it follows that they think it’s OK to force a private company to sell something.

        The Senate Dem’s meeting tomorrow with WhiteHouse aides should be interesting. Interesting, that is, if anyone is willing to tell us what happened there.

      • Kate Upton’s uncle, Fred, and Boehner have been BFFs for years. Fred, as you may recall, is the guy who banned the incandescent light bulbs. Boehner supports a ‘bi-partisan fix’ and he got his old buddy, Fred, to introduce the amendment. Once again, the RINOS are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Another lifeline for Obama – at least temporarily. Not to mention Mary Landrieu who will come out smelling like a rose. The insurance companies made a pact with the devil and there is no way these policies will ever come back.

        • as much as I dislike Obamacare, I’m still madder at Upton over the incandescent-lightbulb thing. btw I heard it was going to be repealed, at least in part. hope that’s true–those new mercury-laden bulbs are scary. and nasty.

  2. Keith, i think you are wrong on your figures.
    It’s not 26,794 out of 314 million (technically we should only count the population in states that use the federal exchanges, which does not count approx 14 states)

    it’s 26,794 out of the 20-30 million (though the president says 50 million) people who SO desperately needed healthcare that the Gov’t HAD to hijack the whole healthcare system (and then destroy it).

    Of course we need to add the 10-50 million who are already losing their ‘subpar’ ‘acme’ healthcare (AKA the 5% according to the substandard President) who NOW need healthcare and didn’t before.

    So it’s 26,794 out of “only” 10 million-100,000,000 who don’t have healthcare at the moment. Or in otherwords .2%-.02%.

    This is why the US healthcare system was destroyed… not for 5% or 10% or whatever. But for less than .2%.

    Kids, say thank you to that man, Mr. Obama.
    Kids: “Thanks Mr. Obama”

    so it’s 26,794 out of

  3. An insurance broker called into one of our local radio shows regarding people who signed up but have not paid. She said most people are waiting until the last minute to enroll so that the charges won’t appear on their credit cards until the deadline is close. She also said the last time she checked, the gov’t has not provided any depositories for checks or other forms of payment. Still doesn’t account for the meager numbers.

  4. Gee, 6% paying customers, out of the miserable total they are reporting so far. That’s pretty sad. Also clearly not sustainable in any realistic business model.

    I wonder what new and marvelous lies await us as Obama and Sebellius try to spin this into a Win for the Wonders of Obamacare?

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  5. my point was that a revolution was started against excessive taxation during the time when Rome ruled the Jews….as always on this site someone has to bitch slap another person to demonstrate their intellectual superiority instead of looking at the greater good. Exhibit A as to why conservatives always lose by eating their own.

    • Hey, Mandy obviously has read the Bible..have you? If you have, then politely thank her and move on. If you haven’t, try reading it. And by the way – she and I don’t always agree either, but she is well read snd informed…so you may not want to take her on. Just sayin’…

    • I don’t understand how knowing something every eight-year-old kid around here learns in Vacation Bible School is any kind of “intellectual superiority”. Nor do I understand how pointing out a mistake means I’m not “looking out for the greater good”–for that matter, I don’t understand what that phrase even means.

      I did not mean to embarass you, patty watson.