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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Meets with tribal leaders
5:30 pm || Meets with Combatant Commanders and Military Leadership; Cabinet Room
7:00 pm || Hosts a dinner for Combatant Commanders and Military Leadership; Blue Room

All times Eastern
Live Stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

30 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 12, 2013

  1. If the “tribal leaders” are those of native American tribes, it won’t be a very friendly meeting. Am/Indian reservations are being squeezed by the EPA that is forcing them to shut down a lot of enterpises that keeps their communties economically stable.
    Aside from that, it’s way past time for the US government to get out of regulating what happens on the reservations. The tribes are perfectly capable of running their own governments and communities.

    It’s really racist to assume that the White man knows better than the American Indian how to live and live well.

    • Commander-in-Chief Sitting Bullshit smoking peace pipes and choom bongs. Maybe he’ll bring “lying Lizzie” aka Fauxcohontas to the meeting.
      Gees, I am cranky and I took a few days away from reading or listening to him until this evening.

      • Good gravy, some nutsos are talking about her running for President. It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at these wacko Dem’s ideas.
        Running a faux Indian perfesser (sic) against an old lady with a randy husband like MrsClinton sounds like a plot for a really bad movie. BarneyFrank could lisp dialogue as a poltical operative, ol’JoeBiden could campaign for the VP slot again, and RevShapton could moderate their debates.

        I think I need a break.

      • Sadly BO did it after a short time in Congress, and their looking for someone younger than Hillary, so first pick – Lizzy. She was a idiot in MA, but the people bought her song and dance.

        So watch out.. it could make for a interesting 2 yrs as we head to ’16

    • >It’s really racist to assume that the White man knows better than the American Indian how to live and live well.<

      srdem, your comment brings to mind something that happened many years ago to a small Papago Indian village near where we lived. The Indians lived in in adobe huts with dirt floors and no electricity or plumbing. Some government know it alls decided that was unacceptable and had tract homes built for them. Only thing is, nobody asked the Indians what they wanted. It wasn't long before they dragged their beds back outdoors and were once again cooking over wood fires. Some even covered their tile floors with dirt. It made a big impression on me, as a child, about government overreach.

  2. According to Debbie Waserman Schultz the President “MIZZLED” Americans….LOL, I hope Penicillin will take care of this. Of course, Obamacare won’t cover it.

    She was asked if the President lied to the American Public on some MSNBC Show and she was reading from the TelePrompTer and misread the word “misled ” as “mizzled”. I have to admit being Catholic I am not up to date on progressive Yiddish phrases …. :)

    It is sad that the head of the DNC has scripted question and answers on a news network……. Here is the link…….

  3. Oh and – “Meets with Combatant Commanders and Military Leadership; Cabinet Room” = Play ball or your career is done.

    I can see some more house cleaning in the near future.

        • Thank you, srdem65. Is this your take?
          The beauracratic (sp?) layers in the military are astounding.
          Diplomatic and military responwibilities often ovelap and often conflict.
          The expenses to operate these various military layers are enormous and wasteful.
          The redundancy of effort allows for command dissolution:
          -The commentary states that the “Northern Command is still sesrching for a mission” because it is redundant in “combating a few terrorists.”
          My question – how many people are “employed” by our military forces?

        • Also of note the final paragraph in the above noted commentary:
          “Closing down our commands would save far more than their substantial budgets. It would prevent the accumulation of cost-driving force “requirements.” It would help US diplomats manage the cacophony of official American voices articulating our regional policy. It would limit our tendency to fear any region that lacks US meddling and might even encourage the idea that the world is not entirely ours to command.”
          So…centralized control of our military structure coordinated with Pentagon control of our diplomats will make the world a happier place?

        • “The proposal would dissolve Africa Command and split it between European and Central Commands,…”

          From the limited amount of knowledge I have, I maybe can agree with part of this. Considering the spread of Islamism across Africa (and, not just in the Maghreb), maybe African Command should be placed entirely under Central Command. As for splitting it with the European Command, I think European Command should stay as is because, despite the end of the Cold War, Russia’s still a threat.

          As for Southern Command, I don’t see why we need it. Maybe it could be merged with Northern Command–South America and Central America are our neighbors.

          • SoComm is important, as it handles joint special forces world wide. That was one of the reasons it was set up. It has become a very effective program, allowing for selecting the right team to get the job done (SEALS / Rangers / Delta Force) without all the infighting. There is a huge saving in funding too.

            What bothers me is this paragraph – “it would help US diplomats manage the cacophony of official American voices articulating our regional policy”. Yes Julie, that’s Bureaucratese at it’s finest. My issue is currently US Embassies are not staffed with real career Ambassadors. Also, Military Attaches assigned are there as a stepping stone (called getting ticket punched) for more senior rank and command. Over the years they have caused more issues than helped.

          • Why not merge Southern Command with the Northern Command, and set up a separate command for the various special forces?

            As for ambassordships, they’ve long been the reward for a president’s big supporters. I can’t fault FCMABBHO for doing what his predecessors have done.

      • They are the GCC’s or Geographic Combatant Commanders. The 4 star General/Admiral in charge of European Command, Central Command, Pacific Command etc.. Semper Fi, Happy Veterans Day.

    • I’ll bet that senior military officers really look forward to being lectured by their “Commander in Chief”.

      Lot’s of mutual lack of respect in that room.